15th October my Birthday and my Bills go out the 15th Of Every Month. (Haven’t changed it since I left my Last Employer)
Even tho Now my invoices get paid at the end of the month, so it just means my bills are paid early. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it 🤑
Ready for the Wig, from I was born with my Braid Down @rara_hairextensions
The Universe always directs you, which is why I listen more than I speak.
I’ve had to fill out a few forms recently with questions about my Health. I have no medical conditions, take no medication.
Only been in Hospital to have my daughter.
God has got me and that is all that Matters.
I went Gym & Spa (Sauna/ Steam) on my Birthday. I’m in the Gym working on my Abs, look up at the screen and it’s showing starving kids with no fat (can’t remember where it was in the world) how ironic made me stop. I’m trying to get rid of fat and these kids have no fat. And I done that body fat test. Made me stop and think again and made me more appreciative and made me think about what I do to help people. I don’t have to write about what I do, but I and God know what I do.
As I walked out the Gym, a black girl about 5 ( was with her School having swimming lessons ) I don’t know her, she looked at me then went and opened the door for me. She wasn’t even standing by the door. How sweet. My Daughter said, she must of knew it was my Birthday.
Happy Birthday to Me 👑

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