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Last night I finally saw Tarantino's Once Upon a Time in...Hollywood. As conflicted as I was about seeing this film, I was still excited. But, I found myself bored and wondering when this self-indulgent film with too long of a run time would be over. Read my full review on That Old Picture Show. (Link in bio)
The look on my face when someone says they don't like #broadchurch 😂 You can read all about the British crime drama TV series on my blog (link in bio✌️). . . #davidtennant #oliviacolman #crimeshow #crimeseries #tvshow #itv #britishtvshow #crimedrama #crimedramaseries #filmblog #blogpost #filmblogger
While directing little boy movie in Arunachal Pradesh #movies #filmblog #filmdirector
Hercules - Review 💪🏻🎬 . Honey you mean HUNK-ULES. . . . Hercules journeys from Zero to Hero in this take on the greek myth. Disney tackles yet another culture during its renaissance period in order to try and widen its subjects and be a little more representative - I’m not saying they do a great job with it but it definitely makes these stories more accessible to younger audiences as well as broadening their horizons and adding a little more diverse array of films to their classics canon. . Hercules may be the strong hero protagonist in the film but my eyes are always on Meg, one of my all time favourite Disney characters. She has sass, beauty and independence as well as being strong minded and brave. I love her story and how she gets to shine just as much as Hercules does. Also with her general attitude and cynical disposition, Meg is the complete opposite to any other traditional Disney heroine character which is so refreshing to see . Narratively the story is straight forward but paced well. It’s full of action and adventure, but also brilliant musical queues that tie seamlessly into the plot. The soundtrack is phenomenal - I mean Zero to Hero is an absolute JAM. The use of The Muses singing in a gospel style, to narrate the story is a great choice, they also sing A Star is Born and The Gospel Truth as well as providing backing vocals for Meg in I Wont Say (I’m in Love). Basically the films music is on point in every way, you’d think a movie about Ancient Greek mythology and a gladiator fighting gods wouldn’t make for a great musical but it really really does. . The animation though not Disney’s best feels very expressive - especially in its transitions. I do really like the style of the film overall as well. The voice work is great, if not a little over the top in places. James Woods is particularly wonderful as Hades as well as Danny Devito being especially funny as Phil. . . (Continued >>>)
Опасная игра Слоун / Miss Sloane [2016] • Busy working before Friday👩🏻‍💻🍜 / Доделываю все дела перед пятничкой 👩🏻‍💻🍜
Heute mal ein Film aus der Kategorie „Abgedreht und liebenswert“. Mit #thegreasystrangler bekommt man einen verrückten, ekligen, lustigen, skurrilen Film zum Fremdschämen. Nichts für Jedermann, aber auf jeden Fall einen Versuch wert. Nachdem man den Film geschaut hat kann man sich im Alltag mit Zitaten kaum zurückhalten. Ich sag nur „Das ist mir nich fettig genug.“ oder „Bullshit-Artist“. @tiberiusfilm #filmblog #movie #crazymovie #absurd #abgedreht #lustig #verrückt #wasguckstduso #bullshitartist #greasystrangler #bratfettkiller #filmy #filme #cinema #filmtipp #filmdestages #movieoftheday
We’ve had the original Lion King and we’ve had the remake, so I couldn’t resist dedicating a post to one of the most memorable lines from the films 🦁🐾✨⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Even as an adult, the original holds a particularly special place in my heart, along with some of Disney’s other finest classics ✨I’m always drawn back to such films because they will forever bring the loveliest memories to the forefront of my mind, but also because there is no better escape than into a world full of Disney magic! 😆⁣ Whilst there’s always a divided opinion on Disney films, you can’t deny that you didn’t learn a few lessons from them as a kid! 