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This Toyota Supra is in the final stages after a repaint and light restoration. We can’t wait to see it all back together! More to come. #toyota #supra #mkiv #mkivsupra #bodywork #repaint #bodyshop #kustomkolors
Find myself enjoying more and more walking in nature and in different places 😁 also some serious Lion King vibes there 🦁😆 Have a great day !! _ If you need help reaching your physique goals or have questions that concern fitness/bodybuilding, don't hesitate to DM 📲💯 _ _ _ _ #teamshape #muscu #musculationfrance #reunionisland #progresspic #gainz #gainz 💪 #fitnessfam #bodybuild #bodybuilding #beastmodeon #beastmood #pushday #alphalete #bodybuildingnation #huaweip30pro #fitfrenchies #bodywork #bodytech #shreddedunion #shreds #fitness #fitnessmotivation #bodygoals #bodybuilding
Josh working and massaging those dents right out.
Did you know that your bones and your blood have a direct connection ? Bone marrow in certain bones are responsible for forming white and red blood cells as well as the platelets. Getting massages and bodywork boost fighter cells in the blood strengthening your immune system. Click on the bio, call or Dm for more info and to book your healing health boosting bodywork session today. You only have one body, appreciate it and take good care of it. #anatomyandphysiology #blood #health #bones #bonemarrow #immunesystem #massage #massagetherapy #bodywork #tueday #vibes
Do you suffer from New Client Anxiety? I doubt anybody would have gussed it, but I know I sure did! ⁠👋⁠ ⁠ Leaving my ego at the door. In my first year of treatment, I definitely got a bit nervous before first-time clients.⁠ ⁠ To combat new client anxiety, I did a few things:⁠ ⁠ ✅ Make sure the client's health history form was filled out beforehand. I used an online booking program called @clinic.sense that allowed clients to book online + complete digital health history forms - which not only saves you precious time, but helps to understand the treatment your client is seeking before they reach your office. *This post is NOT sponsored.⁠ ⁠ ✅ Take time between clients to ground myself. I personally enjoyed 10-15 minutes between clients and took this time to hit reset, recharge with water or food, and mentally prepare myself for my new client so I could give them my 110%, even if they wer ethe last of my day.⁠ ⁠ ✅ Check in and ask myself what I was anxious about. Most often, it was *NOT* about the treatment itself but about logistical issues (will they be able to find the location, parking, etc.). The solution? Send them an email with detailed information and clear communication. ⁠ Anxiety often has an underlying root cause that can be addressed. ⁠ Do you get new client anxiety? Share your strategies below and tag a massage therapist friend! 🙌🏻⁠ ⁠ #massagecommunity #massagetherapist #RMT #MBLEX #massagetherapy #physicaltherapy #LMT #bodyworker #clientcare #physio #bodywork #preventativehealth #selfcare #remedialmassage #massagetherapylife #registeredmassagetherapist #therapeuticmassage #deeptissuemassage #massagelife
Massage therapists maintain confidentiality. It’s our job and it’s your right. Our massage therapists are ethically bound to adhere to the principle of confidentiality, but we are also legally bound through HIPAA compliance. What this means for our clients is that you can trust that anything shared in our massage rooms stay in the room. As health and bodyworkers, we need to know personal information in order to serve you best, and we want you to feel comfortable sharing that with us. We are here to serve you and help you, not to share your information. If you have any questions about what confidentiality and HIPAA policies mean, please ask! #confidential #massagetherapy #takecareboone #massage #bodywork #hipaa #trust #professional #energy #wecare #828isgreat #spa #salon #painrelief #headacherelief #qualityoflife
As the skies are in constant change, we are in constant change. We want to ebb and flow with the challenges and adapt to them as they come along. But it's not always as easy as 1, 2, 3. Through the vastness of our minds we decide how much effort, adaptability, curiosity and energy we put in. We decide where and how our energy flows by the thoughts, decisions and actions we take. (Those off days are ok too as long as it doesn't become a habit) Mindfulness has taught me to be present and lessons keep on bringing insights that have allowed me to grow and eventually (through doing the work) flow through what we are meant to experience and adapt and learn through those experiences to come to realizations guiding us to live a fulfilling purposeful life. I for one have been blessed with a good life full of blessings, love, challenges and obstacles that have allowed me to become who i am today. What we choose to focus on becomes what we live. What we choose to see as obstacles is exactly what the law of attraction will bring forth. I have been releasing old patterns and readjusting the sail, refocusing the journey and working