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BERRY HARVEST Ritual Oil is now available in my shop ! Attract Abundance, & Reap The Rewards from a Job Well Done, during this year’s Harvest Season 🌾🍇. Blessings ! -Liz #Harvest #Lughnasadh #Mabon #SpellOils #RitualOil #Wicca #Witchcraft #Abundance #Celebrate #Pagan #Lammas #AutumnEquinox #Rewards #Agriculture #Accomplishment #Magic #Sabbat
Wishing my dance & music friends a brilliant tour @still.house @empiresounds @steppazs Proud is an understatement 💛💛💛 SESSION was born straight out of Tottenham 💫 one of the many great collaborative projects I've had the pleasure working on at @liftfestival Reposted from @liftfestival - So the #AutumnEquinox is here which means summer (2018) is officially over and if you're feeling sad about it, here's the SESSION video which always cheers us up 😄🕺💃⠀ @steppazs @still.house @empiresounds - #regrann
What happens in Cabo doesn’t always stay in Cabo. I’m bringing back with me aligned purpose, a clear vision for the impact I’m about to make, and a renewed source of divinity that I haven’t quite tapped into yet. I am not the same woman that left the states a week ago. Nothing significant happened, but everything has changed. I don’t quite have the words yet, but I can taste their sweetness and power at the tip of my tongue. And this vision doesn’t include just me, so buckle your seatbelts, sisters. If you’re ready to rise, I’m ready to rise WITH you✨👯‍♀️✨
🌖🌗🌘🌑🌒🌓🌔 Just like the moon, we go through phases. Talk to the Moon, and tell the Universe exactly what you want 🌖🌗🌘🌑🌒🌓🌔
As leaves fall to the ground around us, we are reminded to mirror nature’s cycle 🍁 🍁 ⠀ ⠀ Let go... Let go... Let go... 🍃🍂⠀ ⠀ With chaos that isn’t lifting and with all my leaves falling to the ground... I’m being reminded to move out of my own way and let go of my need to control what happens around me. 🍂🍃⠀ ⠀ It’s time to harvest my own growth and finding beauty and gratitude in everything I have grown and everything that I am!🌳 💕⠀
Repeat it, sister. Over and over and over until every cell in your body vibrates to the KNOWING of these words. . “I love myself unconditionally. I am a good person, who deserves to be happy. I take pride in who I am. I am happy, just being me. I am totally comfortable, with being myself. I have limitless confidence, in my abilities. I accept myself deeply, and completely. I have accomplished great things. Others are inspired by my ability, to be myself. I have confidence in my ability, to do whatever I set my mind to. Loving myself, is essential to my happiness. I deserve to go after my goals, and do what makes me happy. I find it easy to recognize my positive qualities. Being happy with myself, is a normal part of my everyday life. I find it easy to be confident, and comfortable with who I am. Accepting myself unconditionally, gives me the power to succeed. I know I have the right to be happy, and nothing can take that away from me. Loving myself, and being happy with who I am, comes naturally to me. I truly like myself, and this helps others to accept me for who I am. I have a natural awareness, of all things positive in my life. I will always accept myself, unconditionally. Loving myself, feels more natural and effortless. I am beginning, to truly love myself. I will love myself unconditionally, no matter what. So be it.” - @londrelle
AUTUMNAL FIRE Bastille Soap scented with Crackling Firewood FO from @ngscents. Mica & Activated Charcoal from @nurturesoap. I made two batches with two different designs. My drop swirl got a little muddled on the one design because I cut too early :( #no44 #newseries666 #fourty4bigcartel #fourty4 #numberfourtyfour #autumn #fall #halloween #startingearly #phillylocal #phillysoapmaker #soap #handmadesoap #noanimaltesting #crueltyfree #firesoap #autumnequinox
Your hearts calling...listen to the Earth- listen to yourself. Full breath immersion: (sauna included❤️)- September 20th-22nd Return to the Elements. Integrative Breathwork+Sacred Ceremony+Meditation+Yoga+Vegetarian Meals+Community+Nature+Sauna=Nourishment & Empowerment at the deepest level. Led by Tania Zuckerman at Nurture Through Nature. Register via www.spiraldancebreathwork.com❤️ #rebirthingbreathwork #autumnequinox #maineyoga #integrativebreathwork #powerofbreath #sacredceremony #amazingyou #powerofpresence @taniazuckermanspiraldance @ntnretreats
Our retreat view from breakfast. Spend this Autumn Equinox within the beautiful rugged landscapes of North Wales. Link in my bio and my highlights ❤️
Let me try again! Upcoming delightful yoga weekend here at lower coxbridge in September. We’d love to see you! #yoga #yogaweekend #glastonbury #somerset #yurts #lovelyaccomodation #feelgood #autumnequinox
I know it’s a bit early but, I wanted to get the newest besom listed in my shop.... MINI BESOM For Your Mabon Decor 🍁 Come check it out ! Have A Wonderful Weekend ! -Liz. #WitchBesom #WitchyThings #Mabon #AutumnEquinox #AltarDecor #MiniBesom #Witchcraft #Wicca #Gratitude #Achievement #WitchBroom #NaturalAmethyst
We will not be held liable for any deaths by way of laughter 😂😭 But in all seriousness, this episode has got to be one of the most special to us. @freespiritedbossbabe brought on her oldest little one, Miss Phoebe Davies, and @withloveshalakolaloba brought on her son Shain Jackson. Our intention is to show that we are all just winging it, trying to do the best we can to figure out this journey called motherhood. At the end of the day, though, even on the days where we feel like we’re failing, us mamas need to remember that we are still human, and these little ones will grow up to know that above all else, they were loved. And really, that’s what it’s all about 💖 Happy Mother’s Day to all you mamas, grandmas, friends of mamas that help us wrangle these rugrats and keep us sane! ALL women, play a vital role in raising these humans and were grateful to ever single one of you! This one’s for you 💖 Episode is LIVE via the link in our bio!
