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We all have the romantic idea of packing up everything and going travelling with our cats. But did you know that it needs planning? . On this episode of the Catexplorer Podcast, Rich from @vancatmeow takes us through how he prepared to travel around Australia with his cat, Willow. We chat about their amazing experiences, the tools they use and how they find where to go. . Thank you so much for coming on the podcast Rich. We had so much fun learning about vanning and we have already tried a few of your ideas while driving in the car with our cats. It was so interesting to learn about pet trackers and how you prepared your van. We had so much fun chatting to you and you have inspired us to travel around Australia more! . #catexplorerpodcast #catexplorer 📷 @vancatmeow
What is the most entertaining comment you have heard while you have been out and about with your cat? . #catexplorer 📷 @simplecatlady
Ready for my dismount! . . @hokuleathesurfingcat nominated me to share 10 fun facts about me so here goes.... . 1. I have a heart shaped rosette on each side and originally my humans were going to call me Rosie, but when they met me they said that didn’t fit my personality. . 2. I don’t touch human food - my humans left a piece of fish out and went to get things out of the dryer and I never even jumped up to investigate. . 3. I’m very chatty when I don’t think they’re paying me enough attention or when my guy human plays his guitar. . 4. I was born in Rocky Mountain House - that’s a town in Alberta. . 5. I have a kink in my tail just like Hoku😸 . 6. I love sleeping between my guy human’s legs so he can’t move at night😹 . 7. I tolerate wearing “that” hat because I don’t like the cold, but I do like going out for walks in winter. . 8. I like to run on my cat wheel just before jumping in my litterbox for a 💩. 😹😹 . 9. I love car rides and it’s the only time I’m a lap cat for lady human. . 10. I love really rough belly rubs - I’m just weird that way😹. . . I nominate @hellopistachio @thelifeofzula and @adventurecatsultant to share ten fun facts about yourselves. . . . #adventure #adventurealways #bengal #bengalcat #breakyournormal #canadian_hiking_cats #canadianadventurecats #canadianexplorercat #canadiangirl #catoftheday #catphotography #catwalksonaleash #explorercat #hikingcat #hikingkitty #hikingtrails #nature #photooftheday #roxythe_kitty #springadventures #springwalks #trailkitty #welivetoexplore
Does your cat come when called while you are exploring? . If yes, how did you train them to do so? . #catexplorer 📹 @catboss.tv
Guess what! . 🎒 One lucky attendee of the 8 Meet-Ups for Give Your Cat the World Week will win a Ranger Cat Backpack! . ⭐To be eligible to win⭐ ✔Attend a meet up (swipe ➡ to see the list of Meet Ups & dates) ✔Sign up for a ticket via the Give Your Cat the World Week link in our bio . The winner will be chosen at random and announced on the 11th June 2019. . This competition is not sponsored, endorsed, administered or associated with Instagram. . #giveyourcattheworld #catexplorer
Hiking kitty 🐈 🐾 ♥️ 🌳 #hikingkitty #rosie
I’m an active kitty on the trails chasing 🦋 🦋 and looking up into the trees for birdies and 🐿 🐿 - it’s hard to find time to stop for a drink (well actually I’m not good at drinking on the trail), but my friends at @petcurean wrote a blog post about helping your kitty stay hydrated cause they’re all about making sure all pets are well cared for. Head on over to their page and have a look at the informative articles on their blog! I’ve used their tip of putting a bit of water into wet food as a treat on the trail works sometimes and my humans are going to try bone broth which was suggested by one of my explorer friends.....if anyone has tips they’d like to share please leave a comment as I’d love to know how you stay hydrated when you’re active. . . . #ads #petcurean #petcureanpartner #petcureancat #adventure #adventurealways #bengal #bengalcat #breakyournormal #canadian_hiking_cats #canadianadventurecats #canadianexplorercat #canadiangirl #hydrationisimportant #catoftheday #catphotography #catwalksonaleash #explorercat #hikingcat #hikingkitty #hikingtrails #nature #photooftheday #roxythe_kitty #trailkitty #welivetoexplore
Who can relate? . Does it ever feel like your cat stops and munches on every blade of grass while you are exploring together? . #catexplorerkittyoaths #catexplorer
Are you getting excited?! Give Your Cat the World Week will be here in less than 5 days!! . Each day we will be sharing how you can get involved, no matter where you are in the world. . It's an opportunity to burst with pride about what your cat has achieved. To share the amazing things our cats can do. To celebrate those who have helped us along the way. . We want to show everyone that cats are capable of some more than they get given credit for and we would love it if you could help us. . To make is extra special, we've teamed up with some awesome partners for special giveaways for you. . And we have 8 meet ups happening across the world! . See the link in our bio about Give Your Cat the World Week for more. . #giveyourcattheworld #catexplorer 📹 @ryersonthebengal
Wayne Franklin is a gorgeous Sphynx with a beautiful family! Both Wayne and his paw-rents love to explore the great outdoors. Today, they began their adventure from Wendy's Not-so-secret garden down by the water. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Unfortunately, as the sun began to set behind the clouds, Wayne began to get quite cold. I wouldn't blame him, he has no hair! 🥺 But who needs hair when you have this adorable coat handpicked from mum? She quickly put his coat on Wayne went back to being a Meow-del for us. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #sphynxcat #sphynxkitten #catsofinsta #sphynxsydney #sphynxofinstagram #sphynxlove #sphynxofig #sphynxdaily #sphynxlife #catstagram #hairlesscat #instasphynx #catsofig #nakedcat #sphynxlair #catclothes #cats_of_instworld #furrymunchkinsau #sydneycats #catsofaustralia #catsofsydney #harnesstraining #catstroller #explorercat #walkingcats #walkingacat #hikingkitty #harnesstrainingcat #petsofinstagram @catexplorer.community @waynenohair
What kind of sun protection do you use for your kitty while catexploring? . Today's question is from @ceres.the.meowtain.lion . #catexplorer 📷 @ceres.the.meowtain.lion & @savvycatphotography
What do you love about catexploring? . Today’s guest on the Catexplorer Podcast is inspiring & has an incredible story. See link in bio for more. . Clara Lee set up the Hopkins Belize Humane Society, which has been instrumental in not only spaying & neutering animals in Belize, but also educating the community about animal health and welfare. She is also an inspiring human being, who has found a beautiful way to grieve her late husband – by training @professorxthehikingcat to be a therapy cat, to comfort others who are in the position that her late husband was. . I first heard part of Clara Lee’s story late last year & as I kept finding out more I knew that I really wanted her on the podcast. She is an inspiring human being who is doing so much good in the world. Clara Lee, thank you for coming on our podcast & sharing your story. . #catexplorerpodcast #catexplorer 📷 & 🔊 @professorxthehikingcat
Did you know that there is a Catexplorer group on Facebook? . It's a place to share our uncurated photos and videos of catexploring and the many ways we give our kitties the world. Just search for Catexplorer on Facebook to join! . We created the group after many of you reached out asking us to, so that you have a place to communicate with each outside Instagram. Super excited to see you all there! . #catexplorer 📷 @miso.tx
#josiecat and I went to the park today!! The car trip there was NOT fun. She screamed until she threw up... but the park was so much fun once we got there!! I let her out of the carrier on the way home and she slept between my feet the entire way back. Please excuse the disgusting floorboard. . . . #hikingkitty #catsofinstagram #catventures
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