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Hey everyone! This is a little motivation post I found that I think all us bigger people with eds need. You are valid if you aren't super skinny! That type of body is a sometimes effect of eating disorders, not a requirment. irrelevant©️........... #thinspo #ana #ed #edmemes #anamia #notprojustusingtag
Preciso emagrecer 8kg até dia 30 #anamia
DAY TWO Of zERO CALORIE COUNTING!! I ate like three times more than I wanted, and I def ate more calories than I wanted but it’s fine I guess... I do feel bloated and nasty and gross and fat and etc but nobody cares about that so hi here’s me feeling confident today
what are your favorite workouts?
First post! This account just so you guys know will mostly be reposts from other sites like tumblr and twitter of content I enjoy. The url to the op will ALWAYS appear in my posts, so there will always be credit irrelevant©️............ #thinspo #ana #ed #edmemes #anamia #notprojustusingtag
so my fast went well, surprisingly. i have very poor impulse control lol. lost a little weight but it’s too early, i feel, to celebrate. don’t want to jinx myself. had some baked fries and hummus around 1. doing another 24 hr. fast. i feel horrible and being hungry is just whatever. at least i don’t feel like such a massive cow. even though i know i still am. can’t wait to be thin and feel comfortable in my own skin.
Someone stupid deleted my fucking account about 6months ago not realizing this place heals my mind. JUST BECAUSE IT DOESNT HEAL YOURS HUNNY doesn’t mean it doesn’t heal mine #jealousbitches #ana #mia #anamia #ed also p.s if you delete my account I deteriorate and become so bulimic my family can’t function so keep me tracking because I’m 7.12 which is shite right now (49.1kg) when I was (47.2!!!!!!!!!——) and HAPPY and you’ve fucked it all recently so don’t report my account
This is not self harm. Here is what happened. I was downstairs walking my dog last night as usual. Then a male man appeared from another block in my housing estate with a medium size French bulldog quite a distance away from us. I turned my dog around so he couldn’t see the other dog because my dog will get either overly excited or unfriendly towards other dogs. He’ll start barking nonstop which is what he has done several times in the past. That man put down his dog without a leash and before I knew it that dog found out about my dog nearby and sprinted at full speed towards us. I was so scared that my dog is going to get hurt since my dog is small and that my dog’s barks may trigger that bulldog to attack and bite so my first reaction was to pick up my dog. That bulldog started pouncing on me with his paws on my legs. He’s heavy and strong so his scratch hurt like hell. Meanwhile his owner only walked up and looked on like his dog was playing some games with us. Eventually he held the dog back a little and I moved to another part of the park and put down my dog. Apparently the owner doesn’t know his dog very well because the second he let go of the dog he ran back up to us again and jumped on me. Pretty soon the two dogs barked at each other and he took his dog away. I was actually really glad to find out that my legs weren’t bleeding and it’s just bruised. Seriously, any dog should be put on a leash in public because you never know what they will do in any situation. What if there’s a car and it runs across the road? There’re also people who are genuinely afraid of dogs, even small breeds. I don’t really care if you let your dog runs wild in your house, but definitely not outside. Sorry for the rant. #injury #dogscratch #ouch #dogawareness #dogsafety #dogsafe #dogsafetytips #sad #bipolardepression #mentalhealthwarrior #dogsofinstagram #stressed #healthandwellness #struggle #depression #anamia #anarecovery #anoressianervosa #anorexiarecovery #anoressia #edrecovery #youtube #dogoftheday #bpd #bipolar #borderlinepersonalitydisorder #dog
Wise words...hope you‘re okay
Im surprised that twerking to GASOLINA at 2 am helped me lose half a kilo. Might do it again.
Take care of yourself ♡ Even if you don’t feel prepared to recover, you can still work on healing your mind. • • • #Anorexia #ana #eatingdisorder #orthorexia #ortho #EDNOS #ED #OSFED #mia #bulimia #anamia #rexie #mentalhealth #anxiety #orthorexiarecovery #edrecovery #anorexiarecovery #anarecovery #tumblr
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