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You’ll float too 🤡🎈
Ohhh yes... and I also forgot to mention the #SuperSizedPops from @originalfunko that are not in the cabinets... #AddictedToPops
And looks like I’ve completely filled all three @ikeakr cabinets that I got with my @originalfunko Pop! collection (and yes, I’m fully aware one of them is not exactly balanced, I’ll fix it soon enough). Now the question is: should I stop or just get more cabinets? #Nerd #AddictedToPops
🎉AVAILABLE🎉 Also for sale are these bigger pops, either rides, movie moments, 6” pops. Feel free to comment or DM any questions you have about pricing or whatever
🎉AVAILABLE🎉 Whole lotta @sdcc_2019 shared exclusives and the four pack from @toy_tokyo are all available for ppg of shared sticker, not con sticker. So feel free to comment or send a DM to ask any questions about pricing or whatever
🎉AVAILABLE🎉 More pops for sale, some of these have a higher price point than others so feel free to ask any questions or check ppg for values. Try to do around there, sometimes a little less and will always try to work our deals on multiples.
🎉AVAILABLE🎉 Cheaper pops for sale. All are at most $15 with shipping included. Feel free to comment or DM with any questions.
#toppopthursday hitting you with a look at Symbiotes Venom and Carnage exclusive to Marvel Collectors Corps and NYCC 2018!!! #pops #funko #funkopop #funkopops #addictedtopops #funkopopcollector #marvel #marvelcomics #venom #carnage #eddiebrock #cletuskasady
NFS Also happy to own this @originalfunko Vynl. Cheech and Chong from Up in Smoke signed by both of them. Also have a copy of the Up in Smoke movie script also signed by both of them. Most likely get a shadow box for the two of them since they kind of go together.
NFS Happy to own this 2013 vaulted Marvel Beast Pop signed by the infamous Stan Lee, rip. The pop itself is great with very slight box damage (from 2013, it’s understandable).
Hay King Dwight next to Hay King Dwight. Love this show so much. Believe I’m on somewhere around the 25-30 re-watch through and it does not get old at all to me.
🎉AVAILABLE🎉 The Catman From KISS
🎉AVAILABLE🎉 Anthony Davis From New Orleans Basketball team
🎉AVAILABLE🎉 Andy Summers from the band The Police
🎉AVAILABLE🎉 Lando Calrissian From Star Wars
🎉AVAILABLE🎉 Botan from Ghost Files Yu Yu Hakusho
🎉SOLD🎉 Kait Diaz from Gears Of War with digital code inside
🎉AVAILABLE🎉 Thestral from Crimes of Grindelwald common pop
NFS My mom thought this Dustin Stranger Things Pop looked cute so she got this with the Steve for me
NFS My mom bought me this Steve from Stranger Things which is by far my favorite character on the show
Check out this awesome guaranteed value mystery box from new guys @kcs_toyz. Only a total of 32 boxes and each box is $150. Values of $150-$500 so had to grab one. Looking forward to seeing what I get. Hoping more of you will get one so they sell out faster so they get shipped faster 👍
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