through the nitty gritty of some of these challenges. I am continuing my journey but will be setting sail on a new adventure with a few trusted colleagues working at Clinic Pose Sante as a massage therapist. A few other projects are on their way and its time to continue the flow of change. Whatever it may bring, i choose to extract what serves me, grows me and allows my heart and mind to expand. Sometimes pauses and breaks from doing and acting are the steps back that one needs to take a leap forward. What do you choose to focus on? What can you pause to leap through? Thank you to all those that have been patient and supportive through this time. You know who you are. Much love For those who want to take an appointment, pls follow the link below: www.posesante.com/en #stayblessed #mindfulnesseveryday #expansion #change #challenges #flow #adaptability #doingthework #readjusting #release #refocus #leapforward #blessings #gratitude #goingforward #bodywork #massagetherapy #massage #newclinic #sthenriluv #montrealluv
Pelvis. Rib cage. Skull. These three bony structures house some pretty important organs. There is a reason our whole muscular system works in synchronicity to keep us moving in a way that tries bring these three structures into alignment. The longevity of our spine is pretty important to keep the nerves sending signals and all systems running. Our modern way of living, in which we sit in chairs and cars for more hours a day than ever, challenges our posture. We must spend time rebalancing our tissues to help keep our pelvis, rib cage, and skull in alignment so that we can feel this life force energy move through us freely. Sometimes, self care looks like: paying attention to posture. Where are your pelvis, rib cage, and skull in space? What happens when you line these things up like a ring stack? Do you feel your muscular effort shift? What happens to this stack when you wash your face at night? In what ways can you continue to practice posture in a way that it will align with what your body already innately knows? This is self care. This is yoga. This is paying attention. P.s. can you tell I’m the wife of a chiropractor? 📸:@emilymcallisterphotography #tuesdaythoughts #posture #yoga #spine #pelvis #ribcage #skull #bodywork #movement #wellness #selfcare #health #spinehealth #core
I benefici della pratica Mindfulness aumentano significativamente la qualità di vita di una persona. Studi scientifici hanno dimostrato che la meditazione mindfulness innesca cambiamenti salutari nel nostro cervello, influendo positivamente sugli schemi cerebrali che sono alla base dell'ansia, dello stress e della rabbia. I benefici derivanti dalla Mindfulness sono quindi diversi: - aiuta a mantenere l'equilibrio emozionale - a sviluppare un atteggiamento non giudicante - diminuisce l'impulsività e i livelli di stress - aiuta a migliorare il rapporto con gli altri - aumenta le capacità cognitive - sviluppa le capacità di ascolto e di affrontare le situazioni negative Ci sono ancora pochissimi posti disponibili nella formazione per Insegnanti in Mindfulness Biodinamica. Il corso inizierà il prossimo ottobre, con 22 incontri a cadenza settimanale e due seminari residenziali nel corso dell'anno. 👉🏼 per maggiori info link in bio . . Oppure contattateci a info@centro -craniosacrale.it oppure al cellulare 389-4948892 (anche via WhatsApp) . . #biodinamicacraniosacrale #craniosacrale #craniosacral #mindfulnesspractice #meditazione #meditationpractice #consapevolezza #fisioterapia #osteopatia #holistichealth #benesserenaturale #mindfullife #integrazionefasciale #bodywork #artedellascolto #cranio #nervicranici #tocco #stillness #openheart
Have you been certified in #IASTM yet? 🛠 Unlike other IASTM education, #FMTblades focuses on how tools can be used with other modalities (ie. #RockTape , exercise, joint manipulation/mobilization) for effective treatment of common musculoskeletal injuries—by effecting both the soft tissue and the neurosensory components of rehabilitation. Courses coming to: Houston, TX – ‪July 27‬-28 Orlando, FL – ‪July 27‬-28 Costa Mesa, CA – ‪August 3-4 Plymouth, MI – ‪August 10-11 Charleston, SC – ‪August 14‬ Columbia, SC – ‪August 15 Charlotte, NC – ‪August 16 Denver, CO – ‪August 17‬-18 More courses listed on our education page. Sign up for our newsletter to be notified when we’re headed to your state! 📸 @elitedr
#Repost @thisiscbd with @get_repost ・・・ The parasympathetic nervous system (PSNS) controls our unconscious bodily functions and restful behavior⠀ ⠀ The endocannabinoid system is highly integrated within the parasympathetic nervous system, having a regulatory role that balances the system which balances the rest of our body. 🌱 ⚖️ 🧠⠀ ⠀ Tag someone who should see this in the comments ⬇︎ and find out more about the endocannabinoid system at the link in our bio ⬆︎#cbd #endocannabinoidsystem #parasympathetic #hemp #education #learning #science #research #wellness #humanbody #bodywork #knowledge #tuesday #probalancewellness
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