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The Road to Endgame Day 20: Ant-Man and the Wasp With fans across the world completely traumatised after the Decimation, Marvel decided to give us all a break from the high-stakes devastation of Infinity War and offer us a fun little adventure in the form of Ant-Man and the Wasp. Did it do enough to calm us down from the overwhelming grief in our hearts? Just about. The story follows Scott Lang, now under house arrest after the events of Civil War reaching his last few days before his release. However, when he finds himself linked through the Quantum Realm to Hank Pym's long lost wife, Janet Van Dyne, he is reluctantly enlisted to help save her all the while being chased down by arms dealer, Sonny Burch and the dangerous Ghost who is slowly phasing out of reality. A fun little romp and a well needed breather from the carnage of the last film The cast are great as always with Paul Rudd stealing the show once again, however he's not alone this time as Evangeline Lilly gets her long awaited debut as the Wasp after teasing us with the suit in the post-credits scene of the first film. The comedy is on point, even if it does falter slightly from the first films efforts, the fight scenes are ramped up and a fair bit more goofy which is welcome for a franchise like Ant-Man, the effects look stunning and the story shows great character development for our main characters. Scott's love for his daughter Cassie was my favourite trait in the character in the first film so to see that explored upon gets an up from me. Ant-Man and the Wasp helped fans clear their minds after Infinity War's cruel ending and gave us a fun and fresh adventure that can be enjoyed anytime by anyone. Not quite as good as the original, but it's a success nonetheless. The Mad Man Rates: 8/10 #marvel #marvelstudios #marvelcinematicuniverse #mcu #mcuphase3 #antmanandthewasp #antman #thewasp #theroadtoendgame #themadmanreviews
Having more #chocolate ants while I watch the 19th #Marvel movie #antmanandthewasp in the #binge towards #avengersendgame #22mcu
Alright, so my comment section has been limited and will continue to be limited until I've seen the movie. I hope the best of luck to you all and I hope you enjoy the film.
Well it’s official, I have all the #MCU movies now! 😏 @one_last_time____ Bro it’s about to go down in a couple of days! 😎 #AntManAndTheWasp 🐜 #MarvelStudios 🖤 #JustACoolGeek 🤦🏾‍♂️ #MrMoon 🤓
GOSIA’S MCU CHALLENGE UPDATE ▫️ @GosiaIEP is now in the endgame of her MCU challenge. She begins the business end of this 22 movie watching epic with Black Panther (2018) giving it 4 fat chubbies. ▫️ PHASE THREE Pt. 2 1. #BlackPanther ✅🍆🍆🍆🍆 2. #AvengersInfinityWar 3. #AntmanAndTheWasp 4. #CaptianMarvel ✅🍆🍆🍆 5. #AvengersEndgame ▫️ Even though she started Part 2 of the Phase Three MCU movies last night, Gosia has already seen Captain Marvel (2019) - giving it 3 soft chubbies. ▫️ Gosia has only 2 more MCU movies to watch before we see #AvengersEndgame this Friday. ▫️ Next, Avengers: Infinity War... @crezthekurator ▫️ IEP Chubby Rating System 🍆 Gangrene Chubby (Don’t bother) 🍆🍆 Rubber Chub (See drunk) 🍆🍆🍆 Half Chub (Take it or leave it) 🍆🍆🍆🍆 Mojo Rising (Check it out) 🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆 Full On Robot Chubby (Must see!) ▫️ ▫️ ▫️ All shows available on iTUNES and PODCASTS.COM ▫️ Like, follow and comment on our FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER and SNAPCHAT ▫️ E-mail us at IKONICEVIL@GMAIL.COM ▫️ #IkonicEvil #IkonicEvilPodcast #IEP #CrezTheKurator #CTK #GosiaIEP #MCU #MarvelCinematicUniverse #MCUPhaseThree #MargsMCUChallenge #GosiasMCUChallenge #WereInTheEndgameNow
Day 19: Ant-Man and the Wasp Tag a Marvel fan and leave a like! . If you want to join in on this challenge whether you just want to watch the movies or just want to draw, make sure to tag me in your posts so I can see what you guys are up to! If you want me to send you the list in order just DM me! . Not my best drawing so far but I forgot to do it the night before again so I rushed to finish it. Also as you can probably tell, my metallic gold colored pencil and my white colored pencil did not blend together very well, but now I can learn from my mistakes which in my opinion is the best part of drawing and the easiest way to improve. . #avengersendgame #hype #moviemarathon #mcu #scottlang #paulrudd #antmanandthewasp #avengersassemble #art #comicart #sketch #drawing
#Repost @tropadercy • • • • • • Hoje tem 3 episódios de podcast! Os dois primeiros são sobre os filmes da Marvel e o terceiro sobre Game of Thrones! Começando com Homem-Formiga e Vespa! Com participações do Fábio do @colabora.ai e Rodrigo, Carlos e Renato do @naenpodcast ! Link na bio! #homemformiga #homemformigaevespa #antman #antmanandthewasp #avengers #avengersendgame #vingadores #marvel #marvelcinematicuniverse #mcu #paulrudd #evangelinelilly
Day 20! #AntManandTheWasp What a fantastic Ant-Man movie, much better than the first. Very cool to see Scott Lang’s life affected by his actions in Civil War, fighting the Avengers in an airport in Germany throwing pieces of an airliner at War Machine and Spider-Man, and now on house arrest. Very cool. The #MartinMarvelMovieMarathon draws to a close, and the #RoadtoEndgame concludes with tomorrow’s film, #AVENGERSINFINITYWAR !!!!!!!
Continúa el #maratonmarvel con #antmanandthewasp ¡Ya faltan 3 días para #avengersendgame ! #marvelstudios #marvel
Rescaled and redid the back piece to better match the screen used scale. I’ll add the details tomorrow but the sizing difference is rather dramatic. #antman #wasp #antmanandthewasp #marvel #cosplay #costume #forceworksone #3dprinting
Noche para ver #AntManAndTheWasp con el señor #PaulRudd y la señorita @evangelinelillyofficial 😁😀 camino a #AvengersEndGame #RoadToAvengers #Movies #Movie #Cine
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