1) Establish a routine at night where you literally shut the outside world out of your life. No social media, no emails, no notifications to follow up on.
2) Avoid coffee and energy drinks after noon if you're sensitive to caffeine.

3) Don't go to bed hungry, it'll keep you up

4) Set your bedroom temperature to 65-68 degrees F. This is optimal sleep temperature.

5) Use a face mask or blinders to block out light

6) Practice your well-being mantra every day. Don't have one? Create one! Basically it's a wish list of positive statements you repeat to condition your mind.

7) Practice deep breathing.

8) Take my Fight or Flight. It helps your mind and body manage stress.

9) If still no help, add CBD to the mix. Take both on an empty stomach at night, before dinner.

10) Make up your mind about wanting to improve sleep.... Sometimes we don't because we're not ready to establish healthy habits!

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  • paulinenordin
    @kathyclaudino ❤️ - 5 months ago
  • kathyclaudino
    I can’t live without this product. It’s taken me off of a medication I used for depression. No joke. Of course combined with the daily workouts my spirits and levels are up up up thanks to you @paulinenordin - 5 months ago
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