I had to perform the CLEAN version of this intro/remix that I wrote at this performance in Waco lol but my are as follows ..
“I’ve been in LA, for 6days, thinking bout ya, all the way down on me.. & I didn’t get a text or a notification, I’m horny or baby I miss ya, it’s not like you — you know what we do. You can’t even feel my aggression, you can’t even feel all this tension, if you were here we’d be sexin’ but I ain’t even got your attention. Who’s that b*tch you fucking with? If it ain’t me? Who’s that b*tch you creeping with? If it ain’t me? You know she can’t keep it wet, because she ain’t me — she be on that counterfeit, you know she ain’t me”. 🎶 I wrote that intro/remix & it’s titled s/o to TreBoogie who bounced some ideas around with me when I wrote this song in the studio in LA! for life! 🕊

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