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WISDOM: Sometimes the best lessons come from the most random 🤷‍♀️ situations that bring really strong emotions. . No matter how strange they might be, just know that it too shall pass and it's there to show you something you might not have been paying attention to or something that has been hidden 🙈 and now it needs your attention. . Find support during this time. Speak to someone who truly understands you and doesn't judge you! The universe has your back always but is up to you to take responsibility! . P.S. The Money Flow Challenge Starts today! If you’re ready to be in a State of Constant Flow, this Challenge is for you 👉 @shermayani
When I realized no one was coming to save me I realized I had to do the work. I had to actually take the time to do the mental work. I was too busy complaining and talking about what I didn't want and hadn't made a connection with thar and my reality. But then I was forced to accept it. ♡ See the mental work takes as much work as physical work. I used to think things were just "like that" and it was just "fate" and "supposed to be this way" because it had always been that way. But then I realized I had some power. Little by little I started to do the work. I was determined to find a better place. Little by little my energy changed and guess what? My surroundings started to change too. It took time. It took mental fortitude and effort but it was sooo worth it. And I'm not done. The evolution is perpetual and ongoing. ♡ Check the link in my bio for ways to work with me and to get a copy of my Energetic Hustle. A FREE mini workbook I created to help me level up my energy day by day, little by little. It is the main tool I have used for the last 20+ years to create sustainable joy and a life I love.
TRUST AND SURRENDER were my key themes for last week and boy, did it surprise me. . ✨ Let me shed some light on how learning how to ride a scooter has taught me about TRUST. For a long time (1 year to be exact), I did not ride a scooter in Bali even though I was already in an open relationship with her 😉 My parents (and the Australian media) have done a good job at warning me about the risk of riding a scooter. . ✨ I’m not saying that it’s risk-free and it’s all about conscious courage and risk management right? I did a 2-day scooter course in Sydney before coming here at the start of the year and I would like to think I’m a pretty good driver in a car 😝 I had so much resistance in riding from Canggu to Ubud back in March that I told myself I’ve done it and will get a car to Ubud going forward. I didn’t trust myself and that I can ride a scooter well. . ✨ Not only did I ride from Canggu to Ubud this time (and fucking loved it!), I rode 30 mins to a Conscious Full Moon Party tonight. Google took me to one crazy route on the way there (think hilly, secluded jungle road 😂) and I was thinking fuck - this is gonna be fun heading home. Instead of worrying and start plotting for my return, I decide to just let it be and TRUST that I’m capable in riding myself home safe. Thank God - Google has shown me a much better route on the way back. Riding under the full moon - I felt so liberating and free. It’s like a confirmation from the Universe - hey girl, I’ve got your back. . ✨ If you’re like me - learn to trust yourself and see what happens. 😬
Join the NOW movement. Buy this band. Proceeds will benefit the Alzheimers cause and the continued care of my ballet mentor, Miss Joan Miller. https://www.etsy.com/shop/TimeIsNOWwatches… Alzheimers patients live in the NOW, and while they may be "losing their mind" they can actually teach us profound lessons about "mindfulness." @carissakranz #carissakranz #now #timeisnow #presentmoment #kindnessmatters #lovingkindness #alzheimersawareness #timetogether #endalzheimers #presentmoment #liveinthenow #lawsthatmatter #lawofattraction #sign #process #meditation #spirituallaws #spirituallaw #abundance #alignment #inspirationalquotes #deepakchopra #waynedyer #abrahamhicks #veganlove #passion #universallaws #universallaw #universaltruth #lawofequality #spiritualawareness
Join the NOW movement. Buy this band. Proceeds will benefit the Alzheimers cause and the continued care of my ballet mentor, Miss Joan Miller. https://www.etsy.com/shop/TimeIsNOWwatches… Alzheimers patients live in the NOW, and while they may be "losing their mind" they can actually teach us profound lessons about "mindfulness." @carissakranz #carissakranz #now #timeisnow #presentmoment #kindnessmatters #lovingkindness #alzheimersawareness #timetogether #endalzheimers #presentmoment #liveinthenow #lawsthatmatter #lawofattraction #sign #process #meditation #spirituallaws #spirituallaw #abundance #alignment #inspirationalquotes #deepakchopra #waynedyer #abrahamhicks #veganlove #passion #universallaws #universallaw #universaltruth #lawofequality #spiritualawareness
In the Q and A I just did this was one of the questions. It was on doubting ourselves and how we can believe in ourselves more.... Here’s my perspective🤘Believing in yourself is more about letting go than piling on. When you were a kid, you thought you were invincible. You didn’t doubt yourself for a sec and only when you began to experience pain or criticism did you start to define yourself. If someone else told you what you can and can’t do that may have also caused a “doubt” about your potential. The key is to then let go of those definitions and beliefs that no longer serve. Maybe it’s a belief that says that you can’t do your passion for a living. It’s not that you “doubt” yourself it’s more that you believe you can’t do your passion for a living. Maybe you don’t think you are worthy to be in a relationship. Its not that you doubt yourself, it’s more that there is a definition or belief that you are not worthy of being in a relationship. Instead ask this question… What would I have to believe is true to be having this “doubt.” You always believe something to be true and this is where the magic happens. Once you become aware of the the unconscious belief, you can choose to take your power back. You can choose and new perspective. You can choose to buy into yourself again. I implore you to let go of those unconscious beliefs and definitions and I promise that if you do you will feel like you have let go of years of carrying around luggage. The funny thing is, that luggage wasn’t even yours, it was the beliefs and definitions of your environment and by being aware of it you can simply set it down. Much love✌️-Aaron btw check out the q and a in stories...🙌it was lit 🔥
