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pic from @wild_cat_memes Y’all at first I was like lonely because I couldn’t find a group for me. When everyone was hanging out in the gaming lounge I just went from small group to small group but felt lonely. I found this cute colouring group that’s was quiet and loved anime, but was fairly introverted. It was too quiet for me I guess? Then I went to this other group playing JENGA, not enough in common but still fun. Then I went to the arcade machine and found the most amazing Galaga player I had ever seen; we had our friend moments but didn’t fully click. The only person I felt I somewhat clicked with was one of the Arch leaders who was a junior. I booted up Marvel Vs Capcom Ultimate and he came over instantly and he talked big about his game in Dragon Ball Fighterz and how he won every tourney there. What a cool guy honestly. But we weren’t going to talk too much since I was an underclassman and we only talked for a couple minutes anyhow. I went to my dorm, talked to my cool dorm-mate and he went off as I just played on my Nintendo switch. He came back and invited me to hang with others and I played with this girl who was actually great at Switch Mario Kart even though she said she hadn’t played it in switch before, and then I was led to this room where a bunch of people were hanging out that were deemed somewhat cool and man I got people to play smash bros, Mario kart, and Crash Nitro Fueled with me. I mainly played with this guy named Brendon who was definitely the definition of cool but I kept going really easy on him in smash to let him have a couple of wins so he would keep playing. It was nice though, I found out what I needed. I don’t need to find a certain friend or a certain type of friend, I need to have many different types of friends. In Highschool I had a whole shit ton of friends from all kinds of different interests and I would hang out with all of them/bounce between groups all the time. My real Wooster post will be tomorrow! Amazing campus! #meme #memes #cat #cats #catto #catmemes #catmeme #cute #adorable #cutememes #adorablememes #kitten #animal #animals #animalmemes #animalmeme #night #goodnight - Hi Carl
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I still haven't drawn anything new 😂 So here's a meme #memes #meme #cats #cat #catmemes #catmeme
a lot of people have been saying i should do this, so i’m gonna start posting pictures of your cats again!! i won’t be responding to DMs but if you post a picture of your catto with the tag #soupscatarmy i’ll post my favourite pictures!! - #cat #cats #catsofinstagram #catto #kitty #catmemes #catmeme #cursedcats #cursed #cursedimage #meme #memes #chonky #sadcat #absoluteunit #fatcat #toebeans #chonk
Me trying to fit in with my cats 😹 Tag a Friend that would do this😸 👉 Follow @catneed 👉 Follow @catneed - Credits 📽: @hiba_shelter 💞 #catzneed #catmemes #catmeme #catmemesofinstagram
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