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exploring with a new friend 🐶💕🙌🏼 ✧ honestly, discovering hidden coves with this tiny puppo is like the sixth most ridiculous thing that has happened since we got to the island - I’m pretty much desensitised to wild happenings at this point 😛🌍🌈🌸✌🏼 ✧ ✧ I’ve had lots of questions about lombok since we rocked up here - it is a 30 minute flight [or three hour fastboat ride] from bali - the flight costs less than forty bucks! It’s probably best known as ‘the island that the gilis - #gilitrawangan , #gilimeno and #giliair - are off of, and we’ve been cruising by it for the past four years always saying we’d explore this place one day. Last year, there was a huge earthquake here; and sadly not only did lots of people die and become displaced, tourism has completely fizzled out. This is DEVASTATING for the local people; Lombok is an incredible spot, full of culture and ridiculous beaches and incredible waterfalls and palm trees and all of the best things about bali but none of the hustle and bustle - and the people here are so friendly. We’re in the south of the island, far from where the quakes happened; and it is very very very unlikely that they will happen again in our lifetime 🌴. ✧ if you’re thinking about soaking up somewhere different, if your tastes are more blue water than party all night and if you’re not opposed to cruising around paradise on a scooter for a week then I CANNOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE ENOUGH - you might even get to snuggle a puppy or two ☺️🙏🏼
We have spent few days in Chiang Mai before heading further up North to Pai - wondering around the temples, visiting long neck tribe and going to an awesome cooking class, which turned out to be private for only two of us, as no one else turned up 👏 👩🏼‍🍳👨🏼‍🍳 #beautifuldestinations #exploremore #travel #worlderlust #wonderful_places #lonelyplanet #exploringtheglobe #traveladdict #traveljournal #travelpic #nature #ilovetravel #instapassport #instatravel #openmyworld #passionpassport #travelgram #traveldeeper #adventurevisuals #alwaysgo #exploreeverywhere #lifeofadventure #visualwanderlust #welivetoexplore #travelphotography #travellife #traveldiary #natureaddict #neverstopexploring #ipreview
💐 Tarihi hatiralar ile Ulu Onder Gazi Mustafa Kemal ATATURK ..!
Can you believe this is beauty is less than 2 hours from central London?! The Lower Leas Coastal Park is in Folkestone and is stunning. Beautiful walks and an amazing park for children 😍 ⠀⠀
Like a de Chirico's landscape: the National Congress of Brazil, designed by architect Oscar Niemeyer, 1958.⠀⠀ #nichettostudioinspiredby
Last night’s experiment 🔭
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