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I may look shy but I’m a total rascal and love to wrestle with my brother and steal his toys!
Look how long my whiskers are getting!
Happy Caterday from sweetie and cookie!
Mom and dad took me for another hike!!! This one was longer and started to rain so they carried me down the mountain so I didn’t over work my bones 💕🐾 that’s love Please don’t forget Yulin starts in two days. Please visit @gstopybowtie to learn or donate to save lives!! Time is running out for thousands of fur babies #stoptheyulindogmeatfestival #loveourpets #petsarefamily
Cutest purring boys! turn up the volume!
Such good brothers- two kitties who are from the same litter are so great! @cottonbluesragdolls raised them to be so sweet!🥰🥰🥰
Sleepy boys... 🥰🥰
First day they are actually laying together! I’m dying they’re so sweet! Brothers from the same litter are the best!!!
Brothers who clean each other’s faces ! Love ❤️
We love our fur babies sooo much!!!! It’s that sad, sad time of year again. Next Friday the Yulin Dog Meat Festival begins. For 9 days over 10,000 dogs will be kidnapped from homes, shoved into tiny cages, whipped, beaten, and thrown into boiling water, all while still alive. If you are unaware of what this is, hop over to @gstopybowtie or google it! This is such a tragic event and I’m proud to say my sister is making a HUGE impact with rescuing dogs from being slaughtered. Last year my sister donated $4,000 and SAVED 400 dogs lives 💕💕🐾 Her dog Leo is a rescue who was hung and had various parts of his body blowtorched. He’s an amazing and sweet boy who got a second chance. ‼️You can help by donating, signing a petition or buying a bow tie for your sweet four legged friend 🐾🐶 ▪️▪️visit her Etsy shop: GstopYbowtie▪️▪️ #stopyulin #stoptheyulindogmeatfestival #loveourpets #petsarefamily
#tbt to when we could both fits on the top perch but Smokey still tried to take the whole thing #brotherkitties #cat #catsagram #catsofinstagram #cats_of_instagram #love #pic #insta #instagram #kitten #daily @pawstripcats
Our sweet niece Mabry helped us welcome Huey, Dewey & Louie to our farm. #brotherkitties #kittens #farmlife
Tindu actually using the tiny box I half jokingly put down for him; and Manul looking regal. . . #catsofinstagram #brotherkitties #gatosoflosgatos #whiskerwednesdays #ourkidshavepaws
#brotherkitties and just like that yara is a boy.......
Can’t believe we have had our cats for almost 4 years! Times flies by! 😻 . . #catsofinstagram #brotherkitties #adoptsontshop
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