😌⁣ This quote in particular always gives me the feels as it encapsulates optimism and warmth💕 ⁣ PS posting this has also made me super excited for my trip to Disneyland Paris in December! I can’t wait to live out my dream of being a princess...Sleeping Beauty’s castle, I’m coming for ya! 😂👸🏼👸🏼💛⁣ ⁣⁣ #QOTD - It’s game time! 💥 Finish off this sentence using your predictive text (no cheating😆)”If I was on a morning report with Simba and Zazu, I would...” ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ #thelionking #disney #disneymagic #film #quote #filmquote #quoteoftheday #game #blockbuster #classic #waltdisney #blog #blogger #filmblog #instafilm #instaquotes #picoftheday #soundtrack #movie #filmlover #community #flicks #bigkid #disneylandparis
Two Hands (1999) dir. Gregor Jordan • In my opinion this is one of the best pieces of Australian cinema next to Chopper and Candy. This masterpiece shot off Heath Ledger’s career and so it should because he slays it with zero disappointments, like everything he did. Rose Byrne is also SUPER MEGA CUTE! The screenplay of this flick is awesome and has such a wicked turn of events that all link up perfectly in the end. It’s a dramatic, hilarious, smart, savvy and lovely roller coaster you don’t want to get off and concludes just the way you want it to in the best way. A kick ass film, hop to it! #twohands #australianfilm #film #movie #cinema #filmblog #blog #heathledger #rosebyrne #crimefilm #australiancrime #filmlover #movies #moviescenes
Limitless💊✨ Streaming on Netflix 🎥 . Drugs are never the answer to any! . Limitless follows the story of Edward Morra , a depressed writer who lives like a loner. With no friends around , his girlfriend dumps him as well. Eddie , currently stuck with writer's block , doesn't have anything going right in his life. One day , he runs into his ex-wife's brother , Vernon, in the street and he offers him NZT-48. Eddie initially resisting the idea , finally takes it. NZT-48 a drug which completely enhances a person's abilities to infinite times , they become a far more evolved version of themselves. He then finishes his book in four days and tries his hand into other professions as well. The drug also slowly starts to destroy him with it's side effects considering everyone who has taken the drug is dying. Will Eddie survive? This forms the rest of the story. . Limitless could've been so much more than what it was. The first half was so engaging , I was completely hooked. The second half was a bit of a mess , with actors like Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro , so much more could've been done. The Russian villain was also just wasted. A murder case in the middle of the film gets lost somewhere. But the film does have its moments. The fast-paced screenplay and brilliant cinematography redeems the film. . Bradley Cooper is great as Eddie , the charm , elan , suits him completely. I didn't know Robert DeNiro was in the film , a pleasant surprise! . Though flawed , the film is very entertaining. Check it out! . Rating:3.25/5⭐ . #limitless #filmcompanion #fcsquad #bradleycooper #robertdeniro #abbiecornish #eddiemorra #limitlessmovie #netflix #netflixmovies #movie #cinema #cinephile #filmy #filmblog #filmreview
#hey this week we headed over to the screening of "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood", read all about it: https://almostalien.wordpress.com/2019/08/22/once-upon-a-time-there-it-was-hollywood/ #cinema #film #filmmaking #filmmaker #filmphotography #onceuponatimeinhollywood #bradpitt #leonardodicaprio #quentintarantino #moviereview #filmblog #cinematography #acting #filmdirecting #nofilmschool #1970s #counterculture #newhollywood #hollywood
