The 16 Goals of Fitness. Which one means the most to you?

Commitment – To yourself and the process

Work Hard – Just because it’s hard doesn’t mean it’s not worth it

Perseverance – Don’t let setbacks beat you

Improve – Every day is an opportunity to get better

Be Tough – Mentally and physically

Self-Discipline – Do it even when no one is watching

Great Effort – Give your very best every time

Enthusiasm – Attack your health and fitness with passion

Be Positive – Negativity or fear are counter-productive

Accountability – Be honest with yourself and others

Don’t Accept Quitting – If you do so one time it will be easy to do so for the rest of your life

No Self-Limitations – Expect more of yourself

No Shortcuts – Do it right the first time, every time

Consistency – Do it until it becomes who you are

Challenge Yourself – Push beyond the limits of what you think you’re capable of

Responsibility – You are responsible for your performance
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