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__ Shiva nasceu em uma favela, em um país desconhecido, e criada para ser uma guerreira e protetora da aldeia. Eventualmente, ela fugiu da aldeia com sua irmã. Anos mais tarde, quando a Canário Negro visita a aldeia para experimentar o treinamento de Shiva, uma criança chamada Sin é mantida como refém pelos aldeões, com a promessa de que se Canário não se tornar a protetora guerreira da aldeia, Sin se tornará, sugerindo que a irmã de Shiva já foi usada de maneira similar. Falando sobre sua infância, Sin diz que a Liga dos Assassinos de Ra's al Ghul deixou a vila onde ela e Shiva nasceram e foram criadas. As irmãs mudaram-se para Detroit, usando os nomes Sandra e Carolyn Wu-San. Lá, elas dedicaram seu tempo para praticar as artes marciais. Por causa da idade jovem das meninas, talento e vínculo único como irmãs, sua prática evoluiu para uma linguagem secreta, aperfeiçoada que só eles poderiam compartilhar. Certo dia o  assassino David Cain percebeu o quanto Sandra amava sua irmã, em uma visita a Detroit para vê-las se apresentarem. Considerando Sandra como um espírito guerreiro, Cain assassinou Carolyn, a fim de remover o empecilho que atrapalhava o verdadeiro potencial de Sandra. Ao descobrir que Cain havia assassinado sua irmã, Sandra o perseguiu, e caiu em uma emboscada feita pela Liga dos Assassinos de Ra's Al Ghul. Em uma batalha perdida, Sandra percebeu como Carolyn a havia segurado e quanto potencial ela tinha. Cain poupou sua vida e, em troca, Sandra concordou em dar a Cain uma criança. A criança, Cassandra Cain seria uma guarda-costas perfeita para Ra's, cuja única forma de comunicação era a alfabetização em linguagem corporal, e o único instinto era o combate corpo-a-corpo. Cassandra e Sandra eram os dois únicos humanos conhecidos por compartilhar esse presente. No dia do nascimento de Cassandra, Sandra renasceu como Lady Shiva. Durante seu tempo com Richard Dragon, Shiva se torna viciada em situações de combate de vida ou morte. Agora uma artista marcial super talentosa, ela atua como mercenária para recapturar a emoção e financiar treinamentos adicionais. Ela logo se torna muito procurada, tornando-se a maior lutadora de artes marciais do mundo.
“Becoming Fear to Conquer Fear: A History of Batman’s Training” - Spirit of The Bat: Debuting in 1976’s Richard Dragon, Kung-Fu Fighter issue 5, #SandraWuSan aka #LadyShiva is known to be one of the greatest martial artists within the #DCComics Universe. #BruceWayne seeks Shiva’s help during 1994’s arc ‘#Batman : #Knightsend ’. Although Bruce has recovered from his back being broken by the villain #Bane , he wants to hone the skills he had before to rightfully take back the mantle of the #DarkKnight from #AzraelBatman , #JeanPaulValley (panel 1 by #KelleyJones and #JohnBeatty ). He begins training with Lady Shiva and, while is he slowly becoming his old vigilante self, Shiva wants to teach him the deadly technique of the Leopard Blow. When Bruce tells her he doesn’t want to kill, she figures out another way to test him to assure he is ready to become #theBatman once again. Wearing The Mask of Tengu, Lady Shiva kills the Armless Master. Because of this, 7 of his disciples will try to avenge his death by killing the one wearing the Tengu Mask. This is when Shiva makes Bruce wear the mask and travel to Gotham City’s Chinatown, where he is automatically met with the first, and weakest, disciple and barely wins the fight (Batman 509, panels by #MikeManley , #DickGiordano and #AdrienneRoy ). One by one, Bruce fights each disciple, becoming physically stronger and more in tune with his training and martial arts. To Shiva’s approval, Bruce seemingly uses the Leopard Blow to defeat the seventh and strongest disciple in front of a horrified #DickGrayson ’s #Nightwing and #TimDrake ’s #Robin (#LegendsoftheDarkKnight 62 by #RonWagner , #RonMcCain and #DigitalChameleon ). Pleased, Lady Shiva takes back The Mask of Tengu, saying Bruce is ready to become Batman, even though Bruce didn’t actually kill the seventh disciple, proving he now truly has the Spirit of The Bat within him (Robin 8 by #TomGrummett , #RayKryssing and Adrienne Roy). With Lady Shiva’s unconventional yet skillful training, Bruce Wayne was able to take back the mantle of the #CapedCrusader and return to the Batman Family.✌🏼💙🦇💪🏼