"Tarantino Comes of Age...sort of" Review of Tarantino's "ONCE UPON A TIME IN...HOLLYWOOD" (2019) SPOILERS There's a a long scene somewhere around the second hour mark where DiCaprio's 'Rick Dalton' - an aging television star from the 60s whose transition into Hollywood movies has been rather hard on him - wells up, almost bursting with joy after he receives a compliment from a 9-year old erudite method-actress. This comes at the heels of an extremely protracted scene from a movie which Rick is shooting. It's the best moment of the film. And I think it might become an iconic Tarantino moment. Superbly acted, gleefully written, very cathartic and full of charm. This movie is FULL of such scenes. There have been buddy-movies and there have been roadtrip films. Tarantino gives us a 'Hang-out' movie. You would not love this movie if you love Tarantino for his stories. You will, however, if you love his characters instead. The first two hours is what essentially feels like a state-of-the-art virtual theme park of 1960s Hollywood. You've got the ticket and all you need to do is sit down and immerse yourself in the 'Sauerkraut Nazis' or 'The Dirty Dozen' or 'The Great Escape'. Every once in a while you'd get a behind-the-scenes peek to meet Bruce Lee or Steve McQueen or Polanski and dozens of different stars that I myself don't know about. Tarantino's love for movies is no news and this seems to be his love-letter swansong to a bygone era of simplistic films and movie stars. The plot mostly goes back and forth between DiCaprio's Dalton and Brad Pitt's Cliff Booth (in what I think is Pitt's best role in years) - a stuntman with a shady past - if it's not too busy giving ominous portends about Sharon Tate (Margot Robbie) or the Manson Family. It's just so surprising to see the movie keeping it's level of chill through its extended runtime without getting aware of it's runtime. Tarantino doesn't bother with unnecessary side-plots or dramatic creations such as creating any sort of tension between Booth and Dalton. Yes Dalton's kind of a selfish jerk sometimes but Cliff's not bothered by it since he expects it from a star of his stature. [Continued 👇👇👇]
Hace 20 años (no un día como hoy) se estrenaba #TheMatrix , la cuál revolucionó el género de ciencia ficción y fantasía. Hace dos días, se anunció la cuarta entrega de esta franquicia, con el regreso del bellísimo #KeanuReeves y #CarrieAnneMoss , y #LanaWachowski como directora y guionista. Aún no se sabe por qué línea irá la trama, pero aún queda una gran interrogante de mi parte: . ¿Por qué? ¿Cuál es la necesidad de una cuarta película? Lo siento, pero después de dos días pensándolo, yo no estoy tan emocionada con otra parte de The Matrix. Creo que la trayectoria que tuvo le dio un buen final a la franquicia. ¿Qué opinan ustedes? . . . #matrix #trinity #neo #announcement #mewmovie #movies #movie #movieblog #movieblogger #filmblog #cine #peli #cinefila #cinefilaenrd #cinema #mundodelcine #blog #blogger #blogdecine
Well...the only reason I watched this is because there is no better way to spend your afternoon than perving over Tom Hardy!!! Not my genre at all, never watched Marvel or DC but will watch anything with Tom in it! I actually loved it! It was very funny!!! ( don’t know if it was meant to be ) 🤷🏼‍♀️ What a brilliant character/relationship between Eddie & Venom! Well worth a watch whether you like this kinda thing or just love Tom like I do! @tomhardy
Correctly developed characters are a fundamental element to a successful story, yet many new screenwriters overlook it. We’ve put together an essential checklist that will help you bring depth to your characters ✍🏼🎥⠀ ⠀ Link in bio 👍🏼⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #irishfilmblog #filmblog #writingcharacters #directorlife #crewlife #irishfilmmakers #irishcrew #irishfilmindustry #irishfilm #castandhire #irishfilmcrew #irishdirectors #irishproductionservices #irishblog
