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Sometimes all it takes is finally taking the first step. When you put the fear, all the questioning yourself, and mental struggling aside you can finally make progress. Go take the first step and make it happen! . . . . . #business #firststep #sponsored #dallas #paxel #downtown #bumbledallas #femaleempowerment #herconference #bumblepartner #love #success #sendaljepittraveler #noplasticocean #freediver #betheceo #ad #oneconnection #girlboss #lifestyleblogger #nycdatenite #bumble #travelinglecturer #antarkankebaikan #entrepreneur #influencehercollective #hercampus #makingmovesmonday #fw18 #mbfw
I was so excited to read this in the paper yesterday! This Women’s Day, let’s celebrate all of us and the power of our choices!  I want to congratulate you on the 1.5m moves you’ve made. To those of you aren’t on Bumble yet, get on board. There are so many connections waiting to be made.  Priyanka Chopra, you inspire me 💛💛 @bumble_india #BumbleIndia #ImWithBumble #BumblePartner #makethefirstmove
🐝 Bumble Magazine is Here! 🐝 Keep an eye out for our first ever @bumble magazine Issue No.1 out around town now! . The first issue focuses on topics such as business, ( @bumblebizz ) friends, ( @bumblebff ) and love ( @bumble ). Plus our fearless CEO @whitney shares her story, which can motivate pretty much anyone to get going! #bumblepartner • p.s. there are free Bumble coins inside each magazine! • . On the topic of getting going in a business aspect, this Saturday we will be hosting a @bumblebizz networking event where everyone is invited! ✨ So bring your BFF that you met on @bumblebff and get ready to meet some cool new people from your area! ✨ Plus have a drink on us! 🥂 The event will take place at @rosella_attherand this Saturday the 20th at 7pm! Keep a look out for more info on my story!
No matter how you look at it, impact starts with I. If I'm not aware of and take responsibility for my own actions on the planet, how can I expect anyone else to do the same? I'm so excited to partner with @BumbleBFF to host a roundtable phone call with a few of you to chat about how to reduce your waste and live your values. Seven years ago I was focused pretty much exclusively on protesting and yelling at the world around me trying to get it to change. It made me feel frustrated, overwhelmed, and powerless. That was also the time I realized that my day to day actions were directly correlated to the type of world I didn't want to see, aka, I was using plastic all the time, I was creating trash, and participating in fast fashion. This sparked the realization that I needed to align my day to day actions with my values for sustainability to create a reality, even if it is just my own. What I have seen over the past seven years is that living my values has not only changed my reality and lowered my impact on the environment, but has also inspired so many others to do the same. Download @Bumble , start using @BumbleBff and match with my profile above to find out how to enter to win a spot on the call! #bumblepartner #liveyourvalues #zerowaste #trashisfortossers #packagefreeshop 📷: @ysabellalla
“Stop talking yourself out of opportunities because you “need more time” you don’t. It’s Time!” -Bumble Mag . Enjoying some Colombian drip coffee this morning with B on my day off while going through some cool stuff this magazine shares... @bumble ‘s very first official magazine: Issue No.1 is out now... look for it at coffee shops, spas, and salons around San Antonio and snag one!! . You can also match with the magazine card on the bumble app to get one mailed directly to you! Swipe through the photos for a first look inside the mag...and start swiping through @bumblebizz To network from your couch while you’re at it!! #bumblepartner . This season we are also handing out free Bumble #FiestaMedals around San Antonio to spread the #sanantoniofiesta spirit in our community. People are LOVING THEM 🏅💛💃🏽 #bumblesanantonio . We will also be hosting a @bumblebizz networking event at @rosella_attherand this Saturday at 7pm. See ya there 🥂 💛 . 📸 : @odelunaphotography
Great to see a social networking app that puts women first. Thanks @bumble_india for a safe and comfortable platform for us all to make real life social connections. Watch my video to see what I think is the coolest feature. #BumblePartner
Love having a BFF who will dance all night (like literally until 4am🙈) and still wake up to sweat it out with me 👯TeamLSF is such an awesome place to find new friends who just get you, but I know it makes it like 100 times better when you can meet up IRL. . I just found out about @bumblebff and it’s so freaking cool! You guys - I had no idea @bumble wasn’t just for dating, but you can find new friends that live near you so you can actually meet up and do your LSF workouts! You can put a little badge on your profile to say what you’re looking for -  like mine is “people to be active with” 💦It just makes it suuuuper easy to find people you know are on the same page. Anyway, you should go download @bumble and play around with it - maybe you’ll find your own little @aliroseallday to workout with! #bumblepartner
I’m on @bumblebff looking for workout buddies + people to keep me inspired! YES I’m happily (mostly 😆) married but @bumble is used for other dope things too.. like finding friends to connect with, work out with, and meeting other moms! Download @bumble + update your interests to find new friends in your area, someone to share a home with, or someone to hike with. How cool is that? 👯 Photo // @ashleystreff #bumblepartner #philosophiemama
Playing shows all 3 days and with my 🔥 friends @vampped this weekend! Giving away some VIP tickets for our @vampped party on @bumblebff ! Download the @bumble app and start swiping, 👅 see you in the desert #bumblepartner
Hi guys 😊 on my way to Indio to party this weekend with @vampped ✨ We will be giving away a bunch of VIP tickets 🎫 for our exclusive @vampped party on @bumblebff ! Download the @bumble app and start swiping, can’t wait to see you all in the desert 🌵💕#bumblepartner
I wanna go to the party 🎉 @charlyjordan @vampped @bumblebff let’s goooo I’ve had a stellar Boom 💥 Session this morning and it’s the ONLY thing keeping me from pursuing my dreams today of, doing more wheelies on a pier. #bumblebff #livebumbleaction78 #bumblepartner #captainbumble #pleasebuckleyourseatbelts
OFF TO THE DESERT! Heading to Indio today to party with @vampped this weekend! We're giving away a bunch of VIP tickets for our exclusive @vampped party on @bumblebff ! Download the @bumble app and start swiping y’all. I just downloaded the app a week ago and it’s actually so sick. Hope to see you in the desert! #bumblepartner My story has the swipe up link! And yeah I know I’m 22 on Facebook 😂 ya girl wasn’t old enough to join when she did lol, and has been too lazy since to change it. Do you guys still use Facebook?
