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X-Men Vol.1

Overview: Iconic X-Men Cover by David Cockrum creating this iconic image for the new vs old X-men teams

Synopsis: It's the old X-Men versus the new as Storm, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Banshee, and Wolverine face off with Ice Man, Angel, Beast and Marvel Girl! But why are X-Men battling X-Men and with which side will Cyclops' loyalties fall? Plus, will another X-Man have to make the ultimate sacrifice? Don't miss the shocking answers to these questions and more the most out of this world X-Men extravaganza yet!

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Published: August, 1976

Cover Artists: Dave Cockrum, Danny Crespi

Writers: Chris Claremont

Pencilers: Dave Cockrum

Inkers: Dave Cockrum

Colourists: Bonnie Wilford

Letterers: Annette Kawecki

Editors: Marv Wolfman

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