Um die ganze Review zu sehen, einfach auf die Sprechblase drücken. Hier ist meine Review zu "Küss den Frosch" : Mit Küss den Frosch hat Disney versucht, im Jahr 2009 den klassischen Zeichentrickfilm zurück zu holen und ist damit gescheitert. Somit war nach Küss den Frosch endgültig Schluss mit dem klassischen Zeichentrick. Allerdings hat der Film den Flop nicht verdient, denn er ist unfassbar charmant und ein deutlich besserer Abschied vom Zeichentrick Genre, als der sehr durchwachsene "Die Kühe sind los". Küss den Frosch überzeugt nicht nur mit tollen Animationen und einer herzlichen Story, sondern auch mit einer erstklassigen Jazz-Musik. Er bringt ein tolles Nostalgie Feeling mit und ist vor allem für die klassischen Disney Fans ein Augenschmaus. Tiana hat Großes vor. Sie möchte den Traum ihres Vaters verwirklichen und ein eigenes Restaurant eröffnen. Dafür ackert sie viel und kommt ihrem Traum immer ein Stückchen näher. Eines Abends bekommt sie jedoch unerwarteten Besuch von einem Frosch. Zu ihrer großen Überraschung kann der Frosch sogar sprechen. Wie sich herausstellt, ist der Frosch in Wirklichkeit Prinz Naveen, der durch ein Voodoo Zauber zum Frosch wurde. Durch einen Kuss erhofft er sich, den Fluch zu bannen. Doch als Tiana ihn tatsächlich küsst, passiert genau das Gegenteil : Tiana wird selbst zum Frosch. Es ist wirklich bitter, dass ausgerechnet dieser Film so ein finanzieller Flop war, denn es ist ein richtig starker Disney Vertreter, der jeden Charme altbekannter Werke mitbringt : Grandiose Musik, liebevolle Charaktere, eine charmant erzählte Geschichte und ein grandioser Bösewicht. Taschentücher muss man ebenfalls bereithalten, denn der Film hat ein paar sehr traurige Momente. Es ist keine wirkliche Neuauflage vom Froschkönig, denn in diesem Film existiert das originale Märchen wirklich. Wer von Jazz nicht abgeneigt ist, wird hier einen grandiosen Song nach dem Anderen auf die Ohren bekommen und natürlich kommt auch die Romantik nicht zu kurz.
#tbt The day before the @48hourfilmproject Chicago and I can’t help but think of our first project and competition 2 YEARS AGO!
Una selezione di 7 lungometraggi da tutto il mondo, delle sezioni Fuori Concorso, Orizzonti e Sconfini, formano il programma della Sala Web della 76. Mostra di Venezia 2019, diretta da Alberto Barbera e organizzata dalla Biennale di Venezia presieduta da Paolo Baratta. Per l’ottavo anno la Sala Web di Venezia permette la visione online di film significativi in prima mondiale della selezione ufficiale della Mostra del Cinema, con una capienza massima per ogni visione di 1.000 posti. @labiennale 📜📜 PER LEGGERE L'ARTICOLO ⤵️ https://www.differentmagazine.it/la-biennale-di-venezia-torna-la-sala-web-alla-76-mostra-di-venezia-7-lungometraggi-delle-sezioni-fuori-concorso-orizzonti-e-sconfinida-georgia-india-iran-romania-spagna-tunisia/
📽️ - Когда я очнулся, начался кошмар. Невидимый гость ( 2016 Испания Триллеры , Детективы , Зарубежные , Криминал  106 мин.) Адриан Дориа — человек года в мире бизнеса, семьянин. У него есть сбережения, крупная высокотехнологичная компания, планы на будущее и любовница. Имя любовницы — Лаура Видал. Она фотограф в модном журнале. После очередной встречи Адриана и Лауры девушка умирает. Главный герой — единственный подозреваемый, ему грозит большой тюремный срок. Подозреваемого помещают под домашний арест. Бизнесмен не желает оказаться за решеткой, потому нанимает известного адвоката Вирджинию Гудман. Для женщины это заключительный суд в карьере, потому победа в этом судебном заседании для нее принципиальна. Вирджиния приезжает к Адриану за ночь до суда. Ей нужно разработать план защиты, а также разведать о свидетеле, которого нашел прокурор. Дориа рассказывает адвокату, как все произошло, но женщина чувствует, что он что-то утаивает. Время идет, на то, чтобы выработать неприступную защиту, у героев осталось меньше трех часов. У них одна цель — выиграть слушание. Для него — это вопрос свободы, для нее — чести и юридического престижа. Мотивация переполняет обоих, но в дело вмешиваются третьи силы. Рейтинг : 8.5 #фильмы #творчество #интересное #хобби #новинки #интересныефильмы #фильмынавечер #film #filmblog #filmblogger #bollywoodfilm #зарубежныеновинки #зарубежныехиты #зарубежныефильмы #кино #кинолента #кинопоказ #невидимыйгость #русские #русскиефильмы
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