The man needs help if he thinks dating a 20 year old “family friend” who he’s known since she was 10 is okay. I mean did he start ogling her when she started modeling at 15-16 and her body was already fully developed? Did he decide then that he’d make a play for her when she was of age? And of course her mom seems to be fine with it because she’s been there every time Leo and Camila have been in the same locations. Is she making sure that her daughter seals the deal with an aging bloated Woody Allen pt. 2?? But where does it stop? Is he anticipating fresh meat when his other friends’ daughters are of age? The man’s seriously disgusting and it seems his friends and family condone this behavior. Maybe even Leo thinks he’s untouchable probably like Weinstein thought he was or all the others that have been called out. No doubt there are skeletons in Leo’s closet and maybe it’s time someone looked a bit closer at the Hollywood golden boy. @leonardodicaprio @camimorrone @camimorrone @lucilasola @lukashaas @emmace_ @vincentlaresca @metoomvmt @tmz_tv @dailymail @pagesix @usweekly @people @intouchweekly @okmagazine @laineygossip @hollywoodlife @thehollywoodfix @camimorronedaily @milanojohnson @gossipcop @newsmorrone @mycamimorrone @camimorronefan @camimorronelatest

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