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Siamo fatti della stessa materia dei sogni. Il nostro piccolo mondo è circondato da sogni. @dolcegabbana #altamoda #love #dreams
~ Let me be your fleshy friend, your gooey guy, your smooth sailor ~
Arrascame 📸: @srvaldemort
Thank you for listening to Expectations and More Than That. To have your support for my art means more than I’ll ever have words to express. Next year these numbers will be even more abundant than they already are. I’d be grateful for just one of you to hear my songs all the way through so these numbers truly touch my heart. It’s not about the numbers for me though tbh, it’s about the connection between you and me and with you and yourself through my art, so I thank you for feeling yourself in my energy. THANK YOUUU @spotify for now go ahead and stream #LetMeKnow ✨💕😊 album coming 2020, prepárense.
Let this mama 👏 live 👏 her 👏 life! 👏 #KUWTK
If my hair was short... and it was the 1930’s #livebynight #tbt #setlife
always dreamed of having my own Glenda Jackson elf perched on my right shoulder feeding me one-liners. Speak to me, Glenda, tell me your secrets. 😂
the last thing i said b4 i lost my virginity
Bebe llegó Santa 🎅🏼
Today on #WorldAIDSDay , I also look to two of my favourite people @eltonjohn and @davidfurnish and the incredible work that @ejaf does to test, treat and support people living with HIV all over the world. I travelled with @ejaf to South Africa to see how they support mothers living with HIV from passing it onto their children during pregnancy. As a mother of four, I can relate to doing everything that I could to protect my children and @ejaf helps mothers so that their babies are born free of HIV. Their Foundation works in some of the most difficult places but doesn’t discriminate and will help anyone, anywhere at risk or living with HIV. Follow @ejaf to learn more this World AIDS Day. We love u Elton and David xx
Cut out the negative and watch how much positive comes in your life - @adamweitsman #theresurrection
We created @deadboysfitness to offer a fitness program that ANYONE can do. @wwerollins and I believe that creating a community that supports one another while having “fun” working out would be the beat way to get our message of “living a healthier lifestyle” out to all of you. We love our DeadBoys family and we hope that If you’re on the fence of joining us you take the leap of faith and give it a try. You won’t be disappointed. #DeadboysFitness 🧟‍♀️💀
Thrilled to announce my new partnership with Swiss watchmaker Longines to help launch their new #ConquestClassic timepiece. #EleganceIsAnAttitude
The perfect Christmas movie is on the way. SPIES IN DISGUISE is out Christmas Day. See you there 🙌🏻
😂😫 big mood
TEN ⚪⚫ awards! #GranGalàDelCalcio was a blast! 🥇
Me and my boys. Invest in your friends, they will be the ones that will see you grow old. And vice versa. #friends #gratitude
The celebration continues!! 🎈🎉 #Ad21 + Thankful for friends & fam who are always there to celebrate (hello bday month ♏️) 🙆🏼‍♂️ Although we didn’t have an actual cake, we did have a birthday cake shot. #ThatsNuts @frangelico - 🍰 Recipe 1 Part Frangelico 1 Part Skyy Citrus Vodka Chase with sugar coated lemon wedge - I was scared at first but then it was great. Use extra sugar (you’re welcome) and it actually tastes like cake. HOW FUN!
Like mother, like daughter.