What do you guys think about my coat? I got a @basepaws kit for Christmas so soon I’ll be learning more about me. But, a while ago we learned that if I were to be classified as any type of color point, I would be a tortie point. It happens when a cat with a solid color point is crossed with a cat that carries the orange or ‘O’ gene. Most notably producing colors of red, apricot, and cream. Paw pads will also have a mix of colors. The gene is sex-linked only occurring on the X chromosome. A female cat inheriting the gene on both chromosomes would have all red points and if the orange gene is inherited on one X, they have tortoiseshell points. Also, this explains why tortie point cats are virtually always female! A male tortie point cat would be a genetic anomaly with its chromosomes being XXY.
I show off apricot and cream mostly. With apricot in my blaze, under my left nostril, on top of my head, within patches on my coat, and then a lot in my tail! And then cream colors throughout my coat!

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