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Monday. 4.22.19. Popped over next door to join the neighbors for dinner and my favorite #blondie stared at me with so much love and devotion all evening... his undivided attention had absolutely nothing to do with the chicken on my plate. #yellowlab #neighbordog #dog #animalfriends
When you wake up and realise that's the end of the 4 day weekend for another year... 😒 #thistuesdaycanhavemymondayscowl #weekendsshouldlastforever #whytho #seriouslyunimpressed #comeback
"There is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others." - Mandy Hale 🙏❤🐾 . Every day around 5.50 a.m. this stray pup waits for her very special friend to stop by and give her some Love and food ❤🐾 He has been doing this same routine for the last 5 years and she's never missed a day ❤ Her name is Neguinha, and she has a place to live at this gas station in São Paulo, Brazil, where she's loved and cared by the employees and everyone that knows her, but the treats this kind man brings her every morning are her favourites. ❤🐶 All started when Mr. Luiz Antônio Silva noticed the sweet angel waiting for the person that used to feed her and who was no longer working for the company. He was so moved that decided to make a stop on his route every day so she would continue receiving her treats ❤🐾🐕 Thank you, kind Soul! 🙏❤🐾 ☆ . Please always be kind to all animals they have it hard enough in this cruel world ❤ It costs nothing to us but it means everything to them! 🙏❤🐾 ☆ --- Repost from @emmateu via 📹 @fernandosilvajr 🙏 --- @1classlifestyle - A Voice For The Voiceless 🌱
Nature pure and the kangoroo in his element..just love, harmony and perfection!
It’s already been a year from today, but the memories haven’t faded. Still a constant in this household even in your absence. To the parents of fur babies, hold them tight. And to this little thug, we’ll see you again my friend. 🔫🐶 #sumilang #furbaby #pomeranian
I haven’t posted for a few days been in and out of hospital with bad gut problems and other health issues it’s quite difficult with complex autoimmune disorders especially when you get sick on top it, it’s been incredibly stressful but luckily I’ve got a family member come to help me for a week. I might not post for several more days till I’m feeling a bit better.... this was the last pic I took of Champy and Morris a few days ago... Champy likes to open gates but this gate he hasn’t cracked the code of yet, Morris sitting on the crate just out of his reach and Champy was desperate to get to him 😹 Morris was playing hard to get ... might have been payback for Champy talking to the cows recently 😹 all the animals have been quite concerned about me and seem to know I’m not well which has been really heart warming ❤️ . . . . . . . . . . . #gutproblems #chronicillness #chronicpain #autoimmunedisease #ptsd #mastcellactivationdisorder #cirs #cptsd #sibo #animaloddcouples #soulmates #unlikelyanimalfriends #therapyanimals #cutecouples #kindness #invisibleillness #invisibleillnessawareness #animalfriends #anxiety #depression #joy #kindness #kindredspirits #love #onedayatatime #chronicbackpain #asthma #allergies #scoliosis
Nom nom nom 😋 #goldenretrievernation
Bratwürstchen Jetzt hat die Grillsaison begonnen. Diese leckeren veganen Grillwürstchen haben allen Familienmitgliedern überzeugt. Selbst meinen Mann der noch Fleisch ist, haben sie gefallen. Laut seiner Aussage erinnerten sie sehr stark an Thüringer Bratwürstchen. . 100g Tofu (ich habe Räuchertofu genommen.) 200g Wasser 40g geschmacksneutrales Öl 1/2 TL Majoran 1/4TL Muskat 1/4 TL Pfeffer 2 TL Salz 2 EL Röstzwiebeln 1/2 TL Knoblauchgranulat 1/2 TL Kümmel Eine Prise Cayennepfeffer 1/4 TL Johannisbrotkernmehl 1/4 TL Hefeflocken 1/4 TL Piment . Alles zu einem cremigen Teig verkneten. Es sollte eine einheitliche Masse ergeben. ( gerne im Mixer) . 130g Seitan dazu geben und nun zu einer Teigkugel verkneten. . Der Teig reicht für 5-6 Würtchen . Nun den Teig einteilen und in Würtchenform bringen anschließend in Alufolie einrollen. ( Braucht etwas Übung) . 40 Minuten DÜNSTEN! Auf keinen Fall kochen . Folie entfernen und die Würtchen können nun in einer Pfanne gebraten oder auf dem Grill gegrillt werden.
Felt cute might delete later
Yoko by @saradcarli ❤️❤️
Love the earth as you would love yourself ❤️ . We love park as much as we love beach, many people asked where is the park, and we only let our friends whom we know is a responsible dog owner know. Why? We are not trying to arrogant , but the concern is we dont want our dog dont have enough place to hang out because of some un responsible owner. You say you love your earth? Start by clean up after you dog poop 😊 . Thank you for @meet.the.sirs who start the #proudpooppicker campaign 🤗 . Ps : i will be more than happy to tell you guys the place and let your dog play with ours by approving you are a responsible owner ❤️😊 . 📸 @kresnaherdiato • • • #dayswithlucky #proudpooppicker #happyearthday #earthday
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