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Ab Sonntag, dem 18.08. verzaubert uns eine wundervolle Liebesgeschichte aus Mumbai: PHOTOGRAPH #abinskino #göttingen #nichtverpassen #mumbai #photographmovie #lovestory
🎬A struggling street photographer in Mumbai, pressured to marry by his grandmother, convinces a shy stranger to pose as his fiancée. The pair develop a connection that transforms them in ways they could not expect.🎬 The people behind this film also made the wonderful ‘Lunchbox’, so I was keen to check this film out. This isn’t the same level as that movie because it is very slow at times and may not be for everyone because there are many scenes without much dialogue, but a lot is said in few words. I enjoyed it. The characters felt real and authentic. I think Nawazzudin Siddiqui is just wonderful in every role he plays. I also loved the character of the grandmother, she was so lovely and I wanted to hug her. The cinematography is the best part of the film. I felt as if I was in Mumbai (and I have never been!). #photographmovie #amazonprime #sundancefilmfestival #sanyamalhotra #nawazuddinsiddiqui #indiancinema #latimes #hollywoodreporter #cinematograpy #indiagatemumbai #cinematographers #indyfilm
indica para o fim de semana "Inside Llewyn Davis: Balada de um Homem Comum" (2013), dos irmãos Joel e Ethan Coen, disponível na plataforma de streaming Amazon Prime. Em julho deste ano, ele ficou em quinto lugar na lista realizada pelo site IndieWire com os melhores filmes desta década. Vencedor do Grande Prêmio do Júri em Cannes, o filme é centrado em Llewyn Davis (Oscar Isaac), músico folk autodestrutivo que luta para sobreviver na cena folk do bairro de Greenwich Village, em Nova York, no começo dos anos 1960. Livremente inspirado no músico Dave Von Ronk, o personagem não consegue equilibrar sua arte com as exigências do mercado, sabotando tanto a carreira quanto a vida pessoal. Indicado ao Oscar de melhor fotografia e mixagem de som, esse estudo de personagem tem como ponto alto a produção musical de T-Bone Burnett, um mestre das texturas folk-rock que já trabalhara com os Coen em "E Aí, Meu Irmão Cadê Você?". #insidellewyndavis #insidellewyndavissoundtrack #insidellewyn #coenbrothers @primenewsbr #thecoenbrothers @amazonprimevideo @primevideobr #photographmovie
🎬A co-produção Índia, Alemanha e EUA, #RetratodoAmor , de #RiteshBatra 🎥😎 mostra como Rafi (#NawazuddinSiddiqui ) 😎 vive sendo pressionado pela avó para se casar e o homem então decide achar uma noiva "fajuta" em Malibu (#SanyaMalhotra ) 👩🏽, mas o combinado entre eles acaba mostrando ao casal que um amor pode surgir a qualquer momento. . . O romance entra hoje em cartaz e a nossa colaboradora Isabela Gadelha (@belagmelo ) 📝👩🏼 comentou sobre o longa lá no site. Confira nos links abaixo ou clique na bio. 👳 https://bit.ly/2OVUbqi 👳 https://bit.ly/33jabWg . . DISTRIBUIÇÃO: @californiafilmes ✨. 🎬🎬🎬🎬🎬🎬🎬🎬🎬🎬🎬🎬🎬🎬🎬🎬🎬🎬🎬🎬🎬🎬🎬🎬 #californiafilmes #InstaCinema #romance #estreia #filmes #comentarios #india #alemanha #eua #movies #casamento #familia #photographmovie
Mit PHOTOGRAPH 📸 entführt uns Regisseur Ritesh Batra (Lunchbox) erneut mit einer bezaubernden, zarten Liebesgeschichte in seine Heimatstadt Mumbai. Mit wunderbarer Leichtigkeit erzählt er von einer eigentlich unmöglichen liebe, die sich über die Grenzen von Tradition und Moderne, von sozialer Schicht und Familie hinaus entwickelt und dabei einen sensiblen Blick auf eine Gesellschaft im Wandel offenbart. 👉Ab morgen bei uns im Kino! . . . @riteshbatra_2666 @nawazuddin._siddiqui @sanyamalhotra_ #photograph #ein #foto #verändert #ihr #leben #für #immer #photographmovie #romanze #indien #mumbai #sundancefilmfestival #cinenova #kino #film #köln #ehrenfeld #kinotime #veedelkino #kinoabend #kinotipp #meinveedelmeinkino #kinokoeln #kinostart #cinenovaliebe #kinofilm #cinema #koeln
A 'different' 'soft' 'lucid' Love Story of Miloni and Rafi. Although it starts with a Photo, it "may" end with a Campa Cola. 😌 . Pure classy acting of @nawazuddin._siddiqui @sanyamalhotra_ and not to forget sweet Farrukh Jafar 🥰. . #bollywood #nawazuddinsiddiqui #sanyamalhotra #photographmovie #minimalposter #digitalart
I decided to ‘VIDEOGRAPH’ the “PHOTOGRAPH” poster. Well, I couldn’t really video the film itself, which incidentally was pretty good! #PhotographMOVIE
Miloni is meeting Rafi and his Dadi secretly in the city of Mumbai. Guess what ?No one of her family saw her:) In the midway of movie..terrific performance till now by Dadi,Miloni, Rafi..#photographmovie
(A very colourful) UK Keyart for 'Photograph' movie. Designed at The Creative Partnership. ☀️📷 #moviedesign #movieart #movieposter #movieposterdesign #keyartdesign #filmdesign #filmposter #photoshop #graphicdesign #photograph #photographmovie
Dear Miloni, You made me want to live a simpler life. I have grown up watching bollywood movies with small towns and village as settings. Even then the heroines were all so distant from the simplicity of that kind of life. When I watched 'Photograph' I was taken away by the raw and unromanticized portrayal of a modest living. And even when you could see the distance that stood like a huge billboard between you and Rafi, you walked it so gracefully. . My mother teases me a lot, Miloni. She says I am not ambitious and would probably be happy getting married in a Village. I never thought I'd hear a woman say that on the big screen. I know you had your hesitations and with time you could finally see that it's not that easy for you to sit in a movie hall that has rats running over your feet. Maybe you realised that living in a village wouldn't just mean working in a field and sleeping under a tree. I like how real you were. I could see what you were looking for so earnestly; happiness. Something that makes you look as happy as you looked in that photograph. Something to revive that 'drama' in you. Something, just anything that could give you the answer to 'what is your favourite colour?' You were simply a girl looking for something, anything to make her happy because you weren't. . Rafi gave you a picture of how light looks when trapped in a moment, and you liked it more than your crowned photo on a billboard. Some people would call you foolish for going after something that is nothing compared to what you had in line. But what do they know about a girl who'd still prefer campa cola over Coke. They know Miloni, Noorie they don't. — Disha Grover #riteshbatra #photographmovie
This movie is purely magical. May be on a dull evening, this is what you need. A few minutes, away from the cacophony of the city and the chaos around; the silence and beauty it presents is truly an art. Movie name: Photograph @nawazuddin._siddiqui @sanyamalhotra_ #photographmovie #stardusts #pinchofstardusts #movie #recommended
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