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— M香港D 〰️ ♀From the 17.21 archives: April 5, 2017 (with additional photos and research) ——————— Nancy Sheung 常惠珍 (1914–1979), one of three accomplished and rare female Hong Kong photographers of the 60s–70s/she didn't pick up a (Rolleiflex) camera until she was in her 40s and had children/briefly apprenticed with photographer Micheal Leung to learn basics, but for the most part, was self-taught with no formal training/one of the world’s top 10 photographers of monochrome prints from 1967–1972/passed away in her darkroom in 1979 〰 Although photography was not yet an established art form for women in 60s-era Hong Kong, Nancy, always the pioneer, was experimenting in the darkroom with techniques such as masking, cross processing, and texture screening to manipulate and enhance her images. Over the course of her 20-year career, Nancy showed in hundreds of exhibitions and competitions, winning numerous prizes. Several of her photos were accepted at the British Royal Photographic Society. True to her independent spirit, as a teenager, Nancy worked in an opium den preparing pipes in order to pay for high school during a time when girls were discouraged (even forbidden) from attending. She rode a horse to school every day and carried a gun for protection. • The Long Haired Girl, 60s▫️The Pigtail, 1966▫️Untitled, 60s▫️Gaze, 60s▫️Outtake, 1966▫️Cross Pattern, 1969▫️Untitled, 60s (7, 8)▫️Nancy at a photo salon; photo, unknown▫️Photo, unknown #hongkong #nancysheung #sheungwaichun #bwphotography #photographer #selftaught #longhairdontcare
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