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My absolute favorite road on the big Island of Hawaii! Today Marks the official one month countdown before I become a Hawaiian Resident. Prepare the Magic. #travel #hawaii #bigislandbigdreamers
Just found my future Wife, I mean Whip. #rezvanitank #UrbanTankSUV #fukgas
I've been there done that. Hollywood Nightlife still holds it down. Veteran parking move as follows: "In Los Angeles, is Yellow Curb ParkingAllowed? These are normally for loading and unloading during hours of operation. You can park in yellow zones for 5 minutes (as a passenger vehicle) and the hours of enforcement are 7am – 6pm Monday – Saturday. Otherwise, you're free to park there (unless otherwise indicated). That means while you are wasting money parking in a lot or using valet or searching for meters or getting towed... You could be parked here like a pro. #LA #AngelCityLimo #nightlife
One thing I absolutely love about this job so far is that I have been able to be a small piece of Saudi Arabian History. It was only just over 1 year ago that women in Saudi Arabia were even allowed to DRIVE A CAR. Things we take for granted every day was only recently fought for and awarded to these women. Now in LA, in comes the young Saudi princess who barely has been behind a wheel and needed some good pointers. Then in comes ya boy from Jersey sitting passenger seat in our Jeep Wrangler as I had the honor to be the Princess's first driving instructor here in the USA. Pro Drivers. Pro Women. #SaudiArabia #LA #WomensRights
I got much love for ya Will... but clearly there's a new Fresh Prince of Bel Air. #PrinceofBelAir #LA #moneymoves 💰
It's like a splash of paint in the sky. #LA #Sunshine #takingitallin
Hurry up and wait. Patience, Persistence and Perseverance. #PrinceofArabia #WealthySelfies #LA
Just trying to keep the eyes on the prizes. #hawaii #oahu #newhome
Today Marks day 1 of my month long contract with Saudi Arabian Royalty. This is by far the biggest job of my career yet! The amount of logistics that went into the quoting, negotiating, driver hiring, car renting, training, administrating, contracting, accounting, billing, driving and any other "ing" verb that involves getting shit done and pulling off miracles at the last minute is immeasurable. Now we just need to look after our clients and knock this service out of the park! My team and I couldn't be more excited about this opportunity. I will be barely available socially in August but a massive party will be there to remember come September. This is truly poetic to have my last chapter in Los Angeles be this Epic moment for Angel City Limo. Just one last mission before heading to the Hawaiian Islands. Thank you God for everything. Roll Out. #BossMode #Entrepreneur #ANGELCITYLIMO
Saying Goodbye to the East Coast for a while. I'm sorry to those I didn't have a chance to spend more time with. Very grateful for all the loved ones I did get to enjoy this summer here in New Jersey and NYC. One big job to finish in LA, then it's off to the Islands for a new perspective. #travel #nyc #goodbye
When something looks hot but feels cold. #travel #peru #colca
How I feel on rough Mondays. #travel #peru #iwokeuplikethis
These random cows had better trekking skills then me. #travel #peru #mountainmoo
How my spirit feels while seeing the world like it's the first time... because it is. A constant exchange of colors and light. Even in my darkest I'm surrounded by it. My wallet was stolen here at the Agua de Magica in Lima, Peru. Yet everytime I lose something material I gain something Spiritual. A process to remind me I already have what I need in most in this life. Of course I let my scales tilt too far to one side so I look forward to the Hawaii chapter to regain some material and Spiritual balance. Just like a helicopter needs to be level before the next lift off. The air is best experienced with flight. #travel #peru #aguademagica #dailymaterialspiritualeternity
I've been enjoying the process of getting back into my fishing skills this year. A nice way to learn some basic true human stability outside of "Financial Stability." A simple way I can relax in Nature, feed myself and still spend time with my Father. #travel #fishing #teachamantofish
I haven't stopped laughing since yesterday when Oak posted this nonsense. I'm not sure which is better the fact that I'm able to be alive this long or that I've still got my brothers Deego and Oak chilling with me. @oaksmash @thedeego
(In alternate universe) Cap raised his shield against high kick from Peter, "You got heart kid, but you need to kick harder than this." . "You said it's only a training, Cap"said Peter after he landed to the ground. (Swipe for more) . . . #hottoys #hottoyscollection #hottoysironman #hottoyscollector #onesixthfigure #onesixthscale #ironmanfans #everyoneneedsahobby #toyart #toyark #avengersinfinitywar #avengersendgame #toysphotogram #ironspiderman #hottoysironspider #ironspidey #hottoyscaptainamericainfinitywar #marvel #mcu #toptoyphotos #toystagram #toyphotography #hottoysphotography #hottoysfigure #marvel #mcu #captainnomad #captainamericahottoys
Back in Chorillos with a Vision of what's to come. I'm addicted to my Soul's fuel... Adventure. Time to upgrade the engine from fossil fuel to clean, sustainable and eternal energy. #travel #earth #fuelforthesoul
Walking alongside Peru Rail in the mountains towards Aguas Calientes. Roughly $0.50 to ride for local Peruvians and $30.00+ for foreigners. I chose to walk there and ride back. #travel #peru #perurail
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