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We all need to realize this one! Living with anxiety is making you tougher than one can imagine. ❤️’s out to those who are dealing. You can and will conquer!
Shout out to all the badass people out there who battle anxiety/ panic attacks. Oh, and to my fiancé for always having my back and skipping his favorite thing ( basketball) to be there for me. . It’s pretty rare for me to get panic attacks these days. I’ve learned a lot about myself and take the proper steps to avoid them! However, Monday night a random panic attack struck! . I wasn’t going to share this because, well, it’s kinda personal and people that don’t suffer from them don’t really get it. I’m all about spreading awareness though, and letting others know they are not alone. . It’s crazy how one moment you’re seemingly fine and the next your heart is racing, your sweating, and all things bad invade your mind... . Anyways, I didn’t want to be alone so my fiancé stayed home from basketball. It seems small, but I think I ruined his night. Lol. Shoutout to all the NICE guys out there. You finish first in my book. 👌🏻 #mentalhealthawareness #whenindoubtsweatitout #itsokaynottobeokay #sweatitout
So happy for Melissa and her success!! Had to share... I feel the same way about mine💙💙💙💙💚 Anxiety.... the struggle is real😒 "This year has been a hard one. Becoming a single mom, Moving homes, switching schools and adapting to a new normal. I have struggled with anxiety for years. 😪 Going through a divorce and figuring out our new normal made it intensify times 10! 🐲 2 months ago I started taking the oil. I started learning about the health benefits of C.b.d oil when I was researching alternative medicine practices for my kids. I saw it helped with anxiety and so I had to give it a try! Within a week I noticed a HUGE difference. I actually feel like I can breath without my heart jumping out of my chest! As an added bonus it’s helped with my sleep. I’m no longer taking zzzquill before bed!" . . Order online here👇 www.cbdwins.com ☎️📞📲 Order by phone - 1-888-507-7117 Select 500 mg or 750mg full spectrum . . These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
I Can Breathe//This little roller ball beauty is one of my fav things of mine. All of the 100% essential oils are calming, soothing and ease anxiety. I basically wear it as perfume! You can buy it on it's own for £7 or as an anxiety duo with a pack of Anxiety I Can Cards for £14.00. . . . . #icancards #affirmationcards #icanbreathe #anxiety #anxietyresources #anxietyissues #anxietystruggles #anxietyreleif #anxietydisorders #anxietythoughts #anxietyatacs #anxietyatwork #anxietydisorder #AnxietyVideos #anxietyisrealandcrippling #anxietyon #anxietyrelease #anxietyliving #anxietyuk #anxietyrecovery #anxietybegone #anxietycentral #anxietydepression #anxietyhelper #anxietyawareness
One of my story posts tonight talks about Anxiety! I truly feel everyone has experienced some type of anxiety in there life. Whether it was having to do a school project in front of the class, sports game, exams etc. • But at the same time there are many different degrees of it. Before starting my online coaching business. For the last two years to be exact, I found myself struggling socially, became very awkward, I didn’t look forward to any events, social outings with my husband. When we first bought our first home I truly didn’t feel the excitement I should have felt. I felt it was causing self confidence issues in myself and making it hard on the beginning of our marriage. I felt like I was missing something, I had lost myself. No longer committed to eating healthy or any type of fitness regimen. • Then this opportunity came smack dab in front of my face and I truly knew from the second I saw it, I had to do this. Helping people live a positive and healthy lifestyle. Meeting a community of people and being surrounded by positivity every single day. It’s been overwhelmingly life changing. Almost hard to put into words. • Friends I encourage you to find what makes you happy, it won’t happen right away or sometimes when you need it too. But when the opportunity comes up, take a leap of faith, you won’t regret it ❤️😊
I want to share my top 5 tips to help overcome and manage anxiety (disclaimer: I still struggle daily but this is what HELPS me. I thought these tips might help you too) 1. Trust that God has your back. Seriously. If I didn’t believe that there was someone else ultimately controlling my life. I would be a basket case. 2. Exercise- okay I know I know, you hear it all the time but exercise is so key to managing my anxiety. It gives you 30 minutes of keeping your mind off your worries. 3. Personal development- what do I mean? Read/listen to books, podcasts, articles, etc. about how to manage anxiety. Whatever your specific struggle is..there’s a podcast for that. 4. If you are feeling anxious think about three things you are GRATEFUL for. When you start to think about all the blessings in your life. It’s hard to think about all the things you fear too. 5. Ok I’m not going to act like I can manage my anxiety on my own. I do take medicine for it and I’m not too prideful to admit that! If you feel like your mental health is something you can’t handle on your own. Then don’t! You have NOTHING to be ashamed of. — I hope this helps you in SOME way. Tell me some of the ways your manage anxiety.