• Country: Italy • Year: 1865 • Series: Edition De la Rue • Pictured: Stylised Number ‘2’, surrounded by swirly pattern. • Extra Information: Perforated stamps began in 1862 and, starting on 1 January 1863, uniform postal rates went into effect.
In 1862 Count Ambjörn Sparre won the stamp contract, but his designs were not liked, and he seemed unable to produce the stamps.
In danger of running out of stamps altogether, at the end of 1862 the Italian government once again turned to Matraire, who quickly produced a 15c value by lithography.
Sparre's contract was cancelled in March 1863, and a new contract let to the British printer De La Rue, who produced a series of eight types ranging from 1c to 2l.
They continued in use until the end of 1889. • Face Value: 2¢ - Italian Centesimo • Emission: Definitive _____________________________________________________________

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