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• It doesn't matter where you start. • It doesn't matter if you've quit a million times before. • It doesn't matter if you modify the entire workout. • It doesn't matter if you feel lost when shopping for healthy food. • It doesn't matter if people tease you for being the only one choosing a heathier option. • It doesn't matter if you feel like quitting, all that matters is that you don't. • All that matters is that you start now. • You will get stronger. • Healthy eating will get easier. • One day the people who teased you will be asking you what it is you're doing because your confidence is through the roof and you just seem so happy. • Failure is only failure if you get knocked down but done stand back up. • Change is slow. • Progress isn't seen over night. • Everyday is a chance to take steps in the direction that you want to go •Show up. Be consistent. And the change will come. 💗 You're one decision away from change. If you're ready, let's do this! 💗 My new bootcamp kicks off August 26th and I want you to join me! You get results or get your money back. Message me, and we can get you set up! 😘
며칠째 계속 뭐든 먹고 나면 속이 안 좋은데 이 때 양치질을 하면 먹은 것을 고대로 토해내게 된다. 그래서 양치를 최대한 미루고 의자에 기대앉아 조금이라도 음식물이 소화, 흡수될 수 있도록 기다린다. (사실 양치할 때마다 너무 괴롭..) 이 시간이 제일 울렁거리고 어지러운데 희한하게 꼭 이 때 태동도 활발해진다. 내가 먹고나면 애기도 같이 먹는건가. #24weekspregnant #임신24주 #아직도입덧이라니 #탄산수로입가심
Juste nous 2 bientôt on vas être 3, hâte d’avoir mes p’tit hommes avec moi 💙 #momofboys #liam #eliot #24weekspregnant #momlife ❤️ #mamancomblée
It’s low impact day but I couldn’t sit still. J slept most of the day from not feeling great so cabin fever was real! I still followed the rules though 😬🤷🏼‍♀️#fitpregnancy #24weekspregnant
The manager at the nail salon today told my mom I was beautiful and I looked like a model, which was so very sweet, but it made me feel bad.. here’s why; I know I’m doing something miraculous right now with my body, but man does it take a toll on my self confidence. Within the last couple of weeks I started really growing/showing and I can’t help but to think “im fat” and get frustrated that things don’t fit right. With this, I also feel guilty because I love what I’m doing, I love that I’m growing and getting closer to holding my princess and the negative feelings make me feel like I’m not being a good mom or I’m not thankful for my healthy pregnancy or I’m being dramatic. I can’t be the only one who has these conflicting thoughts. Did/does any other mamas love their baby bump, but also feel self conscious?? If so, any advice for this mama? #babybump #24weekspregnant
I missed a couple weeks as I’ve been so busy lately building my home and making sure things will be perfect for our boy 🙊 #24weekspregnant #babyboy #mummytobe #cantaloupe
Baby Miller meet Baby Yeti 💙🐶 #BoyMom #24weekspregnant
💙 24 WEEKS 💙 Feeling his cute movements more and more and I absolutely love it🍼 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .#24weekspregnant #decemberbaby #babyboy #firstpregnancy #ourlittleboy #growingababy #overhalfwaythere #bumppicture #bellyisgrowing
Style & Grace 🌟 #24weekspregnant
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“You and me, we’re in a club now. You will always be my greatest adventure.”⁣ - Pixar’s “Up”⁣ ⁣ Happy 24 weeks Keana Lei! We are in the kicking, struggling to be comfortable sleeping, and going to the bathroom every hour stage. #healthypregnancy #24weekspregnant #firstimemom #babygirl #keanalei122019
I did something this week I rarely ever do. I took a rest day. ✨ I am always advocating other women to slow down, take care of themselves and yet sometimes I forget to do that for myself. It’s really hard for me to shut everything down and just rest. ✨ However this week, I took a full day, cancelled all my meetings, and used that entire day to rest. ✨ I was hit with a really bad summer cold (and pregnant) -insert sympathy..lol!! I know you mammas get it! And while I would normally just push through it, I decided this time I would not. ✨ This got me thinking. It’s funny how when pregnant, I tend to tune in to my body better, I honour it, and give it what it needs. It truly is a top priority. I’m more in tune to the whispers of my body and I actually listen to them. I want to do this always!! ✨ There is nothing wrong with admitting you need a day to rest, or saying no to something and just honouring yourself- all the time (not just pregnant). ✨ Start to pay attention to how you feel when making a decision - does it feel light or heavy? Exciting or stifling? This is something we often encourage in coaching. Tune out the expectations, and the I should’s, and see what your body has to say. Our bodies tell us what we need if we only listen. ✨ So here’s to honouring your body, trusting your intuition and believing were pretty damn magical.... All the time!!! Because we are! #naturalmama #24weekspregnant #honouryourbody #listencloselyitwhispers #healthfirst #iamapriority
Still feeling great but ready for cooler weather please!!#feelingallthekicks #activeboy #24weekspregnant #readyforfall
Can this be my bathroom please?? 😍 · · Got my 🍑🍑kicked at Barre class today. It was so much fun to switch up my regular routine! ☺️💗
Lovely Frankton weekend meeting Lottie’s newest second cousin and catching up. Included a lovely walk and pub lunch on a sunny Sunday! Only 9 Monday’s left at work! 😬 #family #inlaws #24weekspregnant
A weekend of birthday celebrations and relaxation by the sea ❤️ the sea air seems to have given the 👶 a growth spurt. Definitely the best part of pregnancy, lots of kicking and generally feeling pretty good 💕 being pregnant has made me very mindful on the importance of taking time to slow down and look after myself. This is important for everybody so make sure you take some time for yourself each day...you don’t need an excuse! #16weekstogo #selfcare #selfcaresunday #wellbeing #pregnancy #wellbeingcoach #seaair #norfolk #heacham #relaxation #taketimeforyou #24weekspregnant #birthdaycelebrations #positivity
24 weeks along in her pregnancy and still as gorgeous as ever ❤️ can’t wait until we welcome our little 🎀 girl into the world in December. I love my girls #wifey #24weekspregnant
It's a beautiful thing to have lungs that allow you to breathe air and legs that allow you to climb mountains, and it's a shame that sometimes we don't realize that that's enough. . . . #bluelake #northcascadesnationalpark #northcascades #nationalparks #washington #washingtonexplored #hike #girlswhohike #24weekspregnant #optoutside #livelifeoutside #livethelifeyoulove #lifeofatraveler #lifeofadventure #travel #travelPT #PNW #pnwhiking #pnwexplored #pnwonderland
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