🐾 🐈.
Greetings Everyone, Hades' Mom here and
I've been wanting to post some travel tips
From experience. If you're like me, you'd
Rather quit your job, hop in a beat up
Hippie bus and get on the road with your
Cat right? Well, I'd hate to tell you, this post
Is absolutely NOT one of those
Motivational BS, which starts off as "I
Quit my job, now the world is my oyster,
blah blah blah" I'm here to tell you how/
where to stop, camp, sleep in your car, get
cheap gas and pretty much road trip for
cheap. So, here we go: my base is
Obviously Las Vegas since I live here. First
And foremost, rent a car if you flew out
Here. Look for cheap deals on travel sites
On the internet, then call that company
And leverage their prices with each other
Ex: Expedia, special on rental from
Enterprise, (so call Enterprise). Gas up
Cheapest places are AM/PM and 76 or
Pilot truck stops. Also there's an App
Called GasBuddy which tells you where
The cheapest gas are at or where you
Are GPS wise from any gas stations. Then,
Tourists traps: do visit the Hoover Dam for
Its rich history. When you drive out there, there's a check point to check weapons, etc. About a mile or two after that is a parking garage that charge $10, don't Park here, there's a free
parking just about 3/4 of a mile down the road. At Hoover Dam, is a tour you can purchase for about $15-20, you can do so if you're interested
About how the dam was built otherwise,
opt instead on walking the bridge for a
Much better free of charge views. Next, do
Not, I repeat do not go to the Grand
Canyon on the short route from Vegas
Which would take you to the South Rim,
This is a huge tourist trap. The area is on
Indian Land therefore, they will charge you
Ridiculous fees on random shit like the
Skywalk, which by the way you cannot
take pictures in bcoz they'll charge to
Take pictures of you plus they can refuse
Your America the Beautiful pass bcoz it is
Indian Land... Drive instead to the North
Rim which may add another hour to your
Travel but will save you at least $120. Park
At any BLM, KOA or Wilderness hidden
From the main trails for the night, do
Stock up on water 🐾.

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