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SUR NOS TRACES... • familial exhibition • with @guerrierpauline , @francisguerrier , Francesca & Raymond GUERRIER, and Francis MONTANIER ❤️ Opening on Friday, the 28th of June ! At Mourgues du Grès fields (Beaucaire, France) - until September the 30th. #exhibition #family #artist #artists #sculptures #sculpture #metalwork #etchings #art #familystory #artcollective #collective #traves #pintor #paints #mourguesdugres #ethnie #dynasty #love
Will is a Registered Massage Therapist, reiki master, breathwork facilitator and yoga teacher.⁣ ⁣ He is able to determine the root cause of the symptoms his clients are experiencing and passionately works with them to individualize treatments accordingly. ⁣ ⁣ Will practices at Acupuncture Collective on Fridays and Saturdays as of July. So if you want to kick off your weekend with a massage (who wouldn't?!) come see Will!
🖤 ARIES 🖤 - The battle that’s going on inside of you this month Aries is about knowing who and what to trust. You’re having a hard time trusting what you’re getting from Spirit because it seems so opposite to what everyone else is doing, believing, trusting. 🖤🖤 And it also feels way outside your comfort zone to do what Spirit is guiding you to do. Do it anyway. Don’t worry about what anyone else is doing, thinking, saying. 🖤🖤 You have your own unique path to carve out in this world and you get to be a leader in this way. Stray from the pack. Take the road less travelled. And do it with joy because you KNOW that if you’re following Spirit, it’s going to be good. 🖤🖤 There’s nothing to fear. It’s the only way. You’ve totally got this. I’m here to support you if you need it. 🖤🖤
🖤 CANCER 🖤 - You and Libra are hand in hand this month, Cancer. Join your Libra friends and have some chats because you’ll be of service to each other. 🖤🖤 The truth, Cancer, is it’s ok to focus on you. It’s ok to bring the scales back to you, focus on your priorities, your goals, your needs, your desires, your self growth and what makes you shine. It’s been out of balance for a long time - maybe your whole life so it’s going to feel weird, even awful for a while to bring this back to you but it’s necessary and the power and life-force you will gain from it is going to blow your mind (literally and figuratively). 🖤🖤 You’re going to find yourself with so much more energy, more joy, happiness and inspiration because you’ve created space for it. So its you time. 🖤🖤 I’m supporting you and here for you if you need me. 🖤🖤
Talk about standing out! Check out what @oli_b.art has been up to, it’s some pretty incredible stuff! Make sure to show him some love for his amazing work!! #artistcollective . . . . . . . . . . . #graffiti #spraypaint #standout #colorpop #amazing #artistcollectiveworldwide #artist #collective #streetart #masterpiece #talent #mural #wow #streetartist #art #artsy #artoftheday #street_photography #buildingart #trippy #culture #popculture #design #photo #photography
🖤 SCORPIO 🖤 - You’re discovering that you have become a bit of a caretaker in your life or maybe you’ve been carrying this for a while and it’s not serving you anymore. There’s so much more available to life and so much that Spirit is wanting to bring into your life but you have to let go of some things, some people in order to receive it. 🖤🖤 This feels challenging to you because these people have grown reliant on you for safety, security, well-being etc but it’s all an illusion. What’s true is that these people are responsible for creating that for themselves and you get to be free to open up space to what’s really yours to do. 🖤🖤 So don’t worry. They’ll be ok. They have everything they need inside of them to navigate their lives successfully. But they won’t be able to access that inside of them if you’re doing it for them. 🖤🖤 So let go. Grieve. Be with yourself and allow yourself to transform into who you’re really meant to be. It’s a win-win all around, promise. 🖤🖤
🖤 SAGITTARIUS 🖤 -There’s an inner artist, creator wanting to emerge in your field this month Sagittarius. She’s intuitive, sensitive, emotional, and deeply creative. There may be some judgements of her coming to light also - because when we gain a strength we also gain awareness of a weakness too. 🖤🖤 Don’t worry though - nothing a little healing won’t solve. Your job is to go slow and take it one day at a time. Don’t expect yourself to be a genius on day one. Practice a little bit every day and celebrate the time you’re taking to gain this strength. 🖤🖤 This method of building, learning, strengthening is going to serve you for a lifetime. You have everything you need. It’s awesome. 🖤🖤
Hearing that today really put me at peace. People speak on me and about me but truly know little about me so hearing this from Children really puts life into perspective. Keep talking please rather good or bad just keep talking and showing both sides of how I am viewed 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 #Truth #Consciousness #Divinity #Collective #GodBody #GodHead #Understanding #Esoteric #Divine #Love #Light #Life #Learn #international #Global #universal #collective #enlightened #illuminated #being #master #teacher #33lifepath #numerology #metaphysics #metaphysician #learning #teaching #living