STORY TIME! When Happy showed up in my life I confused him for his brother, Fun. They were both cute and always looked like twins to me when I was growing up, but Nah, they are different. Happy has a lighter momentum to him. He made me smile and Fun made me laugh. What I love about Happy is once we connected, he liked to hang out in my chest. I could feel him dancing and having a good time in there regardless of what was happening. When my daughter fell off her bike, he would still dance. When things weren’t going me way, he would still smile. When I saw others in trouble, he would still hold his presence. Happiness showed me how if I let him, he will always be within me. It’s my choice. So I kept choosing him. Soon, he started to adjust my vision. I started to SEE him everywhere. The birds that I used to think were fighting in the air where now playing. The negative assumptions I used to make about people were replaced with happy ones. The happiness I used to seek from others was no longer needed bc “I” had happiness inside me, so now I was the one bringing happiness to the table. He told me that if people were more content with Good instead of Great, more of us would reach him on regular basis. Instead, most are holding out for this perfect moment and therefore blocking his presence until that perfect moment happens. But he doesn’t hang out in perfection, he hangs out in Good bc within Good he has room to expand but within perfection, he does not. That’s when my entire idea of Good changed...✍🏽
. . We are feeling the summer vibes here at MTAOM HQ today! . . There is definitely an Ibiza-esque feel occurring with the lounge music up 🎶 and the sunshine and gentle breeze 😍🏖 . The Monday manifesting magic is flowing and I am cooking up some super scrummy expansion for us all. . . Let me know how you’re feeling today, gorgeous ones, and let’s get the energy flowing! . . You have no idea how much I love you 💫❤️💫 . PS my brand new Beyond The Art Of Manifesting podcast should be up and running this week - as soon as it is, it will be announced via my newsletter 👏🏻👏🏻 . . . . #divineguidance #millionairemotivation #attractionlaw #lawofattraction #abrahamhicks #estherhicks #manifesting #abundancemindset #moneymindset #manifestingdreams #abundancenow #youcreateyourownreality #financiallyfree #moneyflow #manifestations #moneyflow #liveonpurpose #manifestingmagic #thankyouuniverse #alignedaf #abundantlife #energywork #mindshift #aligned #masteringtheartofmanifesting #bashar #higherself #highvibe #magic #higherself
As you think thoughts that feel good to you, you will be in harmony with who you really are. - Abraham Hicks **Follow Signs of Signs on Youtube. Link in bio ** #abrahamhicks #abrahamhicksquotes #lawofattraction #motivationalquotes #signsofsigns #love #happy
. “Be easy about this. Be #playful about it. Don't work so hard at it. Let your dominant intent to be to feel good, and if you don't feel good, then let your dominant intent be to feel relief. Feel your way through it. If you think your way through it, you can get off on all kinds of tangents. If you feel your way through it, you can come quickly to your Core Energy, and when you do that only good can then #flow to you. -Abraham . . . . #MondayMantra : “Feel your way through it.” . . . . 🧚‍♀️✨ . #abrahamhicks #lawofattraction #loa #thevortex #magicmonday #geminiseason . . .#Thumbelina : #BorisDiodorov
FREEDOM FROM ILLUSION // None of us really know for sure what we are doing here. All I know for sure is that LIFE IS A GAME. It’s not about winning or losing. In fact, you will NEVER win or lose. IT’S ALL ABOUT HOW YOU PLAY THIS GAME OF LIFE. . . In this game, it’s all about PLAYING YOUR BEST HAND. The cards you were dealt at birth are the cards you get to play. It’s OK if you did not receive a winning hand, you only have to PLAY YOUR BEST HAND. Do you the best you can with the cards you are holding at any moment and you will have MASTERED THE GAME OF LIFE. . . THERE IS A SECERT TO MASTERING YOUR HAND. If you would like to hear about it, join me on Tuesday, July 25 at @maharosenyc for THE LAW OF ATTRACTION — 7 SIMPLE RULES FOR CREATING THE LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS. You will never see your life the same way again. To sign up, go to www.maharose.com . . . #lifelessons #numerology #lawofattraction #spiritualawakening  #abrahamhicks #truthbomb #mastinkipp #inspiration #selfdevelopment #lifecoach #spiritjunkie  #spiritual #hayhouse #raiseyourvibration #soultribe #trusttheuniverse #manifesting #lifepurpose #wordstoliveby #wisdomquotes  #wordsofwisdom   #spirituality #meditation #higherconciousness #selfrealization #personalgrowth #gabbybernstein #ascension #vibratehigher
Fai pensieri qualità perché è impossibile dirigere tutti i pensieri ma possiamo capire a cosa stiamo pensando analizzando come ci sentiamo e cambiando la rotta di quello che pensiamo . . . . . #quieora #ilpoterediadesso #abrahamhicks #modello #moda #model #style #beautiful #fashion #modauomo #love #photooftheday #rome #photo #modeling #modelmaking #beauty #me #modelphoto #photography
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