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✺ Sedentary Sequoia ✺ Looming over the rest of the forest, this absolutely massive tree sits and lives. For thousands of years these sequoia’s have endured countless wildfires, storms, and insects, but still survive! It’s miraculous and deserves some serious recognition. ↡ So thank you gentle giant... thank you for showing people how resilient you can be, and showing them that anything is possible. Thank you for the wonderful sight and shadow you cast down to every visitor that comes to see your huge trunk. Thank you for making us humans feel super tiny, and wonder how an organism could grow to be this huge. You are amazing, and I hope this generation and future ones do everything they can to preserve your fragile habitat. ↡ If you haven’t seen a sequoia, I suggest you get your booty out there and see them for yourself! These trees look MUCH bigger in person, let me tell ya. And if you visit, please leave no trace, conserve and protect this sacred place. That rhymes and I kind of liked it, I hope you all have a fantastic rest of your week! ✌️ ↡ ↡ ↡ Spread Positivity ☀️ ↡ ↡ ↡ #Sequoia #SequoiaNationalPark #Tree #BigTree #Forest #Sunny #Sunshine #Nature #Wild #Adventure #Hiking #Camping #Wander #Explore #Travel #Visit #Moodygrams #GetOutdoors #AllAboutAdventures #Photography #PhotoOfTheDay #Nikon #NikonPhotography #NaturePhotography #Instagram #Instagood #Positivity #Happy #Optimism #GoodVibes
Back in April we drove through seven states! We were making our way to Idaho. We were moving pretty fast but we did make time to stop at several national parks and some other cool and interesting places along the way. I haven’t shared much from a lot of the places we have been on the road. I was thinking about maybe blogging more on my website about the places we go, would you be interested in that?
I’d hike that 🎒
I love going for walks. Ya know why? 1st exercise, 2nd unexpected cool finds. Almost every walk I go on, whether it’s by myself, or with the family, we find something neat to see. Sometimes there are frogs, salamanders, bear, gum walls, or even trolls. It’s such an easy way to get your body moving. Exercise doesn’t have to be all about burpees and jump squats, it’s about getting your heart pumpin and your lungs breathing, bonus points if you can get out into nature and soak up the negative ions that boost your mood even more! . Click the link in my bio for 6 other fun ways to get you and your kids moving this summer!
I have been away. Wanting to stay connected but the truth is I only truly connect when I’m out exploring my surroundings. I’m wired to the land my feet dance upon and not so much to the world of social media. I’m online in the real world; to the air that gives me goosebumps, to the new sceneries my eyes can contemplate, to the people that bring joy to my life, and to so much more. And here it goes for more “offline” moments, when truly I couldn’t be more online in life.
These plant is what they called it Calla lily, it's approaching end of season and we are lucky to have some good view on it! C A L L A L I L Y Hah…new to me…
One fine day I was dragged out of bed and across California because, you know, humans 🙄 When we stopped here, at Mono lake, I was starting to wonder if I'm on a different planet, under a different sun. But then I spotted the 🚫🐕 sign and realized that I was still on Earth 😣 . . . . . . #photooftheday #instagood #travelgram #picoftheday #wanderlust #instatravel #travelblogger #adventure   #landscapes #traveling #vacation #stayandwander #explore #exolorer #ig_captures #ig_shotz #igtones #agameoftones #canon #allaboutadventures #artofvisuals #eclectic_shotz #nakedplanet #bevisualyinspired #visitcalifornia #californiaadventures #california #indianshutterbugs #instapassport
Little furkid looking for some love and attention… Well, I must explain myself…she wasn't in bad environment at all…just that I love moody style! They are adorable! 🐐
Didn't manage to have much of landscape or nature shots during my trip to Taipei, we spent more time in the city. So it's another street photography series! Hope y'all enjoyed and peace out! Gonna plan some outdoor soon…!
Another shot from the same location, explored throughout the waterfall area and do find myself some good shots! Hope y'all enjoyed! Stay adventurous!
Majestic Waterfalls! Guess I'll be posting quite some waterfall shots, having a great time here and I must say, thank God for giving me such a great weather and the Sun was hiding behind the thick clouds to give me those natural diffused lights! Tried several shutter speed to see which should the point I shoot, so that I could introduce the speed of the waterfall nicely! It's a dangerous fall and people only used to swim in the very bottom layer, the water is so strong! Finger crossed, we did went near to the top layer to get a couple of shots and well, I'm still alive here posting photos! Hah! Enjoy the waterfall guys!
The last time I posted similar photo, I mentioned that if you think the color of the lake is fake, go check it out yourself… But seems it can't be done, at least for now. The place closed due to construction work! I thought to go for it again anytime soon but too bad! Guess I'm the lucky one to seen it at least once! BMC Blue Lake for y'all!
Owl, it's hard to maintain a single tone grid on ig, maybe that is for beginner like myself. Finding own themes and tones and try to use on every post? It's kinda boring in my view, but nevertheless, able to maintain the same tone and feel does boost the overall viewing experience!
here’s to our beautiful 🌎 let’s protect her & remember all the wonderful things she gives us 💚 #earthday
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