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This project was by far my favorite to execute. Being the second time I worked with Amelia and also it being my first music video, that too for my own song. I can't describe how happy I am with how it turned out to be. I'll be sharing some of my favorite screen grabs from the video. This is the first of them. If you still haven't watched the video, pls do check it out. Link is in my bio. #pursuitofportraits #portraits #lightplay #sonyalphain
Panchabhoota Series (The 5 elements of Universe) Portraying Aakash (Sky) Verily from Brahman arose the space; from space air, from air fire, from fire water, from water earth, from earth minerals, from minerals vegetation and from vegetation man. Raising the breath along the region of Akasa, he should contemplate on Sadashiva as producing happiness, as of the shape of Bindu, as the great Deva, as having the shape of Akasa, as shining like pure crystal, as wearing the rising crescent of moon on his head, as having five faces, ten hands and three eyes, as being of a pleased countenance, as armed with all weapons, as adorned with all ornaments, as having Uma (the goddess) in one-half of his body, as ready to grant favours and as the cause of all the causes. Source : Scripture Artist: The gorgeous @naatya_ In collaboration with @karthiknair95 #skphotography #sony #alpha #sonyalpha #sonyportrait #sonyalpha7iii #a7iii #a7iiisony #sonyalphain #sonyalphapro #panchabootas #sky #dance #danceraofinstagram #nature #blend #aakash @sonyalphain @sonyalphapro
Sinset at Sea Shore...😍
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