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Humans are social primates. Our experiences and behaviors are affected by the company we keep more than by any other factor. ⁣ ⁣⁣ The aphorism that we are “the average of the five people we spend the most time with” is borne out of fundamental truths. If you are not consciously tending to the quality of your relationships, you are not yet seriously neurohacking.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ 💡Learn more in our Foundational Guide to Neurohacking. Download the free guide here. https://neurohacker.com/foundational-guide-to-neurohacking
🌟Daily Tip From Your Conscious Business Guru – Act With Love🌟 . . Love is misunderstood. . . We have, as a society, attached certain constraints on love in our attempt to define it. . . We say there are different types of love - the love between two people is different form the love of a parent for a child.  The love we feel for a hobby is not the same as the love for our favourite spot on earth. . . But love energy is one.  It is one frequency - one vibration.  A power so strong, so transformative and so pure that it can literally shift what we thought was unmoveable. . . So instead of trying to limit its power, imagine if we all chose to act from a place of love every single day in everything we did. . . If we recognised that all conflicts, problems and dramas can be diffused with love. . . That our businesses can thrive when we remove resentment, anger, control and ego and instead pour love into them. . . Love is our super power and the time has come for all of us to become super heroes. . . Join us.  Be The Change. . . **Conscious Business Transformation Services; Conscious Leadership Workshops and Training; Holistic Business & Legal Consulting Services.** . . #consciousleadership #consciousbusiness #consciousculture #meditation #holisticlawyer #lawyer #holisticbusiness #gratitude #selfawareness #emotionalintelligence #mindfulness #selflove #selfcare #selfworth #joy #bliss #peace #love #success #focus #clarity #truth #bethechange #changeagent #aipeiaconsulting #intuition #author #book
When you turn on your TV, you Get with the Program
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As much as we don't like to admit it, we cannot be perfect all of the time! In life, at work or in our conscious choices. Sometimes you wake up late, can't make your own lunch and end up buying plastic wrapped food because it is most convenient. That's okay! Forgive yourself, move on, and plan to set 3 alarms tomorrow! 💚👍
I am greater than 40 because I know... sometimes you gotta put yourself out there and trust you will be held by powerful, invisible forces. Like gravity. #peacock , #birds , #srilanka , #sigriya , #trees , #travelphotography , #travelblogger , #travelgram , #womentravel , #conscioustravel , #solowomentravel , #travelphotoawards , #solotraveller , #travels , #thisis40 , #40 , #over40 , #over40andfabulous , #over40women , #fashionable40s , #consciouslove , #consciousculture , #consciousness , #poetry , #poetryislife , #conscioustravel , #poetryofinsta , #philosophyoflife , #styleover40
👚💸♻️ BÆREDYGTIG SHOPPING I PROVINSEN?!? 💵👠 På vores ferie brugte vi en dag i smukke Viborg, og jeg blev selvfølgelig fristet af nogle fine ting. Mange fine ting faktisk, men der var ikke noget af det det var bæredygtigt. Sådan er det i mange provinsbyer, og det er en udfordring jeg tit hører - udvalget er simpelthen ikke tilstede uden for København. Så hvis du ikke er til webshopping, så er mine tips her: 1) luksus second hand. Viborg havde en hyggelig luksus second hand, hvor jeg sagtens kunne have shoppet 2) Bedre linjer fra fx H&M eller Bestseller... Hvilket måske er din eneste mulighed for lidt øko 3) Google og se om der ikke findes en lille ukendt butik, måske udenfor gågaden. I Viborg kom vi forbi @amovapparel , som desværre ikke havde åbent den dag. Den slags butikker skal man nok researche sig frem til. 4) og til sidst, hvis ikke der er noget der er produceret bedre, så handler det om at bruge tøjet bedre. Køb den bedste version af hvad du mangler, og gerne noget du vil elske og passe på i mange år. Jeg ville elske at høre hvordan du shopper bæredygtigt, udenfor København.