Hearing that today really put me at peace. People speak on me and about me but truly know little about me so hearing this from Children really puts life into perspective. Keep talking please rather good or bad just keep talking and showing both sides of how I am viewed 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 #Truth #Consciousness #Divinity #Collective #GodBody #GodHead #Understanding #Esoteric #Divine #Love #Light #Life #Learn #international #Global #universal #collective #enlightened #illuminated #being #master #teacher #33lifepath #numerology #metaphysics #metaphysician #learning #teaching #living
🖤 LIBRA 🖤 - Libra, you’re learning this month that nothing about you has to change in order to create the abundance, prosperity and life you want. What needs to happen is that you need to see that you’re already the person you want to be. 🖤🖤 You already have all the qualities, all the skills, and the knowing, all the energy, gumption, confidence, courage, connections you need to really go after and manifest what it is you want. It’s the knowing this and seeing this that is going to make all the difference. 🖤🖤 So spend some time looking in the mirror this month and really getting to know YOU. Not the you you thought you were, not the you that other people told you you were, but the real, true you. 🖤🖤 She’s so fucking awesome. And such a gift to the world. No more hiding. Time to come out and PLAAYYYY. 🖤🖤
🖤 TAURUS 🖤 - Taurus, you are gestating something new inside of yourself right now and it’s going to be oh so important for you to believe in yourself. To believe that you can create this, maintain its integrity and greatness, to believe in your strength and power and to trust the gentle nudges and urgings inside of you. 🖤🖤 They’re the callings of your soul. They’re guiding you to what’s truly going to nurture you, make you happy, fulfill you. And they might be outside of the box of what’s normal for you, normal for your life. 🖤🖤 And it’s soooo exciting. There’s so much juice here for you. All you have to do is believe in the greatness of your soul and call it to you. I’m cheering you on. Xo 🖤🖤
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🖤 GEMINI 🖤 - Gemini, you’re learning that you’re the master of your Universe this month. When you decide you want to create something and get fully aligned with it, nothing stops you. 🖤🖤 You have full permission to go full out in your manifesting right now. The biggest block that holds you back is what other people think so snuggle into your loving self and form an indestructible team with you and you so that no outside energy interferes with your power. 🖤🖤 When you focus on your light and your loving, you see how much the world benefits from your power too. And - you’ve got Ganesha twice - so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to call on him for extra guidance and support. He’s really on your side right now. 🖤🖤 Sky’s the limit. Whoop whoop! 🖤🖤
Demain, à @lapyspherebar , pour l'exposition collective de la @galerie_momentum je vous invite à participer à ma performance " Théâtre Mental " dans laquel le public se bande les yeux afin de favoriser la création d'images mentales directement liées à la musique, j'expose également des peintures en lien avec mes compositions sonores. 19h30 - 22h30. Performance à 21h30. 10 rue Gustave Rouanet, 75018 Paris. #exposition #collective #paris #performance #theatre #mental #reel #imaginaire #musique #peinture #memoire #artcontemporain #pragmaenigma #thomasleclere #zepry
🖤 AQUARIUS 🖤 - Aquarius, you’re learning about what it means to be a woman this month. Not what everyone else thinks, not what the patriarchy thinks, but what it means to YOU to be a woman. 🖤🖤 Doesn’t matter if you’re male, female, or somewhere in between. You’re reacquainting yourself with your inner feminine energy and letting go of a lot of BS this month. Stuff that was never true, but you found yourself buying into it. 🖤🖤 It’s ok - and it’s time to let it go. Could be that it’s relating to and playing a part in your relationship with abundance. So time to get clear so you can allow the Universe to pour good all over you. I’m celebrating you. Xo🖤🖤
🖤 PISCES 🖤 - Guilt is your nemesis this month, Pisces. You know what you want to do, you know who you are, you know what to do to make big, positive changes in your life but you’re allowing something or someone to hold you back. 🖤🖤Don’t do that anymore. It serves no one. You get to follow your heart and be totally and completely fulfilled by it and you don’t need to give consideration to anyone’s negativity about that. 🖤🖤 You get to, and need to, keep reaching for the light. No matter what. That’s how you serve most powerfully in theworld and that’s how you claim who you really are in the most authentic way. 🖤🖤 Go get ‘em. I’m here to support you and I’m cheering you on. 🖤🖤
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