We are checking into other energies to surf this year exploring pagan and Celtic celebrations and how they help us connect to all aspects of earth, with guest Elizabeth Pendleton from Elizabeth’s Oracle, she is a light worker, astrologer and musician with a background in the Celtic harp. She has been giving readings for over 20 years and assists clients around the world. #angels #astrology #astrology2019 #charts #elizabethsoracle .co #elizabethsoracle #elizabethpendleton #psychicreader #psychicreading #AutumnEquinox #Beltane #Candlemas #Equninox #Imbolic #inflowradio #Lammas #Lughnasa #MayDay #newgrange #Samhain #SpringEquinox #Stonehenge #SummerSolstice #surfingthepsychicwaves #wheeloftheyear #WinterSolstice
There will come a day when all of your setbacks, perceived failures, and bad experiences will be transmuted into something greater... Maybe it’ll come in the form of perspective, maybe a heightened since of compassion, maybe a deeper appreciation for your life journey. Maybe if you’re lucky, it’ll be in the form of all of it and more. Either way, one thing is for certain. When that day comes, you will bask in the abundance of JOY that washes over you, the freedom you’ve obtained in that flow, and even if you try, you won’t be able to wipe away the smile that is strung across your face. In knowing this, I hope you don’t wait until that day to anchor into that feeling of joy. In knowing this, my hope is that you find comfort and joy in the present day knowing that this life path is unfolding into divine timing, and it isn’t a matter of IF your blessings are on their way. It is only a matter of WHEN✨ So keep your head up and your eyes searching expectantly, sister. Your blessings are seeking you as much as you are seeking them ✨ - @withloveshalakolaloba
Come and join me on a nourishing and rejuvenating Retreat Day. Www.harmonyoftheheart.co.uk Summer solstice Retreat Day- Sat 22nd June Pregnancy Retreat Day -Sat 20th July Autumn Retreat Day- Sunday 22nd September #yoga #yogainwallingford #dayretreat #autumnequinox #yogaretreat #pranayama #southoxfordshire #haddonacre #andbreathe #digitaldetox #selfcare #harmonyoftheheart
@visitindependence pulled out all the stops to make this weekend incredible. I was born and raised in Missouri, but I somehow happen to never spend time in Independence. From night 1 @3trailsbrewing to hitting up the Truman Library to the 1859 jailhouse to all the amazing meals, flowers, and people I experienced over my weekend. It was more than I could have wished for! And while I think it’s the perfect place if you’re looking for a solo getaway, I definitely caught myself wishing the boys were with me throughout the weekend too. I can’t wait to take them back and hit all the spots I didn’t have time to this weekend. If you’re looking for a weekend of history, nature, and low key fun, Independence, MO will not disappoint 💖 And while I’m at it, Universe, can I just go ahead and put it out there that I am beyond grateful for you hearing me and would very much like to be invited to experience other trips like this one #pleaseandthankyou#visitindepmo #COIInfluencerWeekend2019 @visitindependence
More on my dreamy weekend in Independence later, but I will say one thing. These past few days were nothing like I expected but everything I needed. Funny how that works, huh? Almost like the Universe always has our backs? 😜 See, my eyes shut last night, a tad frustrated that the clarity I came up here for in the next season of my business couldn’t just bubble to the surface. I meditated, I prayed, I danced. I spent the second half of the day doing all the things that usually work to call forth inspired action, and it just wasn’t working. As my eyes burst open this morning to see the clock say 8:18, I felt divine confirmation that the answer is on its way. (8:18am is my birth time)This warm sense of peace washed over me, and the restlessness of my mind that I went to bed with was replaced with confidence. I still don’t know WHAT next step I’m supposed to take, but I know that clarity is coming... And that’s good enough for me because when our head stays up and our eyes continue to seek solutions, they will inevitably come. Same for failures, setbacks, doubt, and any other emotion. Whatever we seek, we truly shall find. So, my question is... What are YOU looking for, sister? Are the stories in your head affirming the worst or are they pushing you in the direction of the life you aspire to have? You’re the artist of your existence, so don’t for a second believe anything outside of the celestial and yourself are in control of the paintbrush 🖌 ✨ #visitindepmo #COIInfluencerWeekend2019 @visitindependence
Three soul sisters, uniting to bring forth a vision that had no guarantee in the outcome but absolute certainty in their mission. Sharing the truth within their wounds and the yearning in their hearts for something bigger. Something much, much bigger. They were on a mission to heal; to rise. And not just themselves, but the masses. They called themselves The Abundant Sisterhood and THAT is exactly what manifested. A divine, authentic, abundant- SISTERHOOD.
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