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I’m definitely my happiest when I’m in the mountains, and I’m definitely my happiest when I’m out having fun with my friends. 👯‍♀️ • I’ve always wanted to share my passion for the outdoors, and I’m stoked that I’ve convinced a few of my friends to hike and cross train with me for their first ever ultramarathon next year! 🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏔 . • • To grow the hiking community, I recently started a hiking club based in Southern California where we can get together and do some hikes to enjoy nature and one another! The level will be anywhere from beginner to questioning life choices! The link to the Facebook group is in my bio, and everyone is free to join even if you’re not based in SoCal! ❤️❤️❤️ • You never know when you’ll visit here and you can have a great idea of places to adventure! ————————————————————— For my So Cal friends, what are some of your favorite hikes, or ones that you’ve always wanted to do but didn’t want to go alone! Maybe we can hike some of them together! On Facebook Group Name: Between a Walk and a Hard Pace 🥾 Happy Sunday, Happy Fathers Day, and Happy Trails to all! —————————————————————-
My sweet angel. 📸 by @amyover #hikingdogsofig #badasshikingwomen
Is it even hiking if you don’t do a twirl and take a picture? 🤷🏻‍♀️ #sistercampingtrip #badasshikingwomen #campingadventure #hikingfordays #optouside @morgzb12
Colorado will forever have my heart. If you don’t travel, go travel. . I never understood why people loved it, now it’s all I crave. . && on days like today where TX is throwing a rain ☔️ storm ⛈ all I can think about are the views / hikes from that week! #vacationmode #encouragement #mindfulness
Climbing mountain tops 🏔🌲💦 . Our first real hike of the year. It was a tough go at first as we’re super out of shape at the moment. But it felt great and the pups loved it! 🐕 . Our favourite thing about this hike is that it’s quick but also a full body climb. Which makes it a challenge, as you literally have to climb parts of the mountain and pull yourself up. And we can for get the mud, you’re going to get dirty 💪🏼😅 . . . . #hellobc #explorebc #explorecanada #visitprincerupert #sharethecoast #travelnorthernbc #travelbc #greatnorthcollective #destinationbc #dailyveiwbc #bcisbeautiful #visitcanada #ilovebc #tourismbc #bcparks #pnwbc #hike_bc #pnwadventure #pnwonderland #pacificnorthwest #optoutside #imagesofcanada #wildernessbabes #westcoastbestcoast #mountainbabes #badasshikingwomen #gltlove #truenorth #mountainwoman
This was one of the more rewarding hikes I’ve been on. It was hot and the part of the hike that was inclined was more difficult to put up with but once we got there the water was cold and refreshing, and the entire area was shaded by trees. I’m stoked to spend this summer chasing more waterfalls and hiking outdoors. 🤙🏼
👧👧Women hold all the power. They should use it like a whip, not offer it up like a sacrifice. —Tarryn Fisher 💪💪 . . . . . . Get this BADASS & BEAUTIFUL tank top! . . . Go to @speciate_co_clothing
Ended exploring more of Big Sur today. It did not disappoint. Came across a lot of Redwood trees. And you can’t tell, but I’m sitting on a sturdy Redwood tree with a nice drop to the ground.✌🏼🌳🌿 • • • • • • • • • #nature #bigsur #hiking #redwood #redwoodtrees #california #hikingadventures #getoutside #gooutsideandplay #hiking_in_space #hike #hikingram #badasshikingwomen
I've been trying to do one (or more) things a day that scare the sh- out of me. I am scared of heights...not little heights but huge ones like on top of mountains. So the fact that we drove up to Hurricane Ridge and walked to the highest point we could without having a panic attack is a win for me. . . I am getting much better with heights and by the time we were up there I was happier than ever. It was gorgeous! . . Heights usually aren't much of a problem for me as we do love to hike. But something about driving up this great of a height in a car always makes me think the car is going to slide right off. At least it wasn't as nerve racking as Pikes Peak (that is one scary drive if you end up behind the snow plow dudes 😆). . . I challenge you to try doing 1 thing a day that scares you. You will be surprised how much better you feel on the other side of that fear after you make it through. But if it is truly dangerous like doing a hand stand on a motorcycle then I DON'T urge you to do that. Fear and danger are two different things. . . Photos taken by @mbelish13#fearless #taketherisk #wanderer #hikingadventures #womenwhohike #hurricaneridgetrail #olympicpenninsula #hikingwashington #hikingwashingtonstate #empowering #hiking 👣 #hikingram #badasshikingwomen #bloggersofig #bloggersofinstagram
“When everything feels like an uphill struggle, Just think of the view from the top.”
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