We now live in an era where coaches talk about how much they make.⁣ ⁣ Talking about money has been shunned for a long time because of many of the societal beliefs that had been passed down about what money means, what it means to have it, and how people might treat you if they knew you had money. With so many people becoming hashtag woke, there is an uprising in the re-clarification of what money is for, what it means to us, and how we can use it.⁣ ⁣ People are starting to see the beauty in money, developing their relationship with it, healing their limiting beliefs around money, and it’s part of what is liberating them to fully step into who they are and what they could be in this world.⁣ ⁣ When coaches or similar share how much money they make, it isn’t to brag, show-off, or just to prove how good they’re doing. ⁣ ⁣ It’s a statement of integrity.⁣ It’s a declaration of their hard work, healing, and alignment.⁣ It’s a catalyst to show others whats possible and possibly trigger someone else’s healing journey.⁣ It’s proof that if they can do it, you too can do it too - if you also stand in integrity with your values and what you desire.⁣ ⁣ What it’s not is an invitation for people to make assumptions about your character, to ask for unjust refunds just because “you’re so friggin wealthy”, or to feel threatened by their success.⁣ ⁣ If anything, holding integrity and honestly sharing what’s happening for you BTS is a way to clearly see what kind of people you’re attracting from the get go and setting clear boundaries before you’ve had the chance to be fooled 🙃⁣ ⁣ You are safe to expand. You are safe to be successful. You are safe to celebrate you wealth!⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ #wealthconsciousness #energeticboundaries #highvibration #moneymindset #raiseyourvibration #spiritualbadass #soultribe #spiritualentrepreneur #spiritualgangster #spiritualaf #spiritualwisdom #consciousculture #trustyourintuition #creativewomen #spiritualcoach #youaremagic #bedeeplyrooted #growthmindset #gowithin #thankyouuniverse #goddesslife #fun #cosmicconsciousness #loveyourself #businesstips101 #angelnumbers #socialmediatips #bossbabequotes #confidence #woke
Two years in the making...five months since launch. 🌱THANK YOU all 2,500+ of you for joining us on a mission to better ourselves while bettering our planet. We are a small woman-owned company with only TWO of us behind the scenes. Your support means everything to these two earth lovers! - You asked for it so...time for our first giveaway! Win THREE (3) of our new trial sizes of NOVA, our premium wellness hemp oil ($45 value). NOVA is organic, full spectrum, third party tested, sustainably grown in the US, no additives or artificial flavoring, & wrapped in earth friendly packaging. ♻️ Each mini contains 60mg CBD and is perfect for the CBD curious, for traveling, or for gifting to a friend. - Make sure you are following us and tag two other CBD curious earth lovers below 🌎 (& bonus for sharing to your story, don’t forget to tag us so we can see). Enter as many times as you like. - Winner picked on Wednesday 7.24. (U.S. only, sorry!)
Daily Insights⠀ ⠀ Follow @Oracleatmushin ⠀ ⠀ Are you inspired or desperate?⁣⠀ ⁣⠀ Inspiration is a pleasant feeling, desperation is not. Lately I’ve been sliding more and more into desperation but like this meme infers, both are catalysts to change. I’ve made changes from both but honestly desperation seems to have created longer lasting shifts. Pain is a great motivator. ⁣⠀ ⁣⠀ Being authentic with were we are at is one of the most important things for healing. If you’re desperate, embrace it, this will lead you to want to change. If you’re inspired, act, this will open up doors for you. Just don’t become numb, then all bets are off.⠀ ⠀ #communication #compassion #consciousliving #listening #understanding #expandedconsciousness #explanation #eckharttolle #presence #consciousculture #collectiveconsciousness #mindfulness #mindsetshift #osho #vishuddha #troatchakra #wholeness #nonduality #knowledgeispower #lightworker #spiritualbeing #soulguidance #spiritualjourney #higherself #consciousness #higherconsciousness #holistichealing #thirdeye #thirdeyequotes #mindfulquotes
The best girl gang! 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️ Pictured: 3 very giddy Boston fashion designers– @shopmaureen , @titovlabel , et moi fan-girling over the one and only @rebeccaminkoff ! 🎉 Big thanks to @the.wing for a fab event and @sincerely.jenee for moderating such an illuminating conversation! And thank you, Rebecca, for being so warm, open and generous with your advice and time! 💗
Let’s call this ... Ode to :: Savory Herbed Goat Cheese & Tomato Galette Rustic pies are a serious win especially when you make them savory. We were all trying to be polite and not devour the entire thing like a personal pan pizza 😂 I put the pie crust recipe in my story - go screen shot it!! To make this little beauty I sliced 4 roma tomatoes, tossed them with a couple teaspoons of salt and a couple thinly sliced garlic cloves and let them set while I made the pie crust. (Salt pulls the extra liquid out of the tomatoes which makes the galette cook better) Roll the crust out (I used 1/4 of the full batch - go check my story, I just posted the crust recipe), spread with @traderjoes herbed goat cheese, drain the liquid off the tomatoes and layer over the cheese, fold the edges of the crust up over the tomatoes, brush with an egg wash and bake for 55-60 minutes on a parchment lined baking sheet. Top with fresh chives and then keep it all to yourself 😂 just kidding ... you should invite friends over for an afternoon of enjoying life together. @georgiaaonmymind we LOVED spending time with you today! #tomatogalette #galette #createcommunity #realfood
