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Flashback // A bride and her girl gang ... how special to have such an amazing crew of girlfriends there on your big day, as well as a beautiful bridal party #friends #fbf #beksmith . . #bride #girlfriends #bridalparty #love #weddingday #nzwedding #nzbride #grittypretty #bridal #weddingphotography #nzweddingphotographer
A Skin Wellness Screening @joannanewhamskintherapy is just the very beginning of a relationship into your dermal wellness journey. Skin health has become a multi million dollar industry, with a constant streaming of information, very little clinical evidence and a new product on the block appearing in our feed every 5 minutes. So how does your Skin Therapist/Clinic care and select the suitability of treatments and products for your skin? What are your skin needs, reactions and requirements in its search for optimum health? This is only as good as the questions you are asked and information you offer at the beginning of any treatment. Every client @joannanewhamskintherapy is offered a bespoke screening service where we discuss the very factors of our own health that are seen visibly through our skin. Detoxification and Biotransformation Inflammatory Process Psychological Equilibrium Homeodynamics Hormone Regulation Digestion, Absorption and Barrier Integrity Immunity Medication Herbal Preparation/Naturopathy Working with and referring to specialist practitioners, we can create a holistic model that approaches your skin by understanding the effects that physical and mental health have on it. By working together as a hub of industry specialists rather than separately we offer longevity of skin health and prevention of premature ageing. We look into product selection from an evidence based approach. Discussing formulation, ingredients and a ‘paddock to plate’ understanding of where your products are made, ingredients sourced, manufactured and distributed? What do you really know about the products you use on your skin? It’s a screening process that gets to know the largest organ in our body, treating it with respect and feeding it what it needs. This can begin as a journey into the unknown, but with commitment and a willingness to follow simple steps, your skin has the opportunity to be the very best it can be. And as a client you will finally understand why. Currently in residence @shawellness until 31 August 2019. 📷 @alicemahran
NEW POST • The Gritty Pretty Team Share Their Ride Or Die Beauty Buys • The products we’ve been using on repeat this month 💄 • NOW ON GRITTYPRETTY.COM (link in bio) • P: @melcartmer_photographer H&MU: @helensmakeupartist T: @zoe.somersall #GrittyPretty #GrittyPrettyBeauty
Details of modular pieces. Made from soap, plaster and paper.#paperart #pink #feminist #grittypretty #soapmaking #aromatic #surface #thoughts #storehouse
However much sun we intentionally or unintentionally absorb in a day, their are some simple key facts that must be followed to protect the skin from photo ageing or more serious skin cancers. Currently based in Spain, I was so surprised to see that the majority of Sunscreen retailed via the local pharmacy and/or health food stores only offer protection against UVA! Not a UVB ‘mention’ in sight! Broad Spectrum Sunscreen is a non-negotiable, an essential product in our daily routine. Necessary protection against UVA ‘and’ UVB. UVA is the ray that accelerates ageing and in which we visible see the signs of its damage. UVB is the ray that causes the skin to burn, cancers to develop or pre-cancerous cells. SPF 30 or 50 - either will do! Ideally ‘thrown in’ with some DNA Repair Enzymes to repair the damage to the skin’s DNA caused by UVR. Physical Sunscreen contains active mineral ingredients, such as titanium dioxide or zinc oxide, which works by sitting on top of the skin to deflect and scatter damaging UV rays away from the skin. Chemical sunscreen absorbs into the skin and then absorbs UV rays, converts the rays into heat, and releases them from the body. The active ingredients in chemical sunscreens include avobenzone, octinoxate and oxybenzone. My two favourites this year, that I could absolutely not live without, in treatments and on my own skin are.... @murad City Age Skin Broad Spectrum SPF 50 @Dermaceutic K-Ceutic Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Physical UV protection and formulation. No nonsense. Evidence based UV protection and skincare combined. @muradskincare @dermaceutic @dermocosmetica_au @lightfusion_au #visitingpractitioner #visitingskinpractitioner #visitingmaster #skinexpert #shawellnessclinic #bespokefacialist #sydneyskinexpert #sydneyskintherapist #dermaltherapist #visitingmaster #holisticdermaltherapist #omnilux #omniluxau #lightfusion #muradskincare #grittypretty #littleblackbookofbeauty #joannanewhamskintherapy #northernbeachesfacialist #sydneyfacialist #myshaexperience #globalskinexpert #globalfacialist
The art of night/dark photography is so fun! SMILE -After exposed light-scroll left for before exposed light. #streetphotography #nightphotography #urbanart #darkphotography #nightexposed #nightlights #grittypretty
Brisbane, we are coming for you! 💫⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ Gritty Pretty’s annual One Night Only Brisbane – presented by @esteelauder – will be held on Thursday 31 October. Hosted by @eleanorpendleton (founder & editor-in-chief of #GrittyPretty ), you will learn plenty of tips and tricks at our Beauty Basics Masterclass and meet special guest, @deborahsymondoneil (founder of @modesportif ). Tickets on sale from 7pm Sunday 1 September. Run, don’t walk – these tickets won’t stay around for long. ⁠⠀
Saturday was the most perfect day for a Soirée 🌸✨ not to mention I’m still so in love with my little Gucci sidekick ♡ @gritty_pretty @eleanorpendleton #soiree #grittypretty #love #gucci
Sharing with @gritty_pretty why, as someone who travels frequently for work, I need a skincare routine that I can rely on, which includes my @lamer Treatment Lotion. Head to #GrittyPretty for the full chat. #LaMer #LaMerTreatmentLotion #Partner
Every Skin Screening and bespoke treatment offered by myself @shawellness is followed up with a documentation to take away with you consolidating our detailed discussion, clarifying questions asked, an analysis of current products and formulation, advice on skin nutrition and further recommendations to take home with you to care for your skin. It is a bespoke and personalised service that will change the way you view and care for your skin moving forward. Bookings @shawellness are now limited so contact your Agenda Planner today x @muradskincare @subtleenergies @prioriaust @dermaceutic @dermocosmetica_au @hydropeptideaus @lightfusion_au #visitingpractitioner #visitingskinpractitioner #visitingmaster #skinexpert #shawellnessclinic #bespokefacialist #sydneyskinexpert #sydneyskintherapist #dermaltherapist #visitingmaster #holisticdermaltherapist #omnilux #omniluxau #lightfusion #muradskincare #grittypretty #littleblackbookofbeauty #joannanewhamskintherapy #northernbeachesfacialist #sydneyfacialist #myshaexperience #globalskinexpert #globalfacialist
somewhere inbetween reality and my dreams .... i like it there
A fun time today with @mollieemather at the @gritty_pretty and @clarinsaus #saturdaysoiree bubbles and skincare with the best goodie bag Everrrr!!! 🔆 #guestspeakers #amazingevent #hightea #colourmatch #grittypretty #katewaterhouse #abbeygelmi
Let’s be honest, I came for the flowers. Another amazing event @gritty_pretty | @eleanorpendleton x @clarinsaus. Spoiled as usual. #GrittyPrettySaturdaySoiree
This is @raver_ria aka Raver. We both like @gritty_pretty and flowers. ✌🏻 #GrittyPretty #saturdaysoirée @eleanorpendleton @clarinsaus
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