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It’s crazy how we know what is best for us. We learn so much by reading, talking, and sharing with others. We know about breathing, taking time for oneself, slowing down, and going into nature. And yet… Life strikes. Heading back to work with overwhelming responsibilities. And all of a sudden the to do list is created. Not only is it created, it seems endless, and the world begins to spin… So much so that there isn’t enough time to do anything. Things seem to get out of control. And then a message from the universe. A fender bender car accident, Being hit from behind at a red light. All time freezes. All responsibilities are put to a stop. And just like that we are reminded how sacred life is. The universe is talking. Saying to slow down. And if I wasn’t listening it threw a loud awakening in my face. Fortunately I am pretty much ok. But I am reminded that my “to do” list has to become a “to be” list. And what greater reminder and what greater timing as I head away for my final week before school starts. A peaceful vacation and get away. This week I want to just try “to be”. And I want to create a tone and mindset as I head into a new school year. I hope all of you have lots of moments of peace and just being. ❤️🙏🏼❤️☀️ 💫🧘‍♀️ #slowdown #bepresent #appreciatethemoment #justbe #todolist #takecareofyourself #listentothesilence #positivitymatters #igsoulfamily #angelsunite
Yoga at Red Rocks was pure 💫magic💫 #fwfgredrocks
Be still my ❤️. These ✌🏻😍
ADVENTURE is everywhere. Taking Clive on his first “Up North” trip has been a dream for this Michigander. I didn’t grow up with this tradition or many traditions at all, so creating new ones with my family is a dream I’ve always had. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Lake life is the best life and we’re loving every second. I’m being diligent to be present, breathe deeply and really soak in every second ... not rushing to the next thing or worrying about messing up the routine. Being with people we love and can be totally us with us just the cherry on top. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #puremichigan #upnorth #upnorthmichigan #upnorthlife #vacationmode #chillax #bepresent
“O maior amor que se pode experimentar é a comunhão com Deus na meditação. O amor entre a alma e o espírito, é o amor perfeito, que todos buscam. Quando você medita, o amor aumenta. Milhões de emoções passam pelo coração (...) Se meditar profundamente, você receberá um amor que nenhuma linguagem humana pode descrever; conhecerá o amor Divino, e será capaz de dar esse amor puro aos outros”. Cantos Cósmicos. #yoganapraia #meditacao #maeterra #connection #pachamama #lovethebeach #bepresent #now #iam #eusou #om #namaste 🕉
B R E A T H E || friendly reminder to slow down, breathe, and be present . . . . . . #inhale #exhale #breathe #bepresent #presence #liveinthemoment #yoga #yogi #dailyyoga #yogadaily #yogalife #yogisofinstagram
Happy Caturday! 🐈🐈🐈 We are off explore the community, just like this little neighborhood kitty (Bryce named him Snickers, like the candy bar!). Along with some new friends, we will be hiking Green Mountain (what a cute name lolol, almost sounds fake!) and grabbing some delicious eats + coffee in town afterwards. Hopefully we will catch the wildflowers of the season and some beautiful views along the trail!⁠ Enjoying the snowless paths and clear skies of summer while they last!⁠ 👇👇👇⁠ What adventures are you off on today?⁠
Love @greglaswell. His music always finds a way to get right into my soul and make you feel. It's a feeling, a reminder, a memory, a lost love...it's magical and all part of this human journey. Don't get lost in the tech. Remember the magic in the human moments. #365grateful #daybyday #love #greglaswell #feelings #emotions #bepresent
Forever and always...moving accessories about...playing with this and that... placing this bouquet in front of one of my numerous French books...this "would be" painting "appeared"...forever and always...the essence of home. #homedecor #home #homesweethome #interiordesign #design #ilovedesign #lovetodecorate #lovetocreate #bouquet @herbalacreld #flowers #flowersofinstagram #frenchdecor #frenchdesign #frenchstyle #bestill #bepresent #breathe #beautifulview