𝙲 𝙾 𝙽 𝙵 𝙴 𝚂 𝚂 𝙸 𝙾 𝙽 ⠀ I am NOT passionate about shampoo. 🙈Thinking about joining a business, but you aren’t 𝓅𝒶𝓈𝓈𝒾ℴ𝓃𝒶𝓉ℯ about the products? ⠀ I hear this ALL👏THE👏TIME👏. ⠀ Our shampoo is nice, but it’s not what gets me out of bed in the morning screaming for joy. 🤪 What DOES get me out of bed is knowing that I’m empowering women, making them feel like they are worthy of more, and seeing how they can impact people in a positive way. Letting them know that they can actually succeed and accomplish something they never thought they could. Helping them overcome their fears of going live, talking to people face to face, feeling confident in their business, asking for the sale, going ALL in, reaching out,  or scary prospecting. ⠀ Seeing my girls do these things…..THAT is what gets me excited. ⚡️ ⠀ So no, you don’t need to be passionate about a product when you’re selling it. Let it be your 𝚟𝚎𝚑𝚒𝚌𝚕𝚎 for the things that make you really excited 😘
• Beach Vibes • Our deodorant paste is water resistant btw 🤙🌴🐝 . . #organic #zerowaste #sustainable #plasticfree #chemicalfree #consciousculture #deodorantpaste #salty
Nobody will hold you down like (black) women will hold you down. I’ve been asking for more feedback and support than I maybe *ever* have, and the women in my life just keep showing up and showing out. Wow. 🤗
I’m officially back from my trip 🏝 Well, back at work anyway! 💆🏼‍♀️ 💆🏽‍♂️ The whole experience was so surreal and after being back for a week now the whole thing feels like a dream. Life skills!! I feel like that’s what yoga Teacher Training REALLY teaches you. 🧘‍♀️ We thought we were going in for Yoga Teacher Training but what it really teaches you is life skills! 🧘‍♀️ If what we learnt at YTT was taught in our school curriculum the world wouldn’t be anywhere near as F@$ked up ! ! 🧘‍♀️ On a completely separate note 📝 I feel like it’s been a crazy 😜 year this year with different kinds of study, running the women’s groups and yoga Teacher Training. I have to say I’m definitely looking forward to a little bit of quiet time with friends and family over the next few weeks 💗 my brain is toast at the moment 😂😂😂 . . . . . . . . . #massagetherapist #remedialmassage #craniosacraltherapy #craniosacraltherapist #mindsetcoach #mindsetmatters #sportsandinjuries #skeletalalignment #consciousliving #consciousawakening #consciousculture #yoga #yogateachertraining #santosha #brahman #yogastudent #studentforlife #values #purpose #mission #lifemission #lifepurpose #wellness #wellnessjourney #preventionisbetterthancure #fuckcancer
Have you ever wondered... ✓How many cups of vegetables to eat per day? ✓Why you should adjust your diet based on what your 💩 looks like? ✓Why your mitochondria matter? @drterrywahls recently joined the Collective Insights podcast and shared her story of healing from progressive MS by means of a therapeutic lifestyle. 🎧Tune in to find out how to optimize your health by giving attention not only to healing any specific ailments you might have, but also to your mental state, your diet, your physical activity, your life purpose and more. Head on over to the site and listen to episode entitled, How to Live a Healthy Lifestyle: From Gut Health to Life Purpose.
Gemeinsam mit Schneidermeister Mathiasse bespricht Sunugal Gründer Benedikt das erste Probehemd! 👕🇸🇳 Die Beziehung die uns mit "Tonton Mathiasse" (Onkel Mathias) lässt sich nicht auf kalte Zahlen reduzieren... 🤝 Es ist wie eine Vater-Sohn-Beziehung aber auf Augenhöhe, verbunden im ständigen Austausch.👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Mit seiner Unkomploziertheit und jahrelangen Erfahrung hat er unsere erste Kollektion entscheidend mitgeprägt! ❤️🇸🇳 . . . #sunugal #ourboat #oneworld #oneboat #slowfashion #jointheboat #jointhewave #radicaltransparency #dobetter #senegal #sustainable #shirt #men #colours #sutainability #fair #consciousculture #madeinsenegal #africa #africancotton #eco #startup #education #community #fashion #fairfashion #change #together #makeachange #makeadifference
BEING YOUR OWN HEALER ❊ ON THE BLOG — The journey of cultivating inner awareness is one of self-inquiry, stillness, trust and surrender. Today on the @the_dreamerie , we are exploring what it means to meet yourself where you are at right now and grow from this place. . A few questions to journal on: . - What stories are you hanging on to because they are comfortable even if they are no longer serving you? - What is a pattern or perspective you notice in yourself that you would like to change? - What is one action you can take immediately to shift that pattern or perspective? - In what ways could you be owning who you are more completely? . The full post is on TheDreamerie.com — link in bio. ⋒ . #cultivatinginnerawareness #thedreamerie
“I don’t believe in miracles, I rely on them.” — Yogi Bhajan . Today on @the_dreamerie a personal update, becoming your own healer, questions to journal on to support your cultivating inner awareness journey & a gentle reminder to meet yourself where you are at today. . Link in bio ✧ . #cultivatinginnerawareness #thedreamerie
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