•Hi my name is Janette and I let mom guilt get the best of me. I haven't gotten a haircut or dyed my hair.. shit I don't even brush my hair because being away from my kids 2 to 3 hours makes me feel like a bad mom. There's so many things I want to do for myself like work out, read a book, take my time doing my makeup, do makeup looks and get my career started, get my nails and hair done and so many other things but for some reason I feel selfish like I should be doing other things, mom things. I know self care is important but for some reason I tend to always put myself last and I guess that's the reason why I feel down on some days. Like depressed, like not good enough. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy AF and I love being a mom but sometimes this weird ass funk gets the best of me. I just want to be a badass woman, wife and mom 🖤 Any mamas feel this way? What do you do to get out of this funk?• •

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  • livecolorfulco
    I know the feeling, I always feel guilty for taking care of me, but it’s so important and we deserve it so much 💕 - 10 months ago
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