For my new followers who don’t know my story thought I’d reflect on it today 💭
👉🏽Left pic was 2014 after competing in bodybuilding for almost 2 years, I developed anorexia. (Anorexia athletica). This picture doesn’t represent the lowest my weight went **BUT I want to remind you that eating disorders and mental health issues look different on everyone. Just because someone isn’t severely underweight, it doesn’t mean they are not struggling with their health behind closed doors.** I struggled for a while to heal my relationship with food and life honestly. I was suicidal, hopeless, and yet on the surface- I was “successful”. Girls at the gym complimented me for getting so thin, I had a great job in marketing, I had a bodybuilding trophy, I was modeling and people who didn’t know me probably thought I was ‘killing it’ - I wasn’t. I was slowly killing myself and that’s the dark truth of it. I’m so happy that I experienced life changing shifts and picked myself back up- but I gained a lot of rebound weight and struggled to find balance for a while.
👉🏽Right pic is recent- I’m nearly 20lbs heavier, I’m stronger, I’m full of life. I went through my recovery completely vegan and the plant based lifestyle was actually very healing for me. I went through therapy, I continued seeking truth and everyday I feel more and more blossomed. Now I can actually say, yes I’m killing it💅🏼 in many avenues of life- but it took WORK and it took perseverance. I overcame one obstacle at a time: food, inner peace, self image, authentic living, love for others, my message, work life. And I’m still going- I’ve really just begun. I’ve even recently experienced MORE life changing shifts and feel like I am constantly shedding skins of my past self, and this newest version of me is night and day compared to the old me in that photo.
🌼if you’re struggling with mental health, depression, ED, etc please take this as your sign to get help. Talk to someone. Take the steps to love yourself, your body, your life. It’s work but it’s so worth it🌻
Sending you all love🙏🏽

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    Wow 😍 thanks for sharing babe - 5 months ago
  • alysia_magen
    That was me too ! Look so much better - 5 months ago
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