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I know what she’s thinking. She’s thinking that I have too much fur and that I need a lion cut. Why would I need a lion cut when I’m already a lion?!?
I am ready for the long weekend! Hopefully the weather gets better, or I’m staying in my window seat to watch the birds 🦅
When we can’t go to the meowntains, we go to my park across the street and I stare at the birds 🐦 and sniff all the trees 🌳
Caturday. Dreams of meowntains.
I patiently wait for the weekend. I sit here, and dream of the meowntains, hoping the weather is good enough to go this weekend! Also, don’t I look lovely with my new collar from @darlingdearco ?
I don’t know why this stool is on a table, but I approve of its placement. Right within reach of my toy bucket.
I just want to swing from the lights!
Caturday starts off with boot camp. Or, some other form of serious torture. Torture, because I don’t know why my hooman insists on constantly chucking my things into strange places. Personally, I think she just needs to work on her aim. Ps - it looks like IG didn’t post the whole video 😿 I did get the mouse, in the end!
Ommmmgggggggg I SAID YES, I want the damn chicken! Can’t you hear the frustration in my voice?? I seriously hate you right meow.
Well, it’s not as big as the last one, but I still fit 😸
I help my hooman unpack in our new place. I only unpack my own stuff, though. She can do the rest.
When my hooman goes shopping, I sneak “cat toys” on her list, and then she comes back with cool things like this crunchy tunnel. She’s so pawesome.
What? So I like bathtubs. I am just gonna squish myself into this corner and do my thing while you do yours. I’m not creepy at all!
I am just trying to help you set up the purrrrtains for our new home, geeeeeez
I’m going to sit here forever so that she doesn’t fill my bed with books. I was here first, so this is mine. Your books can go on the counter, thank you very much!
This is the last rabbit hunt. My hooman is taking me to a taller building, but she tells me I will have more access to birds. I guess I have to trust her.
I am having a hard time adjusting to my new place, but I have a window and I got purrmission to sit her while my hooman gets to play with all the boxes 😿
My hooman is moving us to a new building, and I’m kind of ok with it because there is a park next door, with tons of birds that hang out on these hanging food bowl thingies, and I can watch them all day!
I didn’t say you couldn’t work, I’m just saying you have to work around me. These are my terms of coexistence.
It’s almost 8am on caturday, and my yum yum dish is empty. I am going to sit here on my hooman’s head until she gets up to fill it. #girlswithcats
It has been 4 hours since my hooman has put food in my dish. FOUR HOURS. I will sit here and stare at her until she makes a move. If she doesn’t go toward the giant yum yum box with the cold weather inside, I will have to resort to extreme measures. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #adventureElla #ragdoll #ragdolls #ragdollcat #ragdollcats #ragdollsofinstagram #instaragdoll #ragdollworld #ragdoll_feature #catlover #catlove #catlovers #catsofig #ig_world_cats #igcutestcats #catseverywhere #catsmeow #ragdollsofinsta #catsofinstagram #cat #cats #catsofinsta #wildlifeplanet #hikingwithcats #adventurecats #adventurekitty #hikingragdolls #campingwithcats #caturday
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