When you look at this list,
what are your top 3 emotions that you feel most of the time?
This isn’t about you being right or wrong, good or bad, positive or negative.
This is about becoming aware of your dominant emotions.
That way if they are not in alignment with your intentions and goals, you can change them.
We know through science, research and personal experience, that how we feel is what we attract into our lives.
It’s called, “The Law Of Attraction”
It’s really that simple.

This is why is so important to take time each day, maybe even several times a day to checkin with yourself on what you’re thinking and how are you feeling?
If you don’t, you’ll continue your same thought and emotional patterns throughout your life. These patterns are not the real you.
The real you is within those emotions that are holding you back from being your true self.
You have the power to change them at any moment.
Decide today to take control of your thoughts and how you feel!
Remember your Truth and Power lives within you!
Fill your consciousness with the life that lives within you!
This is where your Love, freedom, gifts, happiness, fulfillment and passion lives!
GOD/Universe is waiting for you!
I know you have the Faith, Courage and Discipline to live the amazing life that lives within you!

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