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When you live from your heart life becomes magical. ❤️
This is the route away from depression! @madelainearshak Link in bio
@madelainearshak Link in bio
Huxtable Stewart loving his new Totoro cat cave from Nepal 🇳🇵 #hawaiianhimis #lazydays #everybodywantstobeacat #totoro #anxietynomore
Calm and cozy during this storm thanks to @thundershirtcompany ! #thankyouthundershirt #AnxietyNoMore #ThunderBuddy
Huxtable Stewart loving his wool kitty from Nepal #hawaiianhimis #anxietynomore #lucky2livehawaii
respect yourself, respect your fellow human, respect nature. #anxietynomore
Little Ambrose has given me the day off on . Thursday 18th July . to do my thang ✨🙌🏼🔮🙇🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️ and I still have some spaces left in the morning ! . . So if you need some . 🙌🏼Energetic Rebalancing . 🌈 Crystal healing . 😌 deep relaxation or peace . 🤯 de stressing . 💆🏻‍♀️ soul soothing facial treatment . 💫 waxing or tinting . Or anything else I have, in my bag of tricks , text me to save your space ! 💫💗 . Link in bio to website and contact details 🌷💜 . . #energyhealing #healing #energybalancing #reiki #destress #workingmumlife #chakrahealing #chakras #soulsoothing #evolve #anxietynomore #meditate #northernbeaches #peace #feellighter #loveandlight #manlyvale #healer
Surround yourself around good people and collect moments like the treasure they are. People need people. If you think you don’t then you need them the most. Time is fleeting and you can only be as good as your tribe. Mine is full of supportive peeps who don’t bat an eye at my big ideas and cheer me on in a way that I’m so grateful for. No matter how much time passes we pick up where we left off as if no time has passed. I hate that my anxiety isolated me for so long, but so excited to be feeling better and getting back around my people. #mysoulneedsit #timetofeelbetter #anxietynomore #cbdforthewin #makingmycomeback
For the last five weeks, I set aside an hour a couple nights each week to paint 🎨, mostly to reduce stress and unwind after a long day of work. Each night as I set-up my canvas in “my painting room,” Cali would quietly follow me and set-up her own little area, slowly developing her own creations. Tonight was no different, but what I realized was that in the process of helping myself find calmness, Cali found her own happiness too. #momlife #artfromthesoul #loveher #anxietynomore #reducestresspainting @danicafactorart
Life is like a cactus thorny but beautiful. These prickly buds of mine have been tough to keep alive and out of this Texas rain. But they have brought me so much joy! I've decided to drain the spills and replant these babies with brand new soil and lots more rocks. As a first time grower I've had a couple leaves fall off and one cactus turn black but that's all part of the learning game! Did you know that cactus and succelents can actually calm you and help anxiety as well! I never knew! No wonder I love them so much! #crazycactuslady #cactus #succulovers #theygivemelife #anxietynomore #greenthumb #mypricks #ilovethem #cactuspeople
I’m just saying. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Are you are still living each day popping OTC drugs to “help” you? 💊 and still having no relief? I encourage you to research CBD benefits! 🌱 You will be surprised if you have not done so. The possibilities are ENDLESS. I am blown away each day reading testimonies. Message me and we can talk, and I can even send you testimonies from those using Green Compass! You won’t regret it! #cbdlife #greencompassglobal #feelyourbest #feelgreat #anxietynomore #charlottenc #cltcbd #networkmarketing #cbd
Guess who is feeling fantastic today?! I have had a really great weekend and I'm making the most of it. Yesterday, Patti and I went to Fort Worth to pick up furniture from my aunts and then some things from a friend in town. Then I came home and cooked two crockpot meals and some egg cups for our trip to McKinney this week. I finished unpacking all of my boxes and fixed up Benjamin's room so it's ready when he gets home. Today, I went and did laundry and helped my sister unload some stuff that she's moving. I came home and packed for our trip and cleaned up around the apartment. Now I'm just waiting on my boy to come home to see his room and then we will go eat at my dad's before heading out of town. It's been a busy, but productive weekend and I'm looking forward to the upcoming week. I'm going to try to visit some new CG locations near Benjamin's camp and get some relaxing time by the pool. I'm just really enjoying living life! P.S. I think the change in meds is working out quite well...dontcha think? Have a great Sunday, friends...see ya in the morning! #JanetIsLosingIt #Sunday #restday #travel #anxietynomore #selfcare #selflove
When I was first diagnosed with anxiety it was a hard pill for me to follow. I hated the way I felt. I felt as though my pride has been taken away and I felt ashamed. Coming clean to my friends and family was out of the question because I did not want anyone thinking I was crazy. After all, I was use to being the strong one. Once my healing started to take place I realized that I was not alone after all. I realized that it was my duty to talk about it because-maybe, just maybe-someone else was going through the same thing I was going through. Maybe I could inspire and uplift other women who are are going through their own struggles. 💚💚💚. . . I would like to invite you to join me in The Wealthy Woman Movement VIP Club! Each week you will receive a short devotional right to your inbox. You will learn some tips on how I was able to cope with anxiety and I became a survivor. Most importantly you can apply these tools to your life-even if you are feeling hopeless. As a VIP Member, you will also be the first to know about exclusive discounts and privileges that are available only to VIP members. . . Will you join me? It’s FREE, btw. I am looking forward to connecting with you. There is so much more to come and I am so excited that you will be one of THE first women to be a part of this journey. 💚💚💚. . Link in bio
TGIF! I wanted to share a quick snap shot of what my work day (am) is like as Caroline's art agent. She's started a large 36" x 36" textured painting in her abstract ocean series. I've allowed a guest appearance from the artist as well as she does feed me (note: she has started stealing her sons clothes) I have to get back to the couch to recharge! I'm exhausted! #art #paint #abstract #vancityart #creative #acrylic #vancouverisawesome #interiordesign #artforhomes #bcliving #bcdesigners #artwork #artforinteriors #artswhistler #seascape #ocean #blue #peace #anxietynomore #dogsofinstagram #dog #workingdog #dogboss #livingwater #gallery
Buster has taken over as my art agent. He thinks I'm too timid in my marketing style?! He wants paintings moving faster as he's feeling claustrophobic in the summer chaos at the studio! Baillie not so much she loves my creative chaos. This painting is called Living Waters and it is acrylic on canvas 24" x 36" x 1.5" and is $700. Pictures attached show it hanging vertical and horizontal but the image of painting with furniture is larger than the actual painting itself. I do larger commissions if needed. #art #paint #abstract #vancityart #creative #acrylic #vancouverisawesome #interiordesign #artforhomes #bcliving #bcdesigners #artwork #artforinteriors #artswhistler #seascape #ocean #blue #peace #anxietynomore #dogsofinstagram #dog #dogboss #livingwater #hope
Depersonalisation due to depression. Feels like a neverending story, but I know that I somehow will overcome this. The process will be tough and long, but there must be a light at the end of the tunnel. #psynligt #psykiskohälsa #depression #depressionstruggles #ångest #levameddepression #aldrigensam #utmattning #anxietynomore #självkänsla
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