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Tomorrow @Jayne_PDX Green Leaf Lab will be sponsoring the free #StonedYoga event that will be taking place from 6:30pm to 8pm! All Green Leaf Lab tested product will be on sale! Check the 2nd image to see what deals they'll have! Sign up through @Jayne_PDX instagram page! Swing by their dispensary to grab some free swag or ask the staff about testing! . . . . . greenleaflab # wetestthebest #knowwhatyousmoke #stonedyoga #jaynepdx #portland #budtender #cannabiscommunity #oregoncannabisgrower #health #weedstagram #420 #dabs #potlandiaexperience
Would u date me ?
An ephemeral moment on Mount Hood over looking Portland from the Pittock Mansion
Missing this little guy today.
This shit still stands. Step the fuck off pops. I’m king dad.
#10thplanetportland #Repost @phillschwartz10p (@get_repost ) ・・・ I love traveling but I always love getting home to the team at @10thplanetportland and stepping on these @zebramats This week we’re focused on back defense drills and shark 🦈 tanks for everyone prepping for @f2wbjj if you don’t have tickets yet hit us up for the best card of the year. #fight2winpro #nogiallday #10p4l
My Yoga practice has changed drastically since I moved from Hawaii. Its become a humble and intimate practice, not one you’ll find often on social media. It’s morphed into really precious moments, working one-on-one with people on specific their goals. . . I work with a woman who is recovering from a stroke. We mainly stay in a chair the whole session, and she smiles so bright when we find new mobility in the left side of her body. We write in a journal and create new goals each week. It allows me to be creative in how I approach each one of her physical barriers. . . I work with another woman who specifically wants to improve her balance and dexterity so that she can age more gracefully and avoid any falls. She dreams of one day being comfortable in a group class setting, so I slowly infuse our classes with a couple Sanskrit names of poses in order to not overwhelm her. . . I work with a classroom full of kids that delight in each and every pose, and figuring out how they can then dance... in that pose. 🤣 They crack me up. They make me remember that you can be completely silly, and still be a Yoga teacher. . . My Yoga is currently measured by how much I can give. It fills my heart with an abundant amount of gratitude to give my guidance, yet still remain a student each and every day, open to learn, open to grow. If you have specific Yoga goals, I am available for private sessions. Out of the area? Not a problem. I can meet you on your mat over FaceTime or Skype. 🌸 . . . #yoga #myyoga #yogaeverydamday #meetyouonthemat #namaste #yogateacher #portland #oregon
Oregon😄🎊🍾🎆Happy Tuesday from #Hypdra .Get these 3500+ Premium styles HD for FREE via iOS : apple.co/2RFT79P | Android: bit.ly/hyapp | URL: www.hypdra.com | Demo: https://youtu.be/_c5pD3KUJ4s | Early bird registration is now open Snowing here in Lincoln city Oregon  #pnwonderland  #oregonexplored #westcoast  #oregon  #upperleftusa #northwest  #naturaloregon  #pnwcrew #pnwisbeautiful  #pnwparadise #fitnessgirl  #pnwdiscovered #traveloregon  #oregoncoast #oregonisbeautiful  #pnwescapes #rei1440project  #girlswhosquat #girlswithmuscle  #girlswithtattoos #girlsthatlift  #wanderlust #girls #fitness  #pnw  #adventure #optoutside  #explore   #inkedgirls Congratulations to you and the whole #Hypdra  cast. Absolutely Freakin' Fabulous!! 👏 Tell us your impressions about this portrait in comments In order to assist you, send us a DM. 🚩 TAG your BEST FRIENDS ⬇️ 🚩
Lost 1k followers from posting a selfie yesterday lmao keep it up 💥 but to be real thank you so much everyone who offered their time and insight on my post yesterday 😊💕
Who loves avocado toast? We sure do😋 📷 by: @apinchofpride
H Mart Asian Market in Portland. Can't wait to go again! #hmart #portland #asianmarket
🇺🇸Today I want to share this Spin & Learn Steering Wheel from @bestlearning1984 that I like to use while I am teaching Isabella (18 months old)about emotions, colors, and shapes. Besides working on those skills, they also promote hand/eye coordination, vocabulary, concentration, language development, and FUN! Check out our stories for more! . 🇧🇷Hoje eu quero compartilhar este Volante Spin & Learn do @bestlearning1984 . Eu gosto de usar ele enquanto ensino Isabella (18 meses) sobre emoções, cores e formas. Além de trabalhar essas habilidades, eles também promovem a coordenação de mãos/olhos, vocabulário, concentração, desenvolvimento da linguagem e DIVERSÃO! Confira nosso stories para ver mais sobre ele!
