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thank you to my mans @moymoi625 for everything. for your day 1 effort. for the friendship before the relationship. for leaving work in an emergency and helping me move the same day. and for your family opening your doors without hesitation. thank you for leading days of spontaneity and securing the nights I couldn’t drive back. thank you for ALWAYS being down. thank you for teaching me forgiveness and how to be more easy going. to stop taking things so fuckin unnecessarily seriously. and thank you for helping me learn about myself as I grow from my mistakes. thank you for the possibilities you give me, for supporting me all the way. being a HUGE part of my channel even when you already have your own job to take care of. thank you for the head scratchies when I didn’t shampoo for 3 days. and the foot massages when I got lint in my toes. thank you for being here. my softie pie, heppy bursday 🎂 also thanks for always letting me borrow ur clothes 🥰I LUB JUS. All my photos and videos are taken by this wonderful skilled artist whom I have the great pleasure of smelling farts from!!!! 25 cheers to 25 years 💛🌻🎈🎉🍻here’s to many more 💘
Can I get a sip of your frosé? No way, Jose! #bestweekend #bestplace #bestbae
My right to my wrong so I never slip 😏 #bestbae #loveislove #trending #explore #viral #favcouple
When bae goes to London, begins shopping for you and his colour scheme is totally on point. 🤩 #bestbae
For all the people checking in, thank you. Im beyond blissful. Never knew life could be this good. #lovinglife #happinessexists #bestbae
Nagyon jó volt! 😍 Hungary's 26th standard poodle meet was this weekend and @mate.hekfusz and I totally went for it! We met so many amazing people, and my love for this human being was again affirmed because he did not complain or laugh when I fussed over fru fru dogs or put flowers in my hair or took him to the middle of nowhere when the weather looked bad, but held me close under our umbrella and told me I was his beautiful flower girl. 💕 I'm not crying you're crying!! #uszkár #óriásuszkár #poodle #standardpoodle #poodlelove #comingsoon #bestbae #love #loml #marrywhen ?
Comes to visit for date night and family time on Saturday. Leaves to get on a plane Monday morning for work...😭😭😭 Love you!😘 miss you🥰 Thank you💓 . . #philly #travelingcouple #bestbae #greekbae #datenight #familyweekend #longdistance #fitcouple #loveyou #only2moremonths summertime #couplegoals #vivint #vivintgf #movebackalready #cuties #longdistance
Je peux me contenter de le contempler il fait vibrer mon âme .💕 #bestbae
Snagged a whole new skincare routine at the @larkskinco birthday sale yesterday! We were the first ones in line and the goodie bag was well worth getting sprinkled on while we waited for the store to open. 🙌🏽💕💦 Happy birthday to our favorite skincare shop! #supportsmallbusiness #larkskinco #happybirthdaylark
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