Professionalism- It has different definitions by different individuals.
To me, professionalism is standing on your commitment and doing your work with a sense of Ownership/Belongingness.
Then, there is always a touch of Human Psychology to it.
Months back, a saree vendor approached to me for collaboration, I spent few hours selecting the saree of my choice and creating the whole look with available jewellery options. We settled on all T&C and he promised to dispatch the saree and jewellery on a said date. I also committed a photographer according to the dates. But then, he never dispatched or got in touch.
In any definition, this is not Professional at all.
Now, the Psychology Touch as I said. If I will keep on holding this as a grudge, I will never be able to trust anyone else for collaborations over IG. We have to let it go, we have to still trust. We have move on!! He might have his own reasons to never come back, that's his definition of Professionalism.
I have mine, if I take up any project. I do it with heart and a sense of ownership that this is MY work. That brings the difference in your work and in your personality.

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