T O D A Y S O R A C L E 17.8.2019 The World Focus/Tuberose Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous in Pisces · Do not let outside circumstances influence any feelings of fear or anxiety at this time. There is no need to worry or wonder if we're in the right place or moving in the right direction or navigating correctly - we are. · Despite the immediate impression that things seem as though they shouldn't be this way or are taking way too long to process or manifest, we should rest assured that everything is precisely as it is meant to be. · All momentum and current events are driving us toward our highest potential, whether we believe it or not, so we may as well be present and trust where we're at. · Focus on your actions, your reasons and your words today. Be generous and genuine - this will ensure purity within your energy field, which will keep you safe, steady and strong as you flow with the tides. · deck: The Pagan Otherworlds Tarot by @uusidesignstudio and the Flowers of the Night Oracle by Cheralyn Darcey · #DailyOracle #DailyReading #CardOfTheDay #IntuitiveReading #Divination #CardReader #CardReadersOfInstagram #Oracles #OracleCards #Tarot #Witchery #WitchesOfInstagram #Intuitive #Intuition #Reiki #ReikiMasterTeacher #ThePaganOtherworldsTarot #UusiDesignStudio #TheWorld #FlowersOfTheNightOracle #Focus #Tuberose #EverythingIsAsItsMeantToBe #RemainCalm #BePresent #GoWithTheFlow #WaningGibbous #MoonMagick #MoonInPisces #Astrology
My hubby is obsessed with indoor trees. Especially fig trees like this. We have 5, at last count. They do add a bit of tranquility to the house.⁣ ⁣ What's your take - trees belong outside, or they make a great addition to an indoor space?
One of the most fundamental qualities of mindfulness is awareness. Being aware of yourself, your feelings, others around you, and your surroundings. And even more important than being aware, is to be aware without judgement or reaction.
Road trip happenings 4: Leaving Moab, Utah to Steamboat Springs, Colorado to Denver. 9 days and loving every minute of this time together both inside and outside of the car. Pulling over for a photo op and a smooch is the best. #blissfultrip #americathebeautiful #loveontheroad #Utah #colorado #hotsprings #breckenridgebrewery #gratitude #DreamComeTrue #nevergiveup #takingourtime #bepresent #beherenow
Can you relate to any of these? I've experienced all but # 1 and 5 resonate deeply with me currently. Decluttering my spaces has been on-going and it allows me to make space for greater blessings. I even let the universe know I'm making space to go higher.. and so it is attracted. As for crass communication, it does nothing but turn me off. I will not use up my valuable time listening to hollow words or small/ pointless talk. If someone happens to be a topic of discussion, let's end it by seeing how we can uplift that person. We all need it at some point in life. Evolution is not always easy but trust the process. It will be well worth it. 🙏🏾✨💖
Just keeping it STRONG💪🏼💪🏼🔥
Today I was reminded by a very unexpected source that everything and every person in this Universe has a mission and a purpose in their existence. My friend was late getting out of the condo for the exterminator, Randall, and I noticed myself feeling annoyed and resentful that we both had to stand around waiting when we had other things we had to do. That’s when I took a deep breath, looked Randall in the eyes and asked him with honest interest and sincerity, “How are you?”. What followed was a 25 minute discussion about the meaning of life and how we use the precious moments between the time we leave the womb until we close our eyes for the last time. While I can’t remember all of his wise words, here are some of the nuggets. - Most of us spend a good part of our time and lives seeking to be understood when true wisdom and happiness comes from seeking to understand - “We gotta learn better to do better.” People need to spend more time learning. ~ - Angels reside in the most unexpected places. Never judge another human for you know not why the human is here and why you’re crossing paths at this time. ~ ~ Today that angel for me was Randall. If my friend had been on time or I had just stood there being annoyed, we never would’ve had that conversation and connection. Always be present, cherish every moment and rememebr that you can change your situation simply by changing your perspective. The choice is yours. ~~~ ~~~ #livelifenow #bekindalways #angelsareeverywhere #bepresent
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