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this wasn’t why i really needed to take a break but now it is definitely another reason i’m going to be gone the rest of the week and i know it’s a reason why i felt something telling me to take a break. my neighbor died today. such a beautiful, kind, sweet soul with a big heart, so loving, a beautiful person but who’s body was going through the worst things for the longest time, the longest i can remember. i cant even. begin to imagine. i never got to say goodbye. but she’s in a better place , a good place , and not in pain anymore .... for the first time in 20 years. rest in peace angel. i don’t know what to do. i’m going to miss you everyday of my life. and my heart will forever feel like it’s lost a piece. but you have a place in my heart that no one will ever be able to replace. i love you. everyone, talk to your friends n family, hug them, kiss them, cherish every moment, don’t take a second you have with them for granted. because you never know when it will be the last. as i’m finishing typing this it’s the next day and i haven’t stoped crying and don’t think i ever will.
A person who is really really really handsome and cool *cough cough Finn* OMG I want to meet my handsome boy so badly lol He’s such a cutie💗😍 Acc: ??? App: Cute Cut Dt: tags #finnwolfhard #finnwolfhardedit #finnwolfhardedits #wvlfhrrdgrp
good morning this bean is the cutest, rge clips in her hair ofmdkns!!! i love her so much i hope she has the dreamiest dreams thats imaginable!
Hello Aliens it's just another Finn Wolfhard fan account 👌🤠
im turning into a multifandom lol 💀😂 | ac ; forgot
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