The facts page comes from @thecharactersofdc btw. • • This short story is called: Injustice- Out with the Old. All characters belong to #DCcomics . • • • In the DC community, including the comics, tv shows, movies, and games, Batman’s villains have been casted into the shadows, their popularity taken away by the #joker and #harleyquinn . Despite their significances, we can always admire the other classic foes of the caped crusader. Here, I want to bring them back to the audience; well, I mean one of them. • In an alternate “branched off” version of the Injustice storyline, where Superman becomes evil, one of the classic foes of Batman, the Riddler, gets slashed across the face by Ra’s Al Ghul, while trying to defend Poison Ivy in Arkham Asylum. • After a few days of full recovery, he tells the other inmates what happened, and they began to distrust the head of the demon. When a few days have passed, a riot breaks out, which leads to the death of Nightwing, the son of Batman. Riddler however refuses to participate, because the wound pain convinced him to get some rest. After a while, he, and several other inmates, were transferred to facility X, a prison far north from the cities of Gotham and Metropolis. • • One day in 2019, two years after the attempted invasion by Brainiac, at Facility X, the Riddler is told by Talia Al Ghul, the wife of Ra’s, that “she is coming.” Specifically, a special visit has been arranged for him. He had no idea who it was until a few hours later, when he was called to the visitation room. • Seeing this visitor made the Riddler shiver in fear, as it was none other than Lady Shiva, the world’s deadliest assassin, a fierce master of the martial arts. She ends up recruiting the Riddler to her own “suicide squad.” • • • I wish I can continue the storyline, but if I did, it wouldn’t really be a short story. I believe that it’s best to leave it as it is, and focus on other upcoming projects. • • • -Tuesday, 3/5/19 #dc #dccomics #injustice #superman #justiceleague #joker #penguin #riddler #mrfreeze #regime #batman #ladyshiva #edwardnygma #sandrawusan #batfamily #shortstories #teentitans #youngjustice #robin #batgirl #spoiler #oracle
Birds of prey cast Huntress - Ashley Scott Batgirl - Dina Meyer Black Canary - Rachel Skarsten Lady shiva - Sung hi Lee Harley Quinn - Mia Sarapochiello #birdsofprey #birdsofpreymovie #birdsofpreyshow #batgirl #blackcanary #huntress #sandrawusan #barbaragordon #helenabertinelli #harleenquinzel #dinahlance #ladyshiva #birdsofpreyshow #harleyquinn #followforfollowback
[Closed RP with @sladestroke ] Lady Shiva moved quietly, as if not to make a sound along the perfectly polished marble floors of the museum. In the past few months they had ramped up their security after multiple robberies of precious jewels and artefacts headlined the city news. One of Gotham's big players had given her a contract to kill the city's museum curator the other day,  who was a corrupt individual that hoarded the many antiques across the museum and sold them both locally and internationally to make a quick buck.The balding man, her target, spent a few hours every night inside his office located in the basement of the museum 2 more floors down, which is where exactly the police would find his dead body the next morning. When she finally spotted the first guard patrolling, Shiva went to work quickly and silently. She moved in from behind him, swiftly using her gloved hands in opposite directions to twist and snap his neck in one fluid motion. She slowly let the lifeless body slump to the ground, without making a sound. Shiva grabbed the access card from the guard's belt and slipped it in her own pocket as she moved towards the double doors into the next exhibit. Except that the double-door that led to it did not need an access card, and the next door leading to the Greek exhibit on the main floor did not either. She walked into the wide, open hall with its high ceilings and pillars and furrowed her brows in confusion. Priceless artefacts encased in glass and beautiful art lined the walls around her. The museum's whole security system was down, which was near impossible. There was no doubt somebody else was in here, who had manually disabled their lock and alarm system to gain access to the place. With one hand on the hilt of the katana sheathed at her hip, Lady Shiva kept her guard up as she crept along the maze-like halls of the Gotham Museum.
[closed RP with @scourge.of.santa.prisca , way overdue I'm SO SORRY!] ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Lady Shiva and Bane, the two were like rabid dogs. Brute strength with masterful skill. Together, an unstoppable force. Shiva had been waiting at their rendezvous point, here at the outskirts of the city as a small drizzle of rain dampened her hair and clothing. The abandoned powerstation towered above her with its rusty columns and high ceiling. Lady Shiva was well aware that the smaller town gangs generally used this place for their dirty business dealings. "The League will do everything in their power to kill me, or it's my head." she started to explain when Bane did arrive. "I need to stay one step ahead of them, you will update me on their whereabouts and in exchange I will help you retrieve the venom you so desperately need." There was a sour tone to her voice, as if she was almost ridiculing him for his dependence on the drug, but she held a deep respect for Bane and his skill nonetheless. They had approached each-other respectfully for an exchange of information, and the two would hold their promises. Both were individually responsible for the shit they had gotten themselves into. It was a matter of both their lives. She began to walk, footsteps echoing on the concrete floor expecting Bane to follow. "Hiding in plain sight." The woman started to make her way towards the clearing, but something felt terribly out of place. And her hunch was true as silhouetted figures made their way. Instinctively Shiva sprang into action before armed individuals with swords lashed out at them. They were being ambushed, by the League? Had Bane already betrayed her? What in the world was going on?
[Direct continuation from 2 posts ago! Honestly didn't know where I went with it but I guess it's something different from how I usually write, or portray Shiva lmao, kind of dramatic. Don't get too comfortable though! Also excuse the errors, continued BELOW.]
These are just my opinions, and if yours differ I’d love to them! But yeah, here a a few of my thoughts on DC’s top five (or technically six) martial artists; based ONLY on abilities in martial arts #dc #dccomics #dcuniverse #batman #brucewayne #dinahlance #dinahdrake #blackcanary #bronzetiger #benturner #ladyshiva #sandrawusan #richarddragon #cassandracain #batgirl #blackbat #orphan #jla #justiceleague #justiceleagueofamerica
DC Character Profile: Lady Shiva •Name: Sandra Woosan (Wu-San) •Category: Anti-Hero, Supervillain, Assassin •Affiliation: The Brotherhood of the Fist, League of Assassins •Special Traits/Abilities: Martial Arts Grandmaster, Multiple Fighting Styles, Assassin - - - #ladyshiva #sandrawusan #dccomics #assassin #batman #brucewayne #brotherhoodofthefist #leagueofassassins #dceu #dc #comics #anime #cool #facts #trivia #follow #f4f #follow4follow #awesome #comicnanimetrivia
(Other Sources)Which one do you prefer her as? Or even Black Bat? • • Answer in the comments below to be tagged on the next “Other Sources” post on my next set of character posts! • • • • #dc #dccomics #dccomic #comic #comics #comix #cass #cassie #cassandra #cain #batgirl #orphan #blackbat #cassandracain #dark #vigelante #davidcain #ladyshiva #sandrawusan #thedcplanet #toomanyhashtags
(Edit) Hope you like it! She is quite a character! • • Do you like her? Answer in the comments below to be tagged in the “Edit” of the next set of character posts! • • • • #dc dccomic #dccomics #comic #comics #comix #cass #cassie #cassandra #cassandracain #batgirl #orphan #blackbat #comicbook #comicbooks #edit #edits #dcedit #dccomicsedit #batgirledit #orphanedit #davidcain #cain #ladyshiva #sandrawusan #thedcplanet #toomanyhashtags