Join us & @bumblebff on Sunday @ 1:30pm and Kickbox for a Cause! ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Well have goodie bags, @gtskombucha and a special surprise 😉💯⁣⁣ ⁣All of the class proceeds go to @creativeaction ⁣⁣ ⁣ Grab your BFF, book your bag and help us support this amazing cause! ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ #kickforacause #bumblebff #bumblepartner #fundraiser #creativeaction #goodiebags #kombucha #atx #atxfitness #trueaustin #austinevents #austinfitness #kickboxing #cardiokickboxing #boxing #unleashyourpower #knockoutaustin
It's about time that the stereotype of women changes and they take charge to make the first move with @bumble_india #BumblePartner
All this hype about dating apps so I had to try it and @bumble was my first choice. I love how @bumble gives you the option to find love, friendship and network, just trying to find someone who loves dogs just as much as me! ...And is okay with the amount of time I call things chicken 😂If you’re a dog lover download @bumble and maybe we’ll match.. #bumblepartner
With my Beautiful Celesbian friends and we’re all at Dinah ready to #MakeTheFirstMove 😜🤟🏽 Having fun with @bumble this weekend! Stop by & say hi🙋🏽‍♀️ #Bumble 🌈 #BumblePartner
come hang with me at the @bumble cabana today at @thedinahshore ! if you show them your #bumble 🌈 profile, you can get some free goodies!! #bumblepartner
Having so much fun with @bumble at @thedinahshore 🏳️‍🌈💛🌴 I’m literally glowing out here y’all Bathing suit n shorts from @forever21#bumblepartner
Standing together today! Did you know that according to latest stats from the AAUW, white women earned an estimated 77% of what men earned last year? 🤦🏻‍♀️ For African American women, the number drops to 61% and for hispanic women the number is nearly half at 53%! #NOTCOOL . Financial education is key. What if we could learn from one of the experts? Today, on #EqualPayDay , we want to spotlight something awesome our friends at @BumbleBizz are doing. Via their "Let's Talk Bizzness" campaign, members of the #SixDegreesSociety community have the opportunity to win a spot in a roundtable phone call with @Ellevest CEO and co-founder @Sallie.Krawcheck. 🙋🏽‍♀️ If you want the chance to up your financial literacy by asking Sallie a question and hearing her thoughts on the importance of investing EARLY (read: now), then download the @Bumble app (link in bio) and match with the in-app card featured on the next slide! #bumblepartner Photo by the talented @jodeedebesphoto
It’s #EqualPayDay ! Early in my career I found out a coworker was making $20,000 more than me for the same job! Eek. It was the wake up call I needed. I developed a strategy and closed the gap in 18 months. That's why I'm excited @bumble is offering a digital money date with financial legend and @ellevest CEO @sallie.krawcheck where you can ask questions and learn more about how to be financially educated! Get to swiping on @bumblebizz and match with the profile in the next pic to enter. Get comfortable talking money and tell Sallie I said hey! #bumblepartner Drop a 💰if you are ready to get your worth this year!
Making friends in a new city can be daunting. A lot of my decision to move to LA was about stepping out of my comfort zone and shaking things up and of course, one of the things I did was join @bumblebff I’m so grateful for the friends I have here but am also so excited to meet new people and find more of my tribe. I like that you can add badges and be specific about what you’re looking for so that it’s easier to find like minded people. Kind of curious about the LA art scene, new restaurants and the endless day trip possibilities! Download @bumble and make new friends in your city - I’d love to hear about your experiences! #bumblepartner 📷 @ju_wels
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