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Tonight is First Responders Night at @qcriverbandits and our very own Officer MacKenzie Comer had the honor of singing The National Anthem. Thank you to @franimal_fotografy for the great picture of Officer Comer. #SingingCop
West Philly 🗣We are back! It's #karaokewithacop ! One of the best DJs @dj.spade215 is holding it down on the ones & twos ! The host is @1ooo__words ! I’m singing 🕺🏽 & @16thdist__cpo has surprise giveaways. |Swipe to see last event|
Today we the @18th_district_pdac went on a field trip at with “Camp infusion” to the @pennmuseum for a The tour of Egypt! The kids were excited. So me @b.mcfly_ did #karaokewithacop mixed with #carkaraoke to @lilnasx 😃 We had a good time 🕺🏽
“What you say now pastor“ ? “What scripture was that”? 😂#faceappchallenge
Just got done with Archie & angle on @popsmashradio ! @airitoutradio ! This was a good time ! Make sure y’all check them out!
It should be against the law to forget a friend's birthday! But if you do, cuff yourself to your desk and order up a belated birthday telegram! www.sdlipservice.com #happybirthday #coptelegram #singingcop #weloveyou #sdlipservice #sandiegosingingtelegrams #sandiegolocalbusiness #singingtelegrams #happyvalentinesday #smallbusiness
You'd better hope the cop that just entered your work is going to bust out in song, not bust you for a crime! Our lady of the law sung this happy guy "Bad to the Bone"--a great love serenade from his wife. 🤣 We love it! www.sdlipservice.com #happybirthday #coptelegram #singingcop #badtothebone #georgethorogood #sdlipservice #sandiegosingingtelegrams #sandiegolocalbusiness #singingtelegrams #happyvalentinesday #smallbusiness
I’m Just a man putting in my 10,000 hrs on this Marathon run 🎙🏃🏽. S/O to @rentsdue215 ! Each and every 1st Tuesday of the month! A place where an artist can come & vibe 🤙🏾 s/o to @thecountyband Hosted by @beanofrench x @djricochet03 🎥 @jfk_gxd
FREE ! FREE! FREE ! Boxing training for Ages 12-18 ! Today I got smoked 😅 by Gee (look at my shirt) but I learned the science of fighting! 🥊If you know some teens who are interested in learning how to Box! DM me or @18th_district_pdac ! Starts July 19th!
Honestly I wasn’t sure if I was gonna be able to do this event, it was 92 degrees & with 23 lbs extra pounds of equipment A brother nervous nervous 😬 . I never sang in a heat wave before, but like I said before it’s not about me it’s about connecting with the people! Thank you, God, for everything you do! Thank you @18th_district_pdac ! @dj.spade215 for donating his time and energy! S/O to the guest @projectpositive they were amazing! Until next time West Philly ✊🏾 Peace ✌🏽 & Love (@treysongz Songz - Gotta Go Cover) Follow the @18th_district_pdac for more events! Tag @treysongz 💡 #karaokewithacop 🎥 @dj.spade215
Thank you to everyone who came out to #karaokewithacop ! This week ! We had The heat 🔥 and hot dance moves ! S/O to @projectpositive for coming out today 🔥🚓 @dj.spade215 killing it !! 🔥 every week
A rap about road safety, Gully Boy style! Meet Sandeep Sahi, a Delhi Traffic Police Head constable who is urging people to abide by road safety norms with his rendition of 'Apna Time Aayega'! (Source: Twitter) #TrafficCop  #Cops  #DelhiCops  #SingingCop  #Rap #GullyRap  #GullyBoy
S/O to @phillyfreeway ✊🏾 A Philly legend
I got to witness true Philly R&B soul today ✊🏾 Kindred the Family Soul killed it ! It was a pleasure to meet y’all 🙏🏽 @kindredthefam & @kindredthewife @juneteenthphila
Today at work! I put in some work 💪🏾👮🏽‍♂️🔥🏈 S/O to The QB! His precision was on point this route! @boyslatinofphiladelphia
A rap about road safety, Gully Boy style! Meet Sandeep Sahi, a Delhi Traffic Police Head constable who is urging people to abide by road safety norms with his rendition of 'Apna Time Aayega'! (Source: Twitter) #TrafficCop #Cops #DelhiCops #SingingCop #Rap #GullyRap #GullyBoy
“A cop who sings” I can’t lie! It’s truly hard stepping out on faith. When I start singing at these events it’s usually 2 or 3 people. Each time I start my set it’s 1000 things going through my mind. “Yo did I practice enough?“ “Ali you better stay in the key bro! ”. I’m always nervous. I’ll be the 1st to tell you that stepping out your comfort zone is very difficult. I was afraid to sing in uniform for years! I was afraid of what people may think, “As an artist, I’m sensitive about my ish” @erykahbadu In the words of @willsmith “The greatest things are on the other side of fear”. Now! I realize it’s no longer just about me, it’s about the citizens of Philly. People are coming together, the community is engaging with police. It’s no drama, no stress just music & positive energy. It’s so much going on in my city & the world but for once people can forget about the daily life stress and just enjoy being in the moment. I never thought I would be here but it’s truly a blessing 🙏🏽 Thank you God. Be the change you wish to see. 📸 @nightshadeimages
Today was a good day 🙏🏽 #karaokewithacop @18th_district_pdac 📸 @nightshadeimages
Thank you West Philly Each & every week we do this it’s truly amazing to see people come together! Thank you @mgills400 & @sharone84 for believing in this event. I wanna give a special shutout @dj.spade215 for holding it down each week! The host @mattycord76 you did your thing man ! And my partner missing in action @1ooo__words because he is serving his Country!Thank you @16thdist__cpo for all your help 🗣#karaokewithacop - @marioworldwide - Let me love you (cover) 🎥 @b.mcfly_
Friday Mood 🗣🕺🏽 (Swipe) Today is karaoke with a cop 👮🏽‍♂️ & Me & @dj.spade215 is pulling up with this energy! Trust me you don’t wanna miss this event 🚔 starts at 12. @mattycord76 is the. Host! West Philly lets goooooo✊🏾 - - - This is video from the last Event ✌🏽
| Swipe |This Friday! We are back at it with another “Karaoke with a cop”. I’m calling all artist if you Dance, Rap, sing, poetry this is the event for you. We have @16thdist__cpo with the water ice & pretzels 🥨 @dj.spade215 is spinning on the ones & two’s! Last but not least we have a special performance by @215reale 🕺🏽 Spread the world, let’s make history! See y’all there !!
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