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Hellllöö, me and my friend-things wore all red shirts, don't ask why
connects! TL- best friends: if you and winn are best friends he'd anything for you. he'll do anything to make sure your safe. he'd take a bullet for you if he needed too. winn will always do this best to make sure your happy, if your sad or upset winn will do everything in his power to make you feel even a little happier. TR- friends: if you and winn are friends he will do almost anything for you. he'll try his hardest to make you happy, he may not trust you as much has he does w his best friends but it's nothing against you! C- love interest: you have made your way into winns heart, great! winn will love you no matter what. winn may seem a bit clingy but he does it out of love. he's an amazing cuddler & kisser!! when it comes to,, doing it,,, he may seem a bit nervous but he is good in bed ;) [ SKSKKS IM SORRY] if your feeling down he'll remind you how much he loves you. BL- family: winn has had a lot of issues with his family but he can't necessarily say he... hates you if your his family, because he doesn't. if may take him a while to trust you but give him time. BR- doesn't like: you somehow made yourself on winns bad side, which is hard to do. if winn sees you he will do his ever hardest to avoid talking to you. if it comes down to it & he has too, he may seem awkward or his voice may have a rude tone to it. winn is n o t a fighter, he was the theater kid, he couldn't fight someone to save his life, so if you try to start a fight w him, he'll probably run away. #winnschott #winnschottrp #rp #supergirlrp #openrp
Some of my favorite characters ♥️♥️
name: winslow schott jr. nicknames: winn, i.t guy, nerd, winny, give him some! birthday: sept 20th 1997 age: 21 sexuality: bisexual w a boy lean family: mary[mother and alive] winslow sr[father and deceased] likes: star wars, computer's, his friends, superman, cat grant [ as in shes like a mother to him.] helping out any way he can, the DEO, space, space talk, fixing things dislikes: being used, his father, the dark, police stations, bullys, not being able to help, being yelled at, being alone. `~ winn is a very nice guy & it's hard to get on his bad side. hes use to being used since hes very easy to persuade into doing something, even if it means he gets hurt/ in trouble. but pretty please don't use him. hes very computer smart so if you have computer problems, don't be scared to talk to him, he'll be glad to help!! please be his friend! he's funny, kind, caring, smart and overall a amazing friend! #openrp #winnschottrp #winnschott #supergirlrp #supergirl #rp
{Winn Schott} There best be another season with him in it 😤 - DC or MCU DC bcs I’ve never seen MCU - #supergirl #supergirledit #dariedits #omgpage #winnschott
Lowkey loved him in this scene 🤧🥺 - do you play any sports? Yes! Soccer and a little bit of volleyball :) - 💓
she owns my heart 🤗 #melissabenoist for tagged
Lena nO-
Hát nézd meg mennyire aranyos ahogy szenved! >.<💔 Remélem összejönnek! • Sorozat: Supergirl Karakterek: Kara Danvers és Winn Schott Jelenet: 1.évad 3.rész #carolsangelsgrp #arrowverse #supergirl #karadanvers #multifandom #winnschott #superman #dc
Supergirl 2x1💞 Sigue @SuperFlashiii para más . . . . . . . . Si te gusta DC universe Sigueme en @titansverse_
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