There have been two significant times in my life that I have felt deep in my spirit that I was in the right place. Both times I was sitting in front of a computer. (Sorry! Not very deep, huh? 😆)
The first time was in January 2009. I was a Senior in high school, and I had just been told by God that my next step after graduation was to go to Youth With A Mission and attend a Discipleship Training School. Someone told me that each base had different focuses, though the same purpose, so to do my research and find one that fit what I was looking for. So I did. I went to many different bases’ websites and read what they were about. Some seemed interesting, and went on my maybe list. Then I clicked on the site for YWAM Minneapolis. Honestly, I don’t know why I clicked it. I was wanting to go somewhere a little farther away. I have a travel bug that surfaces in me from time to time. Anyway, I kid you not, as soon as the home page loaded I felt like I was home. You know the feeling if you’ve ever left home for awhile and returned. I had to go, and it was everything I hoped it would be. It was a huge step in my life for who I am now and what I am passionate about
Fast forward to today. I live streamed my company’s Super Saturday, and heard exciting new things they are starting to help us, and received inspiring training and encouragement. Sitting in front of my computer, I had the same feeling I got 9 years ago. This is where I am supposed to be! It has taken me a long time to get here, and last year I took a detour, but I am home. By home I mean purpose. We all are created for a reason. No, my God-given purpose is not to sell product. But it is here with this company that I can use the gifts that He’s given me to help people live the lives they are meant to live
If you are searching for something more, maybe you have a great life, but you feel like God has something more for you to do, and you can’t quite put your finger on what it could be, get ahold of me. I would love to get together, hear your story, and see how I can encourage and pray for you.
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