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#captianamerica #legocake , in 2D form! Such a cool cake for #Joshua to enjoy! If you have seen my stories you would see the whole entire body of this #cake was cut, carved, and sculpted to its #legoshape ....not easy at all to get done and of course many hours to accomplish...very happy with the outcome and we hope @vanne_nunezz was also!! Thank you again for returning to #Erideescakes , we greatly appreciate you! ❤🙏❤🙏❤🙏❤🙏 #captianamericacake #captianamericacivilwar #marvel #captianamericathewintersoldier #legoland #legos #cakes #themecake #birthdaycake #foodie #foodporn #cakeporn #instacake #lifeofabaker #sandiegocakes #sandiego #sandiegobaker
Part Five (time skip Steve’s POV) Y/n and buck are free of hydras mind control we think. We got them back when we were destroying hydra bases, they were kept in a basement like area underground. When we got them we knocked them unconscious and brought them back to the facility. After that, when they woke up they were normal like nothing happened, Bucky was like the kid I knew for my whole life. Y/n though, she was scared. She didn’t know what year it was. She though it was 1944 which was the I got the serum and the year she was captured you hydra. (Bucky pov) When we woke up we were in some sort of cell. Y/n woke up before me so she was talking to Steve. She acted all surprised to see him, like she hadn’t seen him in 70 years. Once they saw that I woke up the both ran to me. Y/n was the one who acted surprised like when she was Steve. “Steve, y/n how are you guys alive right now.” I said “ I have no idea what year it is or how you guys are alive. Buck you fell of the train. Steve you died saving the world by flying the plane into the water. So how about you tell me how the hell im still alive. Because I should be dead.” “Y/n you and buck were captured by hydra. We found you guys a long time ago but didn’t know it was you.” “So you tellin me that I was kidnaped by hydra and now here We are. We kill thousands Steve. Thousands!” Y/n said shaking. “She’s having a panic attack Steve we need to do something!” “I don’t know what to do you help her!” Steve said. I huff and walk over to y/n. “Hey y/nn (your nick name) everything’s gonna be alright ok” she shook her head “Ya kNoW buck. She’s had the biggest crush on you since before we met you ya know. She always talked about you and when you left for the war she was devastated. And then when I told her I was leaving too, she fell to the ground and started crying.” Steve said. “Really!” “Yeah, and even when you had a crush on her you didn’t bother to tell her because you were always out with girls.” He said. ‘Damnit he’s right’ I thought “what do you mean had I still do Steve” I said. By this time y/n fell asleep. Steve helped me bring her to a room and layer her down on the bed. Steve showed me around the compound cic
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