I do tend to over funk it just ride. #funkysensation #Freeformpdx #UrbanHumanBeing #djlove 🎶 #MrBoomshockaloc 👍🏿
Doors at 8 pm. @randombeats @smallleaks ... And the world turned upside down. We coming #PDX #concert #livemusic #randombeats #smallleakssinkships #megaran
For some reason whenever I look at this I hear a Scorpions song in my head. How has it hung on since 8th grade? What else is buried in there, waiting for the right moment to slip out and cackle in the light?? Am I about to break out the topsiders and Izod shirts of my Sophomore year? Or the torn-off sleeves and matching haircut of 11th grade? Gah. . Model: Ariana . #igshadow #invisibleart #pdxphotographer #lightandshadow
Don’t know how I’ll be able to leave this sweetheart behind when my #housesitting ends! ...Though, let’s be honest. She’ll probably forget me the instant her cat mom comes home. 🤷🏻‍♀️
Finding my joy, basking in love as @resilnation embarks on a statewide tour of #Oregon ! We're building community Resilience coast to coast. 💖💜❤💥#WendyRuns !
Good morning ☀️Heading to #soak2019 to set up early today!!!
rookie szn in the books. year 2 is gonna be crazy #StriveForGreatness 🚀
Hey 🌻, Aujourd'hui je tiens à vous présentez When It's Real de @author.erinwatt publié chez @hugonewway J'ai beaucoup aimé ce livre sur le contexte de l'histoire, une romance cliché mais qui fait toujours du bien au morale ☺. J'ai eu du mal avec la personnalité de Oakley Ford au début, d'ailleurs j'ai toujours du mal à prononcer son prénom 🤷🏼‍♀️, mais une fois plonger dans l'histoire j'ai commencé à l'apprécié. Voici le résumé : Mesdames et messieurs, voici Oakley Ford! Popstar célébrissime, en une de tous les magazines, des millions de fans, et surtout... un caractère bien trempé! Après une énième frasque relatée dans les tabloïds, son équipe doit réagir : il lui faut redorer son image au plus vite, avant qu'il ne détruise sa carrière... Et pourquoi pas lui trouver une "fausse" petite amie, une fille douce et sage, qui prouvera au monde entier qu'il a changé? C'est là que Vaughn Bennett entre en scène. Soeur dévouée, étudiante et serveuse à temps partiel : en quelques mot, le prototype même de la fille 《normale》. La preuve : elle n'aurait jamais accepté cette mission si sa famille n'avait pas de soucis d'argent. Et il faut dire que la magie et les paillettes d'Hollywood sont loin de lui déplaire. Mais en ce qui concerne Oakley, c'est une autre affaire. Cet abruti prétentieux, terriblement égoïste? Ce n'est pas comme s'ils allaient vraiment craquer l'un pour l'autre dans la vraie vie! N'est - ce pas? Un livre que je conseille, classé en Young Adult 😳. Bonne journée/soirée 🌌.
Strawberry rhubarb pie seems like a very good idea for today. I’m locking myself in my office (closet) at work today, but if you have time, you should definitely make this. It’s SO GOOD. • • • • • #pie #strawberryrhubarb #strawberry #rhubarb #baking #f52grams #feedfeed @thefeedfeed #pdx #pdxeats #portland #portlandnw #foodblog #foodblogger #foodphotography #linkinbio #bryonycooks #theartofslowliving #thehappynow #foodtographyschool #recipe #foodstagram #lovetobake #bakewithlove #imsomartha
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