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@ha1ey8 coming down her final lap on “the shield” I think we climbed it at least 4 times and never the same way twice.
Hi Everyone! I’m so glad you’re following this page. Please take a quick moment to read a bit about my journey. I hope to inspire you to live the life you dream. My name is Paige Alexandra. I am a wellness coach that empowers young women through self-love and trusting their inner wisdom to live the life they desire.⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ As a young girl, I had two grandparents die from cancer. My father and grandfather both have diabetes and my mom has been on an array of medication. Everyone around me was sick in some form or fashion. I remember two different points in my young life that I realize now sent me on this unique path. The first was a time when I started thinking that ‘if God is real, it would only make sense we already have everything we need right here on earth to live well.’ I kept thinking this way. I grew up with this mindset, earth encompasses all we need. I didn’t realize that this way of thinking going to imprint my mindset for the rest of my life (it’s funny how one thought can affect the rest of our lives). I noticed that I started researching holistic ways of curing, and preventative health.⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ The second point in my life was as a preteen. I was riddled with #anxiety . I would often get anxiety attacks each Sunday evening before a new school week would start. Or in science class, I would often have to leave the room when talking about natural disasters as to not break out into tears from my anxieties. My second powerful thought was ‘I can either allow my mind to control me and live miserable anxiety driven life or I could take a hold of my mind and live how I please’.⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ These two thoughts from my childhood have had the biggest impact on my life. They have allowed me to realize I am the keeper of my life. I set out on an expedition to learn how to manage my anxiety and my health. After turning my hobby of researching preventative #wellness I obtained an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach certification. Now I can help other women live life to their fullest potential while training their mind to be a tool rather than a bomb.⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ What positive thoughts have stuck with you from childhood? Share Below.
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Fun day in the White Mountains.
I’m a hot mess 😭
Emerging from the White Mountain wilderness #littlebitlatergram #newhampshire
Water faerie @kimmybohan
Mornin stroll with the diggy dog #hikenewhampshire #pitbullsofinstagram #ilovemydog
Vintage skis are so fun! We have these at #70hubertusring . Anyone know more about them? #mittersill #vintageskis #skihouse #cannonmountain #newenglandskimuseum
Great start to vacation.
The young guns coming through the pipe pitch high on the whitney g
Recharging here is 👌🏻
There is SO MUCH to do here regardless of the season 🎣🛷🏂⛷🚵🏾‍♂️🛶⛰❄️🌞 #mittersill #skihouse #70hubertusring #whitemountainsnh #airbnb
Earth sister @maddie_lynnworth
Someone bring me a vodka & water. Tito’s. With lime. Thanks. 👍🏻 #mood #newhampshire #blueskies #relaxation #mankillers #thickthighsavelives
Officially #superhost status! We are so happy to be providing an experience guests like. Thank you to our guests for their feedback - it’s all so valuable! Come stay with us - link in bio. #70hubertusring #66hubertusring #airbnb #mittersill #whitemountainsnh